Ahab on the Table
a man and his wife

by Dedric Hubbard
July 16, 2010

Well on the way back from hell the spirit of Ahab was looking for his wife and to do some quick thinking we got him behind the throne. We're not worried about him going anywhere, his wife is dead for good and he lies next to her. This morning Elijah cuts him in the heart with his sword and what he sees as the spirits combine is a rather simple relationship that many have made complex. From what I see there is a lack of spiritual authority, no foundation of God, and limited values of a Christian life. From what I see the Ahab spirit is just as powerful of a prophet as Jezebel herself, but their communication flows are different; the Ahab spirit is thought to be a submissive or passive man. As we keep looking into this spirit that is his hook as God replays a person using the Ahab spirit, they preach with humility but are really searching into the spirit looking for goods. Remember how he acted when he couldn't get the vineyard? What happens is that he sends the signal to Jezebel and she comes in speaking loud and bold, enticing the flesh. Ahab already knows who holds the goods so he sends or used to send her in to take forcefully what he couldn't get in humility. The trick is when they are able to find their correct mate and they have 8 natures that allow them to wrinkle the flesh while they spot the goods. Watch this: a prophet invites another prophet to speak. One sits and scans the crowd for money while the other one preaches. When the time comes they communicate in the spirit and take an unsuspecting sheep for all they can get.

Now we who are in heaven have spied the land out and it is well worth possessing, but you have to follow the right light. Your colors in the spirit are equal to the color of your tribe that waits for you behind the throne. But if you are not color-coded you can't get in and will be assigned to the half-tribe of Manasseh which is the tribe of doubting Thomas. Now the fallen angel that was assigned to Jezebel was Azazel - his demon troop consists of Asbel, Yeqon, Penmue, etc., (too many of them, this dissection will take awhile). What is important that the clothes you wear, make-up, hair, etc., was produced by these fallen angels to have you in their grips. Baby Phat is the main spirit that jezebel spirit is attached to and/or any seductive clothing, hair colors, false eyes, hair, etc. As we look at the beginning this is how the demons were able to possess the people when they went in for worship wearing demonic clothes. The Ahab spirit is tricky - your Roco-wear, Sean John, etc. The Ed Hardy is a combination of these spirits because they have the 8 beast natures of man which means they are designed by an old sailor who is a tattoo artist. The spirit of Leviathan and the false priest dwell in this line. Remember at the top of Mt. Carmel when Elijah taunted the false prophets they cut themselves. These spirits are still in the earth in the form of the tattoo artist and most so-called Christians have them. Elijah states that when he stopped and was fearful he realized the spirits had escaped when they cut themselves, but he was so caught up he didn't see the spirit leave until God revealed it to him and he felt like a failure, not because he was scared but because he killed the flesh before the spirits. Now when you go into a place of worship and wear these clothes you don't hear God because you are wearing the attire and features of fallen angels and demons. Now that we have them behind the throne they are exposed for what they are: imposters. Now the question God wants to know is how many of you are the seeds of satan and think you have been hearing his voice?

Because they are behind the throne many of you will now begin to lose your jobs, houses, husbands, and wives because you were under the leadership, influence, and advice of falsehoods. The only thing that is going to stand in this end-time season is the Word of God so if you’re struggling to live like the demons, go ahead and say “Lord I am sorry the demons beguiled me, now what?” If the house has got to go, let it go; you are struggling anyways. But if it be of God and then it will stand. We'll have to study these a little more to get all the spirits out in order of importance. Kingdom forward.

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