The Seven Sins of a Prophet

by Dedric Hubbard
May 30, 2010

Entering my spiritual office today I see my God left some mail in the inbox with a note “be back soon.” The thing about operating in a spiritual office of the church is I can't dictate what to say but God does. Somebody has been listening to the spirit of Elijah and not the person. God wants you to know that everyone does not know what I may know because I didn't abort my mission or class so you have been getting information from a wrong source. Can we go deeper? If a person sits in the office of a prophet there are things that are to be stripped right then such as honor, dignity, self-worth, righteousness, counsel, friends, and humility. If you hold on to any of these for the sake of pride you have started abortion procedures right then and there and you will be borne premature because these things will seep back in and give you a false sense of self-worth. Humility causes you to ask a close friend which may give you the wrong counsel which will make you think you are alright. You then begin to feel better even though you are hurt, but you can't express it because of dignity, so when you are wrong you still feel like you are right. If your pride does not leave then you become a wounded prophet. Now let me take you to school which means you judge everything according to your emotions and not the spirit. A prophet's spirit does not carry emotions unless God pushes the thorn to express his emotion to the church.

This means you are a walking dead-man for the Lord during everything he says and how he says it. Many prophets have been aborted and thus they wound people who then do not want that to happen to others so they become protective to a certain point where they cannot really speak for God for they are too humble and do not want to hurt people's feelings. A prophet who has not been aborted can say a word to reveal a sin according to their own life which will cause the people to laugh but think “that is what I am in now.” The prophet knows this, that is why they are able to call for deliverance and it happens with one word. If a person is hollering and screaming trying to deliver someone that is the demon communicating in the spirit “I am on your side, we are on the same team.” Jesus spoke and they left not causing a scene; this is how a prophet works. The reason Elijah threw his cloak around Elisha is because God told him and he walked by the school of the prophets for they were too busy worrying about another prophet's mission. Stay in your own lane and God will elevate you for your obedience in your call and not worrying about the next prophet.

Who has been feeding you information? Because God does not guess he knows. If a prophet has to ask you question that is a deceitful spirit looking for a way in. God talks in specifics and details when he uses a prophet for he has spoken to them in mysteries so they can seek his face to find out. When you enter the heart of God he shows you how it operates so you can change the season in someone’s life. Meaning whoever asks God why I can't is because you have not humble yourself enough to meet his needs. There is a dying and then the life comes. Be Blessed.

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