Prophetically Pimped

by Dedric Hubbard
March 6, 2010

As I was riding back in this morning the Holy Spirit was relaying this message to me as I listened to gather it in; it fits today's church folks to the letter. Attending a function last night where there was a need to finance a kingdom movement I went with the frame of mind expecting to give moreso than to receive. So as I listened to the challenge of the offering it was doable and feasible in my opinion. The problem is, the people have been pimped so much by prophetic people misusing their office and gifts that they can't discern between a genuine need for the kingdom and a flesh-imposed sermon where the end-result is for you to finance their lifestyle. People who don't understand the spirit of prophets nor how they function are getting duped big time.

So as I walked to give what was asked of me, the word of knowledge kicks in as well as the vision and I can see the people literally sitting on their money and the amount. God said because their flesh didn't move they couldn't give so when a person comes genuinely out of their hearts and asks for something they really are speaking to your spirit and not your flesh. People have been trained for so long by prophetic people whose end result is to pick your pocket in the spirit so they get your flesh moving and in the end they hit the pockets, which means they scan the room in the spirit, pick a common ground to preach on and then commit to fleecing you with words given out of season in the spirit, but right on time to you. The end-result is when there is a genuine need in the kingdom you can't afford because you have been duped by a charlatan which is the plan of the enemy to put you in a position to not to be able to sow into your destiny.

People of God have to realize in this season there are new prophets and pastors coming forth and they are not going to feed your flesh, they are going to kill it. Don't look for feel-good sermons that are flesh induced; they are going to preach and teach holiness and that's not to sound good so hold on to your money if you choose to and wait on a charlatan to make you feel good. Last night was an example of the way the word will be start to be preached from now on unmasked and in your face, so if your flesh is getting fed instead of you spirit there is a high chance you have been prophetically pimped.

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