The Plan of God Will Bring The Division of God

by Dedric Hubbard
April 15, 2010

Awakened this morning by the voice of the Lord, he asked the question “are they ready” and I said “no they aren't” as I knew it was certain things he revealed to me about his plans for his bride. And as God always amazes me with the different ways he speaks he stated “get up, let's watch TV.” 4:30 in the morning what could possibly be on? So as I sat up looking for the remote he said “not that one, this one.” In an instant I was watching a panoramic open heaven TV of things to come and then God spoke “now that's real 3D vision.” So I sat looking, laughing, and admiring the things to come. What? yes I said laughing, it's in the book. Psalms 37:13 we have been warned of what is to come in this end-time season. The question is that many didn't know who will be doing the warning and/or the speaking. So as we gather a moment to look over our lives, the ones we gossiped over, trashed their names, insulted their character, even questioned their callings and/gifts, laughed at their mishaps, I hate to inform you according to my vision these are the very ones that God has called to lead this end-time mission. Whoever you stepped on you now have to step down and humble yourself to ask them for advice and help to make sure you are going in the right direction. Talking about a table spread before your enemies there is nothing like God's kind of vengeance, but those who will be doing the serving let's not have that “I told you so” attitude which will allow pride to creep in. Remain with the servant's heart that got you where you are in the first place.

So what did the vision consist of? There is a major restructuring of the church that has to be built on biblical foundations. God states he never intended for a pastor to control a church. It was meant to be shared among the other gifts, but because of incorrect doctrine and no Holy Ghost illumination on the scriptures this position has been allowed to run unchecked thus creating a power position with many sitting in pews waiting on the water to move when God has already dealt with you personally. Thus because of incorrect scripture the sheep are held hostage by pastors who are scared, intimidated, afraid and insecure about themselves and will not let people visit certain ministries because they (“can't eat at two houses”). So can a pastor teach a prophet, apostle if he has knowledge of that gift? Sure, but if he doesn’t then what? The person dies spiritually because of someone else's insecurities. Being raised outside of the religious traditions of man by God I only wonder how many pastors have blood on their hands from not adequately tending to the people's need. According to God this morning plenty, and they are unaware of the harm they are doing. God described the pastor position as modern day Pharaohs that are holding his people hostage and he wants them free, so he has built his modern day deliverer. The Elijah anointing among certain prophetic people will set them free.

The question is how can you spot them? You don't at first, they suggest to you what needs to take place in order to point the church in the right direction because they will speak the heart of God for his people. If you fail to heed thinking they are just ordinary you missed it and God well how can you say that? Quite simple, if you didn't have the apostle in place to give you the vision of God and the prophet of God to keep you in the will of God, God stated you were out of order in the beginning so when spiritual authority comes in it's in order but you wouldn't know because you are out of order. So what needs to happen before it gets too late? Each church must have a prophetic voice to teach the mind and will of God about the things to come. The anointing on their lives will begin to bring in the end-time harvest which means some pastors will have to submit to the prophetic voice for this season in order for them to instruct, equip, and activate the church as well as the pastor himself. Many prophets who are in the office of a prophet and have been moving according to God's will have the plan to move the church forward and they will be under an apostolic anointing to prophecy the word of God. I didn't say they were apostles, I said they will be under that anointing to prophecy the word of God. Which means these which he has trusted with the plans for this end-time season will have an intensified and powerful anointing, and thus one prophet can set a house in order. So what happens if the pastors are not submitted to the word that is about to come forth? In the vision I saw a well-known pastor all of a sudden (God's judgement) come into all types of mishaps. I even saw where a megachurch was struck by lighting and burned to the ground meaning in this season it's God's way or no way.

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