The Crumbling Megachurch & The Emerging Bride
may the force (God) be with you!

by Dedric Hubbard
June 1, 2010

Sitting with my feet up, not because I have it like that but at a place of God's peace where the world system seems of no interest to me. Every step I took always led me to the cross I was to bear. Not concerned about who listens to me and who won't, I just speak to the wind and let the dust settle. Although it may have gotten in my friends eyes my oath to God is to let the horn blow. It was that frame of mind relaxing that an angel of the Lord appeared and spoke “we are ready.” God says when he calls for the rain you echo it in heaven. The church may as well get ready because when this happens there won't be a prophet to wipe your nose for comfort for we are in a rebellious season dealing with Nephilim spirits; I would suggest you start to study them. Because they are fallen angels and offspring of fallen angels, there won’t be a prophet to tell you to twist and shout 3 times when you hit the ground, or that “God will provide.” These end-time prophets are after souls and God's remnant seed that is being held captive by these territorial spirits. The most dangerous place to be when God unleashes the rain will be the mega-church or those considered non-denominational. These locations are where the legions of demons have been hiding under the heading “religion.” The angels say read between the spirits and it is actually the reemergence of a group of demons called the “legion.” They feed off of the fear and ignorance of man because they refuse to seek the Holy Spirit for fresh revelation. They have made their homes in theology and seminary schools teaching Christians to read the word. We must understand that is a demon that interprets scripture for demons, but they won’t teach you this in theology school. So we brag about degrees and what school we went to, but it is in this season we will learn that we have been paying demons to make a fool out of us.

These megachurches have established this covering covenant not knowing they have entered into a covenant with a fallen angel. These non-denominational churches have established a complex set of rules and regulations that it will only take the power of God to expose or a prophet that sees out of God eyes. They preach spirit-letter gospel meaning they say it's the spirit but they practice the letter, killing people spiritually. We have to understand that ignorance of the Bible is no excuse, because God makes himself known constantly to us. We are just too hyped-up on self to realize when he is speaking. I witnessed the destruction of the fallen angel Azazel in a spiritual confrontation this morning who was the covering for these megachurches in the spirit. The megachurches will now start to be exposed and the false angel of light will be seen in his true satanic form. God will start the exposure on a local basis with national coverage. With this, the end-time prophets must be in place to start the purification process of the bride. God says he will start this process in one of the most racially-divided and hostile cities in the south. When you see the king of the south start to fall, the rain will not be far away. Once you notice the process watch the connection of this individuals, for the doctrine of devils will be exposed. These individual’s life depends on if they humble themselves and admit they have been tricked by fallen angels and God will deliver them. If they don't, pride will take over and God will allow them to drown in their own false revelation. The end-time prophets will show no remorse because the John the Baptist spirit will be released along with Ezekiel and they will symbolize in sayings what the church has been accustomed to. You add an Elijah anointing with that and that is why he is called the “dreaded one,” for in my opinion these were the three prophets who could care less what a person will do, say, or feel about them. Nor do they care what they do or say if the Lord prompts and the Holy Spirit releases it. God has prophets that will encourage, exhort, and teach you the right way. This John the Baptist anointing along with the other two were designed to prick your heart and exposed who you will really serve so they will taunt and talk with no remorse. This is one way God makes you start to really take notice of who you are around. It will sadden some that many friendships, marriages, and relationships will be destroyed while others will be amended. This will be the start of the judgment of the church and abomination of desolation in Daniel, for God will expose the works of organized religion.

The emerging bride must work fast to secure locations in which to build kingdom ministries (not churches for these are where people were called out of) this will be where people are called to and that's destiny. These people must start out with the five gifts and rotate until they find the Apostle and Prophet unto which to build the bride according to God's instruction. They will then begin to release kingdom revelations. You must understand that just because these are apostles and prophets, if they are not the correct match the miracles will not happen. It is with that you look for two solutions: either they were not sent or not called. This does not mean they are not an apostle or prophet but are on an administrative level until they finish God's training under a mentor's watchful eye. They will reproduce the gift in the individual and not the individual (for this is the way of the non-denominational structure). We must understand God means business, his way or no way. If a person sees a move of God and does not commit to the proper foundation, this is not a bride church. The other denominations are quite simple, all you do is show them the power of God and you should not have to say too much for they will be willing. It is in these location that whatever assembly leads them to bride status they send the five gifts to evaluate and inspect the flock and start the kingdom mind process as well as activating, confirming, and releasing gifts. When you see the light begin to expose, run to the high place and make sure God is with you.

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