Elijah The Teacher
The Glory of God's Natures

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 2, 2010

As I sat before the Lord in prayer I was shown the nature in which my life resembled the ways of this world and as I was almost hesitant to remember I was at ease to know through it all God was in control. It was these moments of remembrance that man's rejections became God's acceptance and as such everything that I have of ministry compassion belongs to God and not man. For many men seek the Glory of themselves for being the ones who instruct people in ministries but nevertheless they choose human wisdom as birthing out to take credit for God’s call upon your life. And yet although we could go deeper into this subject we won't for the glory of this revelation is unto God and by the end of it you will understand that God seeks those who worship in spirit and in truth and without the Glory upon your life you will not know what you worship in this end-time season. It is revelation such as these people will begin to understand the nature of wisdom that is available to those who have died unto Christ and carry the Elijah mantle that is necessary to equip the remnant for the end-time battles ahead. As God releases this particular revelation, those who have never understood and/or released Elijah revelations must understand that Elijh prophets are masterpieces in themselves for they will (those who have the true mantle) release pieces of revelation one may consider a whole. It is this wisdom of God that prevents prophetic thieves from stealing end-time revelation to bring attention to them for the Glory of the numbers game they play in church and/or to prove dominance in a race that Elijah has already won for if he had not won it this revelation wouldn’t be revealed. And we start this beginner’s course to understand the natures of God:

In Genesis 1:26 we see a familiar passage of scripture in which God prepares to make man in his image and in his likeness and also gives him dominion over everything that God has made. It is reading scripture in the end-time that you must no longer sit for hours on end trying to get the mind of God to reveal the revelations in scripture. When you possess his Glory your spirit should automatically transcend into heaven and bring back that which has been hidden until this end-time season. And in all fairness believe what you must but it is now we transcend before the throne to release the understanding of the natures of God. It is in this one scripture that God reveals his natures in which he created man for every work God created reveals his nature in this scripture we find the five not hidden but visible nature of man:

Subdued Nature – This is nature in which man knows his environment but has no authority in it, so they operate by emotions and chance not knowing the outcome but willing to be led by the unknown.

Carnal Nature – This is the nature in which man knows his environment and has limited authority in his environment but yet tends to venture into unknown territories using limited knowledge. He uses what he's got until someone takes the bait and he then lures them into his environment for domination.

Human Nature – This is the nature in which man knows his environment and uses his limited authority to try to bring subjection to that which has entered his environment; in this nature if not humble he becomes power hungry.

Beast Nature – This is the nature in which man has become unstable and eats, adapts, or takes in anything they are exposed to.

God Nature – This is the nature in which God’s Glory shines upon man and he rules, reigns, and has dominion as a son of God.

In order to partake of this Glory outpouring you must seek the natures of the world and transfer it to the nature of God for many spiritual leaders fall into four of these five natures and as such the revelations, attitudes, authority in which they release and/or speak points to the river in which their anointing flows through:

Subdued Nature flows through the Pison River for you seek pieces of honor among those around you.

Carnal Nature flows through the Gihon River for when you receive honor you deal falsely in order to gain more honor.

Human Nature flows through the Hiddekel River for when you have obtained honor you hide your faults and look down on everyone else.

Beast Nature flows through the Euphrates River in which you do everything in your might to have dominion and/or to get honor.

The God nature flows from the Garden in Eden for you have to understand the nature of everything that comes from the mouth of God and as such when the Glory comes many who are in positions of honor will not receive God’s Glory and yet many will continue to follow them. This Glory will be only poured out in humble, submissive, and obedient vessels for each nature carries a thorn and until you understand the thorn in each nature many will never transcend beyond the level they are at now. To move into perfection you need to possess spiritual knowledge of God’s kingdom and his state of mind, for his arrival is soon. Here I pause the revelation at a point in which many will do a self-check and realize that is why many of your brand-name prophets may talk Elijah knowledge and yet never release Elijah revelations. It’s because many of their services are no longer needed for you can’t come to the top of Mt. Carmel unless you have an invitation from Elijah’s spirit. So we move to satisfy those who are hungry for the Glory of God. Find your nature, state your case, touch your thorn, and ask God to prepare you for his Glory. Only until complete deliverance of flesh will you see the Lord for who he is in his image and his likeness as he prepares you and thanks you face to face.

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