Understanding How Far The "Church" Is From Pentecost

by Dedric Hubbard
April 29, 2011

As I settled into day number 3 of watching and praying, the Holy Spirit was so joyful in wanting to show the ignorance of the present-day church leaders and as such I am always prepared to write and release revelations that are geared toward the wise and yet I laugh at their foolishness in trying to conform a Holy Father on pagan holidays. So we see the "church and/or people in a building celebrated their Easter (or “Resurrection Sunday,” I don’t care) and of course the Jewish Holiday known as Palm Sunday. And yet we buy things with Easter signs under it and we go to Resurrection Sunday, and yet we buy lambs and hams from our Jewish Passover but we go to a church that celebrates Easter. And yet we don't care how others celebrate it doesn't mean nothing but we wake up. Jesus as the woman at the well what god do you serve? All this combination of what supposed to be holy speaks to the heathenistic mind of today’s believers for the only day Jesus celebrated supposedly in that month was Palm Sunday and that lasted 9 days and the church celebrates from Good Friday to Easter. So we want to celebrate Jewish tradition and yet we only can celebrate it on 3 days. We want to deem Christ Holy but we only celebrate from Good Friday to Easter. Serving Jesus is continual, not traditional, daily mass, 3 day vacation, Good Friday to Easter, Easter bunny, speeches, plays and the lot. Understanding I was not called in this dispensation for comfort but uncomfortably. Not for mercy but to be a mercenary in that I destroy anything that destroys the Heart of Jesus. And nothing destroys his heart more than ignorance, tradition, unbelief and to narrow Palm Sunday into men's imaginations of thought, making their names of Easter and Resurrection Sunday and/or combo names shows that you have no respect for the body of Christ nor Jesus birth, death and resurrection to pollute it with such filth just to be a part of the world's system.

So what’s the ignorance of the leaders of the churches that led people right into the vengeance of God? No spiritual authority, nor spiritual revelation in which to lay the foundation in which God established through his son Jesus. So after Jesus left, the disciples went into the house and when the day of Pentecost had fully come.... Do the heathens leaders know that May 22, 2011 is Pentecost Sunday? Do the heathen leaders know that after every Palm Sunday that you dedicate somebody to stay in the church and pray for 26 days? The Jewish leaders know that Pentecost Sunday is on May 22. The Jewish leaders don't know that they should dedicate somebody in the family to watch and pray for 26 days to see the manifestation of the power of Pentecost. The Elijah Prophets that are assigned to watch and pray this dispensation know that after Palm Sunday a few of them have been dedicated for 26 days of prayer uninterrupted so they can come and release this new power, teaching, revelation, and authority God is bringing. The heathen leaders should know that after Palm Sunday there must be a continual prayer vigil for 26 days because Jesus did not stop after he left and sat at the right hand, he waited 26 days to release the power of the Holy Spirit and all the people who had a heart for God in that house received the Holy Spirit. Now what does this revelation mean? Quite simple, you don't understand nor have knowledge of what you do. You just read a Bible word-for-word, thought about what it might mean and called it a revelation; or you just do something somebody taught you but don't have the whole revelation. You are just symbolizing and noticing days and you cut them short at that, hahahh. Now those who are still praying and fellowshipping and with one accord until May 22, 2011 you should feel an extra dose of rushing wind and the new glory of the outpouring of this dispensation. The catch is that you did not break fellowship after the heathens celebrate whatever they do with their holiday cocktail and those of us who are watching and praying we just drop in from time to time with a revelation of how far the "church" is from Jesus and his power. Maybe next time you will have real watchmen on the wall for your church, real intercessors who are praying for more than just members, real prophets that will mention more than money, real pastors who have been taught from the throne of God, real apostles who check scriptures and say we are wrong. But until then you have a man of no reputation that calls people fools, heathens, and dumb not for the sake of enjoyment but because of the idols they follow and they don't study to show their own selves approved. So the question the Holy Spirit wants to ask is, what God are you serving? Pentecost on Point

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