Top Devised Fables that Elijah Prophets will Destroy

by Dedric Hubbard
Feb 25, 2011

1. “God knows my heart” - Allows Christians to think that what they are doing will be judged according to the heart of God. Thereby surpassing a rebuke because they think when they hear a word about their sin they don't take it as a warning.

2. “Love them where they are at” - Allows Christians to stay comfortable in their sin because no one wants to expose the demons in them.

3. “Touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm” - Allows saved and unsaved gifts to get away with behavior that should be judged as well as to keep anointed and unanointed persons in positions even after their sins have been exposed by God.

4. “Sow where you are going” - allow individuals to sow into ppl lives thinking they will follow the same path, strengthening a coveting spirit.

5. “Sow into the anointing” - Allows individuals to sow into people's lives as to hope they will receive a portion of that person's anointing when they have their own. Introduces spirits of mimicking, coveting, pride, and death.

6. “Honor the man/woman of God” - Allows people to sow into leaders lives who don’t even have a knowledge of what God has for your life. Introduces respecter of persons, mimicking, coveting, etc.

7. “Keep your mouth off the man/woman of God” - you have to have the anointing and be spiritual aware of every person in your flock gift, callings, anointings, and spiritual state to qualify. you have to watch this one in action.

8. “Double portion Anointing” - (Have to hear the revelation to understand the truth).

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