The Pentecostal Papers
Eyes Wide Shut

by Dedric Hubbard
May 29, 2010

Although we understand all mysteries and we have become like his image why are most of us still? For it has just been brought to my attention that most of our eyes are wide-open yet stuck for they have waxed dull in spirit according to the traditions of man. It was with that thought my lord requested of my presence to the Lord and by faith I have access to that which is held to those who want spiritual truth. For although I walk in the flesh, I war after nothing because the spirit of adoption does exist but it is the only access to the heart of the father which is God, when drawn by the spirit which is the Holy Spirit, which rests upon those who are sent in his most Holy name which is Jesus. For what is a man who thirsts after God that he not build fill if it is built on his most holy faith which is this Gospel we preach. For there was a man about 6 years ago who set out on a course for he realized he was a long way from home. It was then the Master took his hand and said "hold on this is going to be a bumpy ride" for these trials and tribulations and those that many have subjected themselves unto are nothing like who I am going to introduce you to, so as that man became acquainted with the father he begin to show him his way around home; all while protecting his name selah. For it is not lawful to speak to the unlearned in a foreign tongues but those who accepted and established the keys to faith will understand. So as my spirit arrived at its destination ("on time" we might add, for destiny was calling unto me) and as we sat at meat around the two trees, within there arose my teacher for this next session of life; it was King David. This time he had on the attire of a common man but he had on the head of authority that signifies his position in heaven over all the kingdoms.

For we walked as he talked and then those of the faith followed and added words to the spirit of the matter. It is when this time Paul arrived also and the others left (as no one is allowed unto David's king for he is after a man's own heart) as me and Paul entered. Even he was in shock for his throne was starting to shrink as we talk walking through the door but with every blow of the trumpet of his angel his throne would stand still and we could not see the end of it. It was then he explained himself that to be a man after God's own heart requires access to my heart. I set the standard and therefore, whoever leaves there and steps here their souls lie under my throne for support, for they have taken upon themselves without my seal to dedicate unto themselves an idol representing my heart and thus when the judgement seat lowers, their hearts will be revealed according to the evil they have done. Treat no spirit as common for we all live yet we passed on to this other side. But yet my son we who watch the exploits understand the master has left the throne to expect the troops. It is with that knowledge that I give you the 22 keys to kingdom dominion. Release them as you please for it is my seal that you are a man after our Lord's heart:

1. Call no man master, chief, or anything that acknowledges he is more than you, for we all are equal in heaven.

2. Pay no man's wages for they have already been set by our Lord, but unto the Prophets/Apostles they are established by their service and their offering is due.

3. Give no man homage. Nothing more or less, for pride will raise up and they will build their homes in hell.

4. Let no man tempt you to establish your worth for the Lord has set us apart.

5. For the grace of God is manifold, and always confuses the wise. This will be a sign of his earthly wisdom starting to dissolve.

6. Listen to your angels for they are forever writing in your book. Be careful to hear them speak for it is they who watch over your soul.

7. Exalt no man for your travels, for your steps are ordered by the Lord. When you leave there you owe no man on your departure, for they did not see your return. And if it be a prophet who wants their name read aloud, call our Lord and he will send them to their father, for their kingdom is already established and it swells like their head.

David smiles and reaches in his pocket and hands me the key "for I am making room in my kingdom for God's warrior brides, for God said for they will live on this side of the mansion they will reside." As we leave David shouts "nothing is released until everything is complete" and his brides blow their horn. As Paul walked, he begin to speak "those were the seven failures of man which have caused them not to access the heart of God." As he spoke different people began to come out of the hall for in heaven language that is spoken is understood in the spirit for they are all on one accord.

"For they have made idols unto themselves and what you must understand that a pastor’s job is to identify the sheep that God is touching to bear fruit and the devils job is to stop them. That is why the shepherd must understand his sheep, so that the devil doesn't expose their weakness. He goes to God on behalf of that sheep and God reveals in detail what is happening and where and who to send the lamb to for spiritual enrichment, but the hireling flees. Tell the people that if a hireling runs it is because their generation was so wicked that God uses the last male child to teach love and faith and if he fails their generation is subject to the damnation of the wicked one and judged according to the sheep he has damaged. Time is short and the Lord is angry because the antichrist spirit has already began because the watchers assigned did not watch, for the world is living in the first half of the tribulations. That is why the Lord allowed you to be accurate in your interpretation for we taught you as a child, even before your mother's womb. It saddens us that preach this gospel that they have fallen so far out of line so when we heard you have visited among the stars with Enoch we understood that things will line up."

For it be that the others are ready and our position is increased according to the spirit in which they study. For an apostle in the end-times season to be an apostle, they must follow the ranks that are set aside according to the order of the anointing. This means there may not be miracles until they find the right prophet (this is done through the spirit). For the apostle and prophet to the church in this season is to husband and wife and Jesus and his bride, so there will be marriages, relationships, ministries broken because they have not our God's seal on them. Therefore, tell the people to let the spirit lead them and then leave, offering nothing but a thank you. For these are those who must sit and wait until the horn sounds at assembly time, for in heaven there is no one worshipped but God. When establishing a kingdom assembly, their name must show their function on earth and in heaven which signifies the father's seal. It is of upmost importance that the people understand that they have not much time. As I repeat, the Lord is already dwelling among them in human shape blessing, cursing, and teaching at his will. For a Christian to have a prideful heart and not ask for help among the very elite as he releases Elijah and his army is destruction of one's soul instantly for their most prized possession is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Thereby a wrong word in the wrong season will allow the fire of heaven to come down. It is urgent that you realize why God allowed you to access the river to understand the rotation of the season, for it is those of like spirit of humility yet power who will say nothing, but their Holy Spirit will kill.

We of the faith consider it necessary. They understand that the kingdom will move with the remnant, not the establishment for the letter killeth, but the spirit gives life. They must understand that the Bible is open for spiritual eyes not basic reading which will allow some to access the gates of heaven for spiritual training. Those who are not will have to seek help from the authority set on earth, for their pride has not been dealt with. Many are accessing demonic strongholds, thinking it is our God who answers them. Thus they are being built up in pride and wounding the sheep through vain imagination. It will be best to inform the people who belong to one who I will not name, that prideful prophets/apostles are taken to the center of the sun and God takes his hand and pushes them into the middle of the sun until their eyes are blinded. This is the death of a prophet, for pride burns God's heart and they walk seeing, but not seeing and hearing, but not hearing for God has separated himself from them. So goes the way of the church who refuses to humble themselves and seek God's face according to the viable proof that we do exist up here and would welcome them, but no pride is allowed. We are all one peaceful family where no one is worshiped but God. Far be it from me to share information with you concerning apostles until the set time.

For the people must know their loved ones are saved but yet judged and according to their race will they receive their inheritance together or apart. There has been a counterfeit of satan that God allowed to happen so that they who are fooled with their eyes shut will now see our Lord show himself mighty on the earth and so he gave the devil a headstart. For Elijah has the beast-mentality to flush any spirit out through his fleshly antics. The people must realize as on Mt. Carmel any true Christian will find it somewhat amusing because it is the hammer of the Lord dashing to expose what has been hidden underneath, for we here watch you as you make mistakes and we learn what we should have done so when we find an individual who makes it among us, we teach from what we see that you do not and if the spirit is lined up we reveal it through the word which is how you receive revelation. But before you go, the cloud of witnesses would like to see you. Also we called Elijah the "comedy show," for they miss him John, Moses, for the world took our entertainment so we laugh so hard when Elijah uses you to tell his jokes, so can you say it up here so it can echo in heaven?

Elijah says how can you spot an end-time church?
It's the one with the lock on the door because it missed the move. HAHA

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