Access Granted

by Dedric Hubbard
May 16, 2010

So I get in tired and sleepy last night and the Lord spoke he wanted to show me something so excitement kicks in like kids at Christmas and I can't sleep. When I did go, whatever time that was, he delivered what he promised. My protector woke up my spirit and said "come on" as he grabs me at my waist. We head toward the heavens and as quick as we left there is a stop. I walk into a room of about 50 people and the angel in the room asked a question "why didn't you talk about this." He pointed to a corner of a room and a vision appeared and I remembered and understood. It was a trip to hell in which I pleaded with a man to accept Jesus and he kept saying he didn't know or he wasn't sure. After a while the angel took me back and I awoke at home. At that instant, a person appeared from behind the other person smiling and he hugged me. His testimony was after you left I said within myself "Lord I believe" and within a second after that I have been here with the Lord. And that passion has birthed your purpose is what I heard a voice speak as it was walking from behind the people. Another angel grabbed my hand and said "let's go."

We head toward the heavenlies again and stop. As we stand in a room he says "wait here" and goes into another room and a scene opens up on a wall. I see associates, leaders, and pastors I have encountered in different stages of my life in ministry begin to discuss situations about me in one of my trials. The angel appeared with a chair of some sort like a director's chair but it was gold with my name on it. As he entered the scene vanished and he stated "don't worry about that. That's the past for you but the present for them," and said "sit here and watch this." As I sat a scene appeared below me and the same people from the previous scene were in it and I watched after whatever went by (I can't say time because it wasn't mentally comprehended so I say "after whatever"). He said "let's go" and up into the heavenlies we go. I stop again in a purple room with a gold floor and I could see into a space like the size of a door. As I walked toward the opening the angel says "it's a door use your key." As I remember an encounter I had in which I was given a key I looked around my neck and touched a key and it appeared in my hand. Inside the room was a treasure chest. The angel spoke "use the other key." I touch my neck and the first key leaves and another appears.

As I open the chest on the inside of the chest the word 'wisdom' is written. "Reach inside as often as you like" I heard a voice say from behind. As I begin to turn to look another says "because you are going to need it." I turned and looked and one on the right side said "I am wisdom." The other I paid more attention to because his eyes were as fire and he said "I am the Holy Spirit." So before I could ask they said "not now... reach in and get something." Inside the chest was paper trimmed in gold as I have seen them in other experiences. So I reach in and grab a piece of a paper as I pulled it out to read it stated: "In your relationship with others it increases your knowledge, power, and relationship with God." "Get another" wisdom said. I reached in and pulled another. It read: "The degree in which you are willing to be degraded is the height in which you will be elevated." I said to myself "man those are good." Wisdom spoke "when you come into eternity these words will be with you. This is a part of the believers heritage. After your time has ended someone else will begin until you all come home. There is another Bible being written even as you live and your angel has written those words on your life." Another door appeared behind them as they said to me "you have something else." The door is already open as I turn the knob and open the door I see yet another key, transparent gold suspended by silver threads with four beastlike creatures guarding it. As I walk toward them they line up horizontally, reach and grab the key and hand it to me. Then they open and say in unison "access granted."
And then I awake and the thought comes to mind "Call me crazy but I am seeing God."

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