Destroy The Foundation Of The Pastor
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by Dedric Hubbard
July 19, 2010

Well me and the elders had a talk with the Master Pastor to discuss how I am to destroy the pastor position in a church. So God said start at the beginning. The pastor position was invented when Adam and Eve failed to listen to God. The word ‘pastor’ originated out of the Spirit of God as Past-Oracles in his language and Past-Failures in Jesus language. When the inspired men moved by the Holy Ghost wrote the Bible, the Holy Spirit shortened it to ‘pastor’ so when a real man of God reads it if he is off God the Holy Spirit will reveal the details of what happened. Because Adam and Eve dwelt on past failures God came as a man to pastor and counsel them back to himself. Moving to the New Testament, many pastors say they are the ones to feed the sheep based on a scripture in the New Testament. Now I will not use the verse because it will be an insult to the holy spirit to use it and you pastors have all memorized it. What Jesus was doing was speaking to the three parts of spirit that he was able to reach because he had an assigned time to do his job on earth. He was speaking that his mind and spirit was pure and meek (meaning ‘sheep’) but his soul was in trouble if he didn't let go of his past failures. And what failure? Denying Jesus, this was actually Jesus test to see how Peter would do if he was to counsel someone on their past failures. So Peter was actually being tested by Jesus because his soul of what you do in preaching the gospel is the only thing that matters to God.

So when Peter didn't let go of his past because Jesus was making him remember to see if he would let it go in his soul and if he didn't when Jesus died on the cross for failures it would not benefit Peter, since Peter didn't receive the healing and didn't understand the word Jesus was trying to deposit. Jesus predicted his death because he wouldn’t let go in this scripture. Pastors, if you were a man after God's own heart Jesus released five gifts in his life through conversation and prophecy; he started with the pastor position and then moved to the apostle and prophet position and then lastly evangelist and teacher. Therefore, since Peter did not receive the counseling of Jesus, that position was tainted because Peter was to terrified (petrified) to ask questions because he remembered that he denied Jesus and if you deny a prophet you are cursing a prophet because many are God-sent. So your job pastor, is to evangelize like everyone else.

Now a pastor, teacher, and evangelist are not anointed and why aren't they? Because they were brought in play after God had established Adam and Eve. The bible calls apostles and prophets holy, no other gifts, and an apostle and prophet are not anointed until they have knowledge and workings of the heavens and these are those that have the office; everyone else who doesn't hold the office is just a apostle or prophet over a specific area or expert in that area. So everyone is not anointed to be anointed you must possess all three persons of the God-Head and you have a constant flow of revelations and don't have to get in the spirit for you are the spirit and if you have to get in the anointing you are not anointed, but just a gift that is being used. You can be taught evangelist, teacher, and pastor by any normal man with a knowledge of the bible, but to understand, know, and change the seasons and time is true anointing.

So what about David? He understood his past sins and God elevated him, he was not a pastor but a person that was a prophet but he had to distinguish and/or kill the voice of a false apostle (bear) and a false prophet (lion) before he was elevated to be a prophet. Now a pastor is not the prophet of the house he may have a prophetic call if he learns to acknowledge the gifts and calls in another person's life, if he has no knowledge then he is not a prophetic type pastor. They then buy books and teach so they can control a prophet. You can't teach a prophet with books because some false prophets wrote them so you have to be anointed to know which speaks God’s heart on the subject. A pastor can't teach a prophet or instruct a prophet this has to be done by another prophet because they understand the procedures.

If a prophet never suffers he is never a prophet because he has to suffer in 36 different trials until he gets the increase by the God-head which comes to 39 stripes and/or test of faith. If a pastor even attempts to all of a sudden put up a prophet in this season he is doomed for trying to bypass God's fire for the church. If a pastor wishes to be elevated to another position he has to be taught by an Elijah prophet and there is no way around it; it's fool proof because if you try bypass the prophet assigned to you they already know who you are. They are waiting on you to put them to work, because if the rapture comes and they haven't identified your church as a bride your church and you aren't going nowhere and that's my prophecy to the nations. Elijah left in a chariot because God knew that this anointing will tame any beast-like mentality in men who have a problem with authority. This anointing is so fool-proof if you do try to bypass the prophet assigned to them you still won‘t get the seal or the anointing and because they have different anointings in certain seasons, the one you bypass will eventually have to come because the other prophet‘ anointing may not handle what you need. You must find one that has the actually spirit of Elijah and he will have everything you need in his arsenals. Fool proof. Now run and tell your pastors there is a new God in town and he says through his anointing or through with your church he doesn't care!

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