Entering the Havilah of their Mind

Tears of Joy from the Godhead

by Dedric Hubbard
July 7, 2010

Are you there son, where did you go? Now why is Jesus laughing all over the throne room? Are you there Dad, now where did my father go? Why is he laughing all over the throne room floor? Wait where is The Holy Spirit, where did he go? Up in the sky shattering the limits of the sky making room for my bride to come stay until we get married in the end of days. Elijah are you there? Can you hear us clear? Don't start the fun without us, we have waited for years. And Elijah shouted waiting on you boss and bring some extra brooms we have a lot of witches and warlocks to clear out so we can build a bride. I am excited I haven't laughed so hard since I cleared the mountain of fallen debris you know false prophets saying they are speaking like you. Tell me Elijah, what do you think that I am God that will allow my bride to be led by confusion and strife and a leader that says he's the prophet of my house? How can it be that they think I wouldn't speak. They heard the noise and saw the destruction but yet they didn't seek my face. I was warning to be ready when I come and now I destroy every false prophet with the finger of my left hand. I am the thief coming to collect my stuff because these Adam men have destroyed my world to dust. What's that I hear? It has missed my ear. Tell them son to keep their prayers to themselves, for I have stepped down to judge the prophets myself. Alright false prophets, hear Elijah speak. Take all your prayers and save them for meat, stay on your rooftops and continue to preach. God says it's not his words you speak so run to your mommies and daddies and tell them the Lord has come home check for his gifts that were under the throne. Elijah don't talk about their mothers and fathers they birth them out now apologize for they become upset at you, ok God will do tell your mothers and Daddy's that Elijah said make room in your house because they don't belong to me. I meet my son in heaven and everyone else are bastards to me.

Elijah calm down. You are going to scare the world, that's my job. I will turn you loose in the form of wind. Wait till I judge the gulf-coast prophets and then you will begin. Until then we will keep laughing right here in their face while my bride prepares to wreck the place. Now I the Lord have one last thing to say so I can continue laughing in your face: The wind from the south, is it a king or a priest? Have the storms roared through the southeast? Who is that skating on thin ice, is that the one who holds the keys? Tell Enoch get ready, we are in code three. Gabriel has three left in sight, then we will bring them home but only if they follow the light, ahahahahhahahahhahaha.

Signed: The Thief in the Night

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