Keep your tithes until you see the Bride
The Finances of the church are now being judged

by Dedric Hubbard
September 24, 2010

Psalms 37:25 "I have been young, and [now] am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread"

While in prayer sitting among the trees I saw a vision in which Jesus showed a particular church's finances become ruined and taken by none other than the government. Jesus smiled as this process was forming then the Holy Spirit spoke and said, "keep your tithes until you see the Bride." As I meditated on this brief but powerful vision, God begin to deal with the status of these leaders who have positioned themselves in such a way that many fear and many have been quoted as speaking fear to anyone that would cross them. God's main concern is his sheep and the welfare in which these churches treat those in their congregation from the mega to the mini because of the structure of the churches who don't have God's foundation in place are killing the sheep mentally and monetarily. We must pay attention to Psalm 37:25 in which many quote it in voice but fail to see the spirit in which it is written. When a person commits their loyalty, money, and gifts whether it be known or unknown at that time the church becomes legally responsible for them spiritually, emotionally, and monetarily because they have entered the faith called Christianity in which their father is God. God is concerned that the leaders preach tithing and giving and yet what they give to the sheep is bondage and words the church has failed to meet its monetary obligations to the people as quoted per scripture. For a sheep in need to come to the church and have their hope vanish is not of God for their hope is part of their faith. And when a sheep comes to the church their faith is that they will receive the support they would be looking for but yet they are hit with red tape and the leader’s money hounds the deacons and those that have a sincere need are turned away. Therefore, the money of these churches who have turned away these sheep is in judgement for the Lord is angered as those of his faith turn his sheep around in need and many go to the faith that helps and those are mostly of the Catholic denominations; his wrath has built for they provide without the hassle of Christianity.

And yet the leader that is well-taken care of who is the leader that will forego their own compensation and give it in faith to the sheep that they preach faith to. For faith without works is dead. When a leader reaches a particular position in the peoples' eyes they have to see the faith of the leader (who should be a follower) tried. To preach a faith on the same level is a faith that has been worked, but to preach a faith that is shown at another level speaks life. The Bride structure will consist of prophetic people and they will already know who has needs. Prophetic bridal principals 101: the gift most prophets use to get your money was designed to work to give you money, but because of incorrect teaching most prophets fleece the people instead of blessing the people. That is why when a prophet asks for money it is not of God but of demonic spirits. No prophet should be able to use their prophetic mantle for money for themselves, it's always to bless the people. In seeing someone else blessed, the people in turn bless the prophet. The church has turned away angels in disguise says the lord, for their giving was tested in their season of rest. With that, many should withhold their tithes until they see the bride becoming reality; either in their church or where they see it about to give birth. "Will I be cursed?" Is a question. How can you be cursed if you put away that which is holy until the Lord reveals to give? Which means you are still protected and therefore if a need arises and you need to handle your business, you will do for yourself what the church has failed to do, provide for the body. And yet we see preachers on TV living with millionaire status and the only ones who reap the benefits are their family members. Isn't the church their family also? Was it not witnessing that got them exposure? And yet you can't get rent paid for six months while your leader pulls up in his new Jag and preaches faith. Never put your faith and/or money in a ministry that can't provide for you in your time of need. Those in the clique get whatever they want, there is favoritism in the house of God and because of it God is about to cause a finance freeze and many churches will all of a sudden become target of investigation, declare bankruptcy, and finally shut their doors. The bride will have its choice of buildings for pennies on the dollar, but this time when the government comes they will leave with examples in hand and destroy mega and mini ministries because the finances are how in the hands of the receiver and his name is Jesus. 

Anybody associated with the handling of church finances will suddenly see their own lives personally downgraded because of money. Many will start to lose jobs, house, cars and money for their part in not helping the sheep and the angels in disguise that have visited your ministries. As always, my hands are clean. The blood has been sprinkled and many will be judged; all because of that filthy lucre.

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