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by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 3, 2010

I was sitting in the house last night; nothing spiritual just thinking about my son's choice of college and when I looked up there was an opening from heaven right in the house and all three walked down the steps and stood in front of me. Each one smiled and they said one word “obedience,” turned and went back up the stairs. In all because I was naturally and spiritually aware it took probably 30 seconds, but my spirit felt like it was eternity. It was later when the revelation hit me and then the Holy Spirit revealed to me if you have never had all three come visit you then your relationship with heaven and God is off-balance as the gospel most people preach you talk all one and not the other or a combination of two without one. The reason is that most of the people in your spiritual circle have never really had an encounter with God so when a revelation is revealed if all you know is the Holy Spirit you analyze the information and if it doesn't agree with your analysis you move on. If it doesn't have any love in it and all you know is Jesus then to you it ain't God. If all you know is God and they just let loose and give you right is right and wrong is wrong you become intimidated, judge that person, and distance yourself until you need them for something. Because you are afraid in natural conversation they may say something to you, because you know they have the power of God in their lives. That means your spiritual relationship with God is not sound because you are double-minded, have zeal for God and no actual knowledge and if you did he would revealed to you the knowledge of heaven and earth. I can tell without a shadow of a doubt 99% of Christians who follow God don't even know who called them in ministry and half of them were not called by God, but a demonic spirit because they don't know the difference between the voice of God, Holy Spirit, Jesus, or an angel.

God calls some, the Holy Spirit calls some, Jesus calls some, or they call you together, or in groups of twos. The key is to listen to the voice in your head and then you look at the spirit around what is being said. When you are in tune with God you know when the Holy Spirit is talking, when God is talking, when Jesus is talking, and when an angel is ministering to a person for a person. But because most of you listen to a man in front of you and they only train you to listen to the voice of God then your walk with Christ is incomplete and you are being short-changed by a person that you are relying on for spiritual enrichment because you failed to study and show your own self approved. I don't care if your husbands and/or wife are pastors, prophets, apostles etc if all they know is one voice then they are not equipped to speak into anyone life because they are not preaching the fullness of God and that is the Godheads. And therefore, you think you know God and you don't know nothing but what a man taught you and that is limited.

You have to understand what spiritual authority is in this season. When Jesus said he would call a legion of angels he meant those under his direct authority, but because he was in the will of his Father the other legions that are under God and the Holy Spirit would come also because your blessings come when you are obedient in whoever called you and the other two will respond because everything in heaven protects one another because they are in unity. Everyone knows their place and does their job consistently, no spots and no wrinkles. One person who plays dual roles is not the leader of the church because on earth God knows it is corrupt so he left five foundational gifts to govern the church, not a deacon board, advisory boards, action committees, or bishops, he left the apostolic/prophetic foundation and every other thing that is in ministry falls under them and when God says go tear it down, every person in the world that thinks a bishop runs a church you will very sadly mistaken. And thus when you know you have spiritual authority you don't argue, you speak sit and watch. In my spiritual authority which was given to me was because of obedience, for every voice that spoke and I recognized it as from heaven I moved and thus I always received an increase. Even when I was told to go down in the natural the spiritual increase was well worth the discomfort and/or the explanation because I don't ask why until after I make the move cause then I will get the right answer. I will throw you a bone, anytime God ask you to do something that requires faith you don't sow money into the word like they have taught you, you sow faith meaning you go do what God told you to do then he will give you the instructions and you won't have to wonder if it's God because if you do what he tells you in faith he is bound by his word to respond to you and give you an answer. So this is a season you better save your money until you make the move or some prophets are going to continually robbed you blind with all these false revelations. Now that revelation should have put money in your pocket that you would have gave some prophet for their car payment.

Spiritual Knowledge comes with spiritual authority and who gives this knowledge? No one but the God who created this world. This is the evidence of now faith, when you can see something in heaven and speak it in the natural because the information must come from somewhere; you can't learn it in theology school or your universities. Only those who have actually been to heaven can teach heavenly things and the view I get is that only 1% of any religion teaches from heavens perspective because most of it comes from demonic angels that have a knowledge of heaven but don't know the principals of heaven. With that said we deal not with the actions, words, or knowledge of men, but their thoughts because they won't tell the person outright for they feel they may offend the person, so they use serpent like tactics and write their scripture like God inspired them, or they write a revelation like God instructed them, or they speak out of their heart and say God told them. Or they sit and watch and hope people don't mention their name in any of their revelations. See from where I have access to and look most of the world is still going around the mountain of religion afraid to break formation because they are worried what people are going to say. Their friends, pastors, and themselves have the cord of religion in their hand and many are tied to a dying place in religion because they don't want to measured by the plumbline because then it will cause you to move. Strange thing about that plumbline especially in this end-time is when your destiny hits where that cross was nailed you have a choice: up, down, right or left. Picture a cross, the right and left have drop-points meaning you are not fit if you take that faith you have worked hard for and jump back and forth into religion. Now that down part is in the earth and when it’s there too long it rots and breaks and you are stuck in the earth and there is no place but down. Now that up part is tricky and you have to keep jumping till you catch something and hold on until you get up enough to see what's ahead, but if you try to go back it won’t be easy to jump down because heaven rotates.

You have to rely on your spiritual father to take you up the ladder and for God sakes people it's not a man/or a woman but a veteran of the spirit. See I like when Elijah came and got me, when I took that jump we had a time. He took me where he had been but left me where he stopped off but because he had met the rest of the tribe it became easy because you just can't just say something in heaven without your spirit having been there. You're just speaking hoping God will do it but when you know what's there you don't wonder you know what's going to happen. See when you say you are in the spirit to me I am going to ask you what level you at and if you don't have an answer you just talking. There are 5 levels in heaven, 4 kingdoms, 4 thrones, 10 levels in each kingdom, 4 mercy seats, in the throne room which is separate from the heavens there are 24 rooms, 24 seats, 24 mantles are in each room, the 24 elders are split in the middle with four levels, and four thrones, this is where God takes your life and his life and bestows the anointing upon your life; he tries out different ones until he gets what he wants and what you are familiar with. After the fourth level there is one step called faith and when you jump there are 66 levels until you get to the feet of God. It's then he shows you your before and after and if you are faithful you go behind the throne into the secret place. And that is where the inheritance of the saints lies and thus that is nobody's business what's back there unless a person wants to reveal it by choice.

Now we get into spiritual power. In one of those levels you are taught the workings of heaven. There are 12 months in the year and four seasons in that year. There are four rivers that the anointing flows through in a particular season. The source of the river flows out of the heart of God and that is a whole revelation in itself. One of the God head are assigned to one of the four seasons in that year and one month in every season they operate the way they want. And there are angels that are assigned to each God head which carry out the commands of God and the angels respond to whoever God has faith in who he has seen in spirit and/or in flesh and the angels respond to the glory that is seen in the spirit over that person. And that is why Elijah was able to stop the rain, turn back time, and call down fire, because he knew all that was required to operate as a son of God. He knew what was there and what was in there so when he spoke they knew who he was not only in word but flesh, spirit, and soul because you have to line up, know, and have a relationship with all three God heads to be called a son of God. Which the majority of the church, prophets, apostles, pastors, lack cause if they did I would have known in church what I had to go outside and be taught by God to know what is in heaven. Because I don't want to talk of what I don't know, now this the revelation of today. You fall short of the glory until you see the glory then you no longer fall short you spread the glory. So many will have to stop proclaiming a gospel they don't really know or let the glory of the Lord burn you where you stand. Because God says there is no more future in ministry to anyone who holds on to religion, denominations, and theology because he picked the right son to burn it down and destroy it under the earth. If my mommy goes to a denomination she will get it just as hard as a stranger. It ain't about who you like it's about who you know that knows where you want to go and that's heaven.

So now that I know where me and my inheritance lies I don't care who doesn't like what I may say, listen to what I say, nor agree with what I say; there is one thing I got that I can say without a doubt. I have a spiritual relationship with all three of the Godhead and that gave me spiritual authority from all three, which gave me spiritual knowledge of all three which gave me spiritual power of all three which means there are 36 keys you need to open the door to heaven, but only one to get things done on earth. So for years the only thing you have been binding and loosing is the cord of religion around your soul for repeating what some man said. The only thing you have been interceding for is that you pray the people don't know you are a fake. The only spirit world you have entered is of the demonic realm of which you came. The only elder that you are is of your house because those around the throne have never met you. The only leadership you know is the one that goes to the bank. There should be a whole lot of repentance because the church has done a whole lot of sinning.

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