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EEEK!!! Elijah strips the church butt-naked!!

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 6, 2010

Unbeknownst to those who glorify man and the traditions therein we seek to destroy the wrinkle that has been placed in doctrine, revelation, bondages, and those who just want to be heard. They say their long prayers with power and intensity and yet when they stop there is no manifestation of the words they have spoken. They are human brass and cymbals and as such this loud noise is like as a woman seeing a mouse in the house and of course the exterminator has to be called. The exterminator works in phases and as such we see the nature of the problem in which Elijah now constantly sends his specialized watchmen into the church to see the dangers and the manner of the infestations. After careful observations the watchman must crowd loud without fear, compromise, or worry about danger of their lives for they are in their specialized Glory suits. It is then we see Elijah relaying the message to the one who will set the traps to catch the infestations of the church Ezekiel symbolizes and demonstrates. He then tells Elijah what he will do once the pests of religion, idols, pastor, apostle, and prophets are caught. He sends them out to the point of no return in which Enoch pronounces their destruction for entering into agreement with fallen angels, seducing spirits, and idolize men. Today we see Enoch viewing the pride of life in which these choice leaders with their chief seats seek to be honored on certain days of their lives. Appreciations, anniversaries, seed sowing it is then Elijah checks the spirit and the manner in which they have set themselves up as kings representing no one but themselves while raiding the garden of Naboth’s for choice grapes. Hmmm sounds kind of Jezebel to Elijah, for those who are called to serve are not serving but constantly demanding carnal pleasures. Target acquired - Pastoral worship, Method of deception - to numerous to name, Poison to be released – Ezekiel 34: 1-31.

Sentence of those who are caught:

1st Enoch:

And now I swear unto you, to the wise and to the foolish, For ye shall have manifold experiences on the earth.

2. For ye men shall put on more adornments than a woman, And coloured garments more than a virgin: In royalty and in grandeur and in power, And in silver and in gold and in purple, And in splendour and in food they shall be poured out as water.

3. Therefore they shall be wanting in doctrine and wisdom, And they shall perish thereby together with their possessions; And with all their glory and their splendour, And in shame and in slaughter and in great destitution, Their spirits shall be cast into the furnace of fire.

4. I have sworn unto you, ye sinners, as a mountain has not become a slave, And a hill does not become the handmaid of a woman, Even so sin has not been sent upon the earth, But man of himself has created it, p. 140And under a great curse shall they fall who commit it.

5. And barrenness has not been given to the woman, But on account of the deeds of her own hands she dies without children.

6. I have sworn unto you, ye sinners, by the Holy Great One, That all your evil deeds are revealed in the heavens, And that none of your deeds of oppression are covered and hidden.

7. And do not think in your spirit nor say in your heart that ye do not know and that ye do not see that every sin is every day recorded in heaven in the presence of the Most High. 8. From henceforth ye know that all your oppression wherewith ye oppress is written down every day till the day of your judgement.

9. Woe to you, ye fools, for through your folly shall ye perish: and ye transgress against the wise, and so good hap shall not be your portion. 10. And now, know ye that ye are prepared for the day of destruction: wherefore do not hope to live, ye sinners, but ye shall depart and die; for ye know no ransom; for ye are prepared for the day of the great judgement, for the day of tribulation and great shame for your spirits.

11. Woe to you, ye obstinate of heart, who work wickedness and eat blood: Whence have ye good things to eat and to drink and to be filled?

 From all the good things which the Lord the Most High has placed in abundance on the earth; therefore ye shall have no peace. 12. Woe to you who love the deeds of unrighteousness: wherefore do ye hope for good hap unto yourselves? know that ye shall be delivered into the hands of the righteous, and they shall cut off your necks and slay you, and have no mercy upon you. 13. Woe to you who rejoice in the tribulation of the righteous; for no grave shall be dug for you. 14. Woe to you who set at nought the words of the righteous; for ye shall have no hope of life. 15. Woe to you who write down lying and godless words; for they write down their lies that men may hear them and act godlessly towards (their) neighbour. 16. Therefore they shall have no peace but die a sudden death.


And while they honor their men of flesh without measure their judge has been obtained, how dare they do more for a man of flesh? And when I ask to provide for my chosen one they turn off their ability to hear. They say I have not spoken it until their choice vessels come near. Who are those who give to prophets who have no honor from me? And who are those who give to pastor even while the choice sheep flee? It is those who are rebelling all across the land. Do I smite them with curse upon their wetlands? Do I take my Glory and run it through the house? Or do I leave them to rot inside their buildings while their judgment is being pronounced? Do they not think I have watched and let many years go by? Is not this the season that I wipe my son's eyes? For he long's to see his Bride. And just as a loving father does, I have to make ready his surprise.

Tell me son, where is the pastor who their souls enjoy to the end? Has he seen the colors of my bride? Have he seen the angel call the morning sun up? Or has he seen the moon arrive? Has he seen the workings of my heart? Does he know there is a maze inside? Has he called forth the winds of revelation and done healing in your midst? No they haven't son, these are spirits from the abyss. And who but me can open a door in a room locked and surprise the bridegroo? And who but me can raise the dead of their feet? No-one but me, the Lord of host still speaks. And where are those prophets who control lies with their tongues? I require their lips on my son's feet for they claim to cast down, decree, and declare, calling the four winds to come and yet they have never been there. Can they pass this test son and we will see their power? Which angel controls which wind and where do they sit? Just like I thought, you are no prophets of mine but have been released from the abyss. And where are these bishops who say they are the called watchmen? As the master potter turns the world heads for hell. If they don't repent they will all drop dead and who am I? The one who needs no introduction, the master of the planets and the God of the world. How dare they disrespect my people by claiming what they are not? The judge is here live and  on one accord as Elijah wrecks the houses of sin that man has named after their sons. Are there any challengers who will step forward to fight? Or will you run in fear as cowards of the night. And who are these apostles who say they are the ones that I have sent to the earth? Quick, which river is the anointing flowing out of right now - you have one second! Sorry, times up; you have called yourself falsely and make a mockery of my name and now the Lord will deal with you according to the iniquities in your heart; surrender now. False prophets/apostles embarrass yourself before your congregation and call in the help that has arrived or risk embarrassment in front of the world when I expose you for what you are: mere servants trying to wear the king's cloths. Elijah stripped them of their honor and their pride. Watch as they speak in dimensions no one has seen. Surprise! It's I the Lord of hosts. The thief has arrived on the scene. selah

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