Installing Officers of the Night
Proceed with Caution, Capture, Conquered
....and Commandments

by Dedric Hubbard
July 12, 2010

We are in an important time in the spirit. Many will not see, but the very elect. Many will not feel, but the very elect; but all will hear the coming of the wrath of God upon all religious structures and the contents therein. In this next week God will be installing new officers who while running proceed with caution, which allowed them to capture God's heart while they were conquering their mountains and now they have brought the commandments of God back to him in the flesh. With this they will have the fattest calf burnt, toasted, and roasted in their honor, because they have found their way home in the sight of men. They will now become shining lights in a sea of darkness. God always sends his best and brightest in the times of increased struggles but what makes these officers special is most understand this is the time of the end. And yet as I get to host this event from the depths of my rivers I am sure of my connection to the throne. As I take on this role and get to watch from the spirit and see the road each individual takes while their angel writes in heaven in the book of Life I will translate heavenly tongues of angels for the direction of men, and yes we will be talking to many of you. The flow of the rivers coming from the throne is making a straight connection from Gihon, to Hiddekel, to Euphrates. This is the route the officers are taking in the spirit from earth to their position in heaven meaning that the anointing will flow first to the weakest/humblest in Christ (which translates that they are the boldest in the things of the Lord). These are people who have come out of bondage, religious structures, mindsets, and the captivity of the mind. Their seating arrangement will start at the right for these individuals until God gets his chosen 12 and then what's left will start their seating at the left until he gets his chosen 12. The right side is power, judgment, deliverance and grace. The left side is mercy, love, patience and power. For a power prophet grace is the last thing on their mind because they warn before they execute God's judgment. The left side mercy is the first thing because it doesn't allow them to see the ugly side of his heart as much as the power; their four commandments should run you into the mercy of God. But since you all don't know God like you think we won’t finish that part.

In this installation it will be whosoever will, let them come. This a pure stream of anointing coming out and you will be able to access heaven like never before. It's when you come up that determines if you are fit for the kingdom. Because there is a death trap in the stream on the way up and it's a silver seat with red trim, redemptive blood is the name and my spiritual father sits on it along with a few special guests on all four corners. To operate you have to be proven in every aspect of your ministry on earth before it reaches heaven; there are no lies, deceit, excuses, and/or faults on this line. Each beast has the three spirits of the God-head and the face of a man who has passed the flesh test; this represents the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Once you pass Elijah's brazen altar you will receive a beast to help you in the end-time according to the God-head that summoned you. The prayer focus for this event is Daniel Chapter 9.

Daniel was considering this his time of captivity and many of you are captive in your environment but you are kings kids, Elijah prophets, and God's chosen seeds.

We focus on Darius; a new king from a lineage of kings in the spirit. He was born in a family of Baal worshippers so his lineage comes from Ashtaroth and he is trying to keep his lineage going.

We focus on Daniel; his first year of captivity is now your first year of release as kings kids because remember he is in the spirit holding the river over pihon which means in his ‘place of honor’ in the kingdom of God. He lets you in on wisdom because he has already defeated that river years ago and thus now his anointing is flowing straight to vessels to interpret the Book of Daniel’s dreams, wisdom, and knowledge.

The focus: Who is the first person that you need to get rid of who has become king? What do you need to get rid of in yourself to get this new wine anointing? What place do you need to get rid of to get this anointing? Are you bold in God or are you an off and on switch? Can you go straight to a person and mention their mistakes or do you be quiet and allow someone else to? If so you are in Darius territory.

Daniel's focus is he learned more in a spirit of obedience, which became excellent. Meaning are you following God or your emotions? Are you captive in your mind that has caused your environment not to produce you as God intended? Who do you need to learn from? Who do you need to really connect with? Who has the end-time anointing needed to take you forward? Then why are you still there? You are captive in your environment which has closed your mind.

The Daniel fast for this focus to get away from religious structures especially those of non-denominational mindsets for we are about to destroy those foundations. In your fast, seek God for your spiritual father in heaven and he will spiritually lead you along your path to understand your nature and position in God. They are positioned among the throne according to your spiritual strengths and weakness and according to first fruits power. To continue to call a man your father/mother this season brings the wrath of your spiritual father followed by the wrath of God. This is your curse with a curse for not coming close to the throne like you thought you have been. If you haven't found the father in heaven then you have not been always listening to the voice of the Lord, you have been tricked by seducing spirits. God warns anytime you cannot leave something that is physical then you are not spiritual, meaning if you can't leave a religious system it has become your God. It has now become that the serpent which once healed you will now bite you if you stay put. This anointing will flow through individuals, end-time ministries, and organic churches that operate at home for they are seeking the true nature of God. Your instructions are to find end-time prophets who are already walking in their assigned position and after you pray, ask them for instructions on bringing your ministry out of the darkness into the light. You will then see the Book of Acts in the place. After this week the officer will be installed and the websites, people, and instructors you have been getting your information from will be limited and inaccurate, although they may speak to your spirit. The new officers speak in 4-point position with a 3-point accuracy that brings a 12-point increase, meaning they will speak from or represent in their spirit 12 spiritual fathers. They will give you a prophecy with pinpoint accuracy for their information is spoken from the throne room of God after the elders who represent time discuss what to release and/or teach.

Once you find your voice stick with it; you cannot run from site to site trying to see what everyone is saying for this is how the prophetic anointing has become contaminated. Find yourself 3 people (not 3 sites) who you can rely on for 30 days. After that you go to the more accurate one last for he/she will always speak the completion of the word. To go from site to site God considers you double-minded and unstable with no faith because you may be the one who should be releasing words instead of trying to find them. Any prophetic site that has more mammon than word is considered in this season a whore of Babylon and has become respecters of words and only releases that which benefits them. Find the true word of the Lord or die in the river of false prophets. God is restoring orders as he install officers and as always the choice is yours; listen and live or listen and die.

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