The Battle for the Bride

by Dedric Hubbard
July 22, 2010

For who is it that hangs upon the clouds, who sits at my feet even when they were down. Are they not my children and am I not their God? My bride is here and I the Lord say “transform,” for where is my handmaiden? My bride needs to be dressed, but the religion of men has put thy God to the test. Oh Elijah come forth and burn through the night. Run them to your mercy while the fire burns bright. Do they not know I have come from off of my throne? I sit in the heavens with Melchizedek, yet my presence is unknown. Should I remove my veil and show my glory to the world? Or do I let my prophets have a little fun for my bride is hungry. They need to renew their strength. Are you shouting loud enough or does my spirit make no sense? Have you told the people that the rain is falling? The plumbline is at 10 feet and only getting higher. They need to reach in before the flood hits 40 feet and then I will step in and remove my bride and the minute I touch them the world will die for my son will have what he wanted, a spotless bride.

For they run behind man and think he will save them but I am looking for individuals not regurgitated meat. How can you know me as Lord and saviour and you cannot speak your foundation in peace? The hirelings are scared for the favorite position is gone, all because a pastor called the wrong prophet's name on the phone. Although your indiscretions were few and your power fair, you failed to recognize that you were listening to the prince of the air. Therefore you lose the life you once had, because a pastor had the nerve to say “where is God's chair?” For many have been begotten by the witchcraft they release and now a pastor’s worst nightmare must come true. They will have to humble themselves to the voice of a prophet before they are allowed to leave this year. Now just in case you rebel I will speak in the night, take your breath and yet you will continue trying to fight. Either listen to the sent ones or kiss your life goodbye.

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