Where Do I Go From Here?
attributes for my awakening

by Dedric Hubbard
March 5, 2012

Sitting poised to teach understanding in Omaha for The Elijah Awakening the Holy Spirit asked, where does he go from here? And as he begin to unravel plans for the next 3 months he released a word into my spirit and said “How can we awaken what is already assimilated? Where can I dwell free of resistance?” We who are called to bring the church into a greater understanding of the works of Christ are now being led and eventually become what many have run from institutionalized church. Any new dispensation, move, or transfer of authority from heaven to Earth has always been led by people of seemingly no reputation and in places where you least expect it. As I look at what is developing in the spirit realm among people and different cities, many are being lured back in by a spirit of familiarity. Many people as well as name-brand people are listening to what the new leaders are saying and developing revivals, conferences, and worship based on what already has the people's ear. Thus we still hold on to people who we have knowledge of based on what they did in the past. Many fail to realize the attributes and/or formula for a true awakening:

1. Word - Genesis 1st chapter has a formula that many misinterpret because they are not reading in the Spirit but they are reading just words. Before there was ever worship, there was a word. Satan who is thought to be the leader of worship was kicked out of heaven so on Earth there had to be words to set the process of worship in motion.

2. Rest - Genesis 2nd Chapter has a key part God rested after his words created the Heavens and the Earth so there was no one after the Word of transformation to worship God because he had not created a man to worship him nor what he did create could not worship over his Word. 

And yet I could finish the revelation I choose not too but there is verifiable proof. In the beginning there has to be a Word from God in which we know how to operate in this new anointing. There has to be a Word from God on how he will change things church has done in the past. There has to be a rest from God that after these Words are spoken. Worship then begins, yet many are going into Worship events before they understand the Words God will release into this Earth. Therefore your worship leaders of the past can't lead the worship of this season because old wineskin worship cannot release new wineskin worship. Therefore, many will be deceived by their favorites of the past in prophecies, worship and words because they do not want to receive the new leaders of the future. The spirit of familiarity has gripped this new dispensation and is leading people right back into what they are trying to leave, so the question remains which the Holy Spirit asked; he can only go where there are few who understand. Don't look for this new move of God to already sell out conferences and revivals of the land, because it always starts small before it gets big. So a lot of you are entertaining familiar spirits of religion, personalities, and protocol but you are not entertaining the Awakening of God. This correction is for some peoples protection, whether you receive it or not. False signs, wonders, and miracles are being released now because The Words have not been released in order for us to go into worship.

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