Time to Draw the Sword

by Dedric Hubbard
July 11, 2010

Well just came in from a leadership meeting of all places, we were at Lord's table and were discussing the battle plans for our next target. Funny thing was that God named the assignment and the angels brought the targets. And he listened to all of us, and guess what? We were sitting in line facing the world and as usual, me being the youngest of the group when my input came I yelled “kill it all!” I guess I took on the nature of the Beast that was sitting next to me and they laughed as God came down the line, got me and sat me next to him and my spirit became quiet because it was then I saw the battle plans, destruction and chaos ahead and God said “my son don't feel bad, you didn't speak out of turn, you just didn't wait. I had to come and get you so we can see our next move together. And as always you will kill them all this time we flow in through the Euphrates river and anything that doesn't come up it's your job to destroy it all.” Then God summoned the four beasts. “They will go with you when we release the word through you, then you release the beast in us. If they wonder, talk, or murmur tell them I AM the Beast to destroy their homes, I AM the Beast to destroy their wisdom, I AM the Beast to destroy their hearts, and you are The Beast to destroy their flesh, but I am the I AM that will destroy their souls. So I laughed, just like God to save the best for last so as we continue the assault on the church God stressed the fact that most Christians haven't realized that some have been already caught up and yet still asleep and with that he moved his throne to the left, closer to the knowledge side of his heart which means the power side has more control and/or judgement will increase out of the end-time prophets that are in their assigned places; for everyone else God said “draw the swords.” And out of nowhere we had flaming swords placed in our dinner plates, “cool!” And as we touched them they increased in size as our nature in God increased and he calls me by name and looks me in the eye and tears fall. He wiped them quickly, “I have taken your emotions, will, and sorrow so that devil cannot see you unless you are upon his throne and then it will be too late. We will kill all flesh and destroy anything that remains. I myself will kill when we reach the latter rain.”

So we are in the same fight but we are fighting a level in the spirit and it is called a ‘high place’ in hell. We discuss and kill the spirit of authority and with that God states that:

Who told you that you can run my house with a spirit of disrespect that you call ‘excellence’ and then you assume all my people have to be proven to you? Who told you to set the standards in my house and give out trophies of achievement because they have sat under you? Who told you to make a mission statement in my house and you draw the rules? Who told you to stand before my people and say that you are the one to feed them by yourself? Who told you to make up boards and parties in my house? Who told you to sweep sin under the rug? Who told you that you were the shepherd of my flock? Who told you to appoint positions over my head? If you answered ‘God’ then you were correct indeed because he supplies all you need and therefore, you can have all the things you have built because your God is the Devil that you have raised as a child in your life. Because the Lord God does things according to my word so you can have your ministry but I have come to take that which is mine back the foundation that I am a part of. Let us start with my son who died on the cross. You mention that to get people in and yet they are still lost. The cornerstone is not in place so you have made my name a mockery instead, turning it into a cornerstone where only you get the bread. The foundation that I have is an apostle and a prophet, simple but yet complex for they are wise in warfare and yet they are as humble as pie. The one that I will strip from your inside because you are eating from a table called me, myself, and I.

Tell me pastor do you know the name of your sheep? Not in the flesh, in the spirit. that is how I call their name and yet you say we don't exist. What is a prophet? He is the warrior that holds the sword up high, keep your eyes on me not on a man who can lie. Did God strike a nerve? Now the fear is shown. You don't want your sin confronted so you try to make my prophets groan. Not in this season because I have one who comes and visits me as often as I do him and a prophet on the loose controlled by me is the worst thing you will ever see because now the whole world gets to see the beast in me. Tell me pastor, who is the man in your house? Does he have spiritual authority? That is what man preaches, that you are the head of the house and the woman should submit. That is what you preach for God does not lie. Make sure that's the word as you say for I tear you to shreds because you are treating my women like dogs all for the sake of manhood and authority in a house. Now shall I tell you a story man-to-man? and when I finish only that on my foundation will stand. The authority in a house is not either one for they were both made together under the evening son. The first one that spoke has the authority and the vision of the house and that is the one that builds the ministry while the other helps out. While they are building they are learning as one, washing each other with ideas of how it should be done and that is the authority in the house of my choosing, but when you go home you have all assigned duties. The only thing that separates you is emotions and strength, the man likes to be used and the woman likes to be wanted. Find your equal and the party has started.

Now how do you tell who is the spiritual authority in the house? The one that knows every gift in the house who trains, equips, and speaks to get their gifts out. Now if your pastor hasn't identified what's inside of you then that is not his calling, he just a teacher instead for he is still in need of teaching himself. Now when you are at home and the man says he the head, tell him to speak to your unknown potential and walk in your blessed place as it is in the Lord but if he doesn't know who you are then that's not the man for you. So you spend your time buying shoes, clothes, because you want to play dress-up to hide the hurt. The man you call your husband is just a pound of dirt. Tell me, does he know more about sports than what's inside of you? I am not talking about the bedroom I am talking about the desires of your heart and what you are called to do. Does he spend more time away working, and watching TV than at the throne? I see the hurt; you are at home together but yet you are still all alone. And the same with the church in the house by yourself and guess what? We are coming to destroy your wall and bring forth my bride and for this I yell surprise! Choose this day, religion is done.


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