Bride 3 Religion 0 (Spiritual Deaths)
a battle of souls, pride and power

by Dedric Hubbard
July 11, 2010

To those who worship the beast within themselves, I the Lord neither sleep nor slumber. Your stench has overfilled my throne and for that I have come for that I have said before the end of days. And that which I want that I will keep and that which wants that I leave for the worm for he is slowly moving into the end of days. There are those who are of a religion that is a legion and in that beast they have perfected the beast and it is called the antichrist, for they operate in non-denomination and they wish to leave order in their hand that which is that I will destroy. They amused themselves in the presence of their God while standing in the filth of swine. Behold, the I AM has come for the I AM and that is all that am looking for. There are seven woes to the structure of non-denomination that call itself “church” that I have against minus plus one for the I AM structure is sound which sits in obedience and that is how I created the world. I AM the I AM that holds everything in the palm of my hand and with one word where I release it that is where it stays. Before, I come and destroy your house I will read your judgement against your house and then I will proceed to sweep your house clean and replace it with fine gold pieces that I have brought out for this end-time.

To the charge of disobedience how do you plead? The I AM is speaking and therefore I AM the only one that speaks for I am having this trial I have visited you countless times and yet you still resist; saying you speak in my stead and govern my house and yet I do not see those things my son left. There are five of them, give or take one equals three. So who told you to build that ministry? Who told you to preach to my people? Who told you hand them a trial? And yet you say “it's me” tell me how many steps did my son climb in order to get to the world? Tell me and I will give you a pardon and set you free. Guilty is the charge you receive for disobeying the voice of the Lord. Your cornerstone was not in place and that is why legion has run while through the non-denominational foundation and therefore, I the Lord remove your face before me I never knew you who have dwelt in this place.

To the charge of using my name in vain how do you plead? The I AM speaks to my apostles and prophets first in unison of my throne so you are automatically guilty for I have never spoken so you so-called men of God have not pierced my heart and they are just mere men looking for authority in the spirit which they never had in life. And the sin has run rampant in Peter's church so you are guilty twice, once in the spirit and once in the soul so I remove the foundation in the spirit of what you have built and a push it near the cliff so that you fall and scatter once I finish like a legion of pigs. Tell me how many steps are there to the Holy Spirit's house? Never mind, you have been speaking from the mouth of man and not through the spirit of truth.

To the charge of impersonating an officer how do you plead? Guilty is the verdict; there is no explanation or proof just like this thing you have built yourself and say you honor the Most High God. I AM the I AM that sees that justice and order is done. You can speak, preach, teach, as much as you like but the I am and the I am and the I am will not be in sight and the prophet warns you we do not see what you do. The space in heaven we have reserved is in the space “I never knew you.” Stay in the house of sin all you like, they are leading you over the cliff and into the abyss. This time I will kill everyone who hits the bottom of the cove. So who are these people and what do they do? They make fun of the most high saying that we dwell in them for there is no cornerstone, foundation, or officer we can speak with and yet is this what's resembles me? Let the Lord consult the flesh as to speak your language for the I AM does not want to see this filth before my throne. For they are leaning and rocking for the Lord is not their foundation stable and strong. This is a wrinkle that I intend to press and there will be no more of this fleshly mess. For they preach gospel they have seen on tv, consult theology and schools and such, is not the Holy Spirit enough? For they creep in one another's bedroom while the good man's asleep and the other sells their wife for positions and such. You sell your soul to appear on tv to sit next to demons, witches and such claiming they are men after my heart.... please; death and destruction is all I want the beast to say.

So you have fooled the people antichrist, almost to the end. I have exposed your soul in the people that worship what they know not and when I am finished with you the one whom you still possessed inside is not mine. So you in this disorderly function, I the Lord curse you times 3 and add 4 times 12 because of the souls you say you have saved, but yet I drew no wine because you filled them with filth saying you are the head and your punishment for anyone who leads this group I now disfigure in the spirit as the foundation of something so wrong that you tried to make right. Your ears I close to the things I speak from the place of my throne. Your eyes I remove so you always see wrong. Your nose for smelling up another man's behind speaking “cover me” and I the Lord always said in due time. Your eyebrows I burn for every time you raised a thought and spoke like it was me in an unknown tongue. Your lips I place back on the pig for trying to teach my people to eat your filth or no spiritual life. Your tongue I place at King David's feet, he can do what he wants with it because you failed to release a kingdom speech. And now I remove your head with the firm grip of my hand as I take the breath of my life for speaking my name in vain and then I appear before you and watch as I breath your last breath in. But I keep you alive and bring you unto my throne and sit your head before the prophet of the Most High God-Head as he speaks your life doomed to hell and watches you burn and we all laugh. Because you sealed your own fate speaking against a person who has robe on trying to save your life and saying that it wasn't me speaking out of my servant's mouth, “he is making that up,” “who does he think he is?” He is the one who just judged you in heaven and your foundation is doomed. How can you judge what's in a prophet's mouth when you don't have the foundational gift to even speak the words of a God-sent prophet who understands me better than you? Simple, because his office is now right next to my house and now death is the only sentence this type of church has and everything connected with it by the law my servant has just passed. So now who says the I am and the I am and the I am don't speak judgement and death? The same ones whom I have convicted (and I still have 3 cases and 6 judgements left). Selah

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