Multiplicity of Simplicity

by Dedric Hubbard

As I enjoyed a fireside chat with God on certain issues that he has purposed in my heart to do I realize my desires have met my purpose. This is the point where destiny is assigned, equipped, and fulfilled. So what is wrong with what most people have come to know as church? The answer is quite simple: multiple simple issues. The devil has been using simple issues in simple minded people who have been thrust in to positions of leadership and have been saved, but not delivered. In my encounter with God that caused me to write the revelation "The Bastard Experience" it is the degree into which the church has been deceived. Simple issues such as people starting to recognizing the ascension gifts as titles of inheritance of power and to a degree they lord over people, especially in the congregation. What this has done has caused people to refer to themselves as their function and not their position; Matt. 23:8-11 deals with this same thing. People have gotten into the habit of calling those in position daddy, chief apostle, master teacher, master prophet etc. People who are walking around looking for respect in titles of function, who is the servant out of all these so-called great titles? As great as Paul and the other apostles were, not one refer to themselves as “chief” nothing. Even Jesus the son of God, referred to himself as servant, so who are you in this simple word trying to be great? What part of the Bible did you write? What part of the earth did you make? So in your quest to be known as great among this world, what reward will you have in heaven? I understand my function as a prophet and there are times I refer to that function when I operate in that function.

These multiple issues entered the church because of people who have misused the functions for fame, money, and influence which in turn they would not allow certain gifts to function in church for fear of these deeds being uncovered, but God has reached the max. We are in a season that Apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists must operate in order to bring the church to maturity and no one position is greater than the other. If you have the one for your church you should complement each other and this will cut down on the yes-man ministries that most people have been operating. Until the church comes in union and unity in all things you cannot be really a church of God operating in division.

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