Here Comes The Calvary!!!
(why are you asleep at the frontline?)

by Dedric Hubbard
January 31, 2012

As I was sitting understanding and planning my movements in the Gospel when the Holy Ghost spoke and said, "here comes the calvary." He mentioned that come February the main leaders of this dispensation will come to a platform and places of exposure and many shall heed the Gospel that they release. The Holy Spirit states that many who have been called to awaken the church, people, and the world are still worshipping dead things, whether it be people, traditions, places, or prophetic words that many have left who have already passed on to the afterlife. Because we who are living are still hanging onto those things that are dead, the Holy Spirit states that most people will receive a confirming word and never an instructional word for they are communicating with familiar spirits. They are breathing death into things God is bringing alive. Every new move of God always starts at the bottom or ground floor and works its way up. Many are listening and being fed confirming words through people on major platforms. So many who God is calling to wake up are asleep following familiar spirits and name-brand people, networks, websites, and religion. Therefore, he has no choice but to pull prophets off of their assignments of laying down the foundation of The Bride to begin awakening the church, people, and the world. We live in the time when many are looking up to people and individuals for words and God  is waiting on you to release what he has in you. The calvary will consist of the boldest, most powerful and most vocal people who hear his call. Thereby many who were called to start new ministries will now have the evangelical anointing placed on their lives and will look for people to partner with to spread the awakening. Do not despise who God releases for this mission because it will be judgment upon many who have been called to awaken the people but can’t do it due to worshipping familiar spirits. Many will begin to leave churches to find and connect with this anointing because God has released an apostolic gathering anointing; people will hear one message, read one revelation and look for the connection and ways to connect. There is a glorious move happening in the Spirit in which a gathering anointing always comes with a release anointing. Don’t despise or grieve the Holy Spirit when you have the urge or word to leave a city, church, state and/or community because you are being drafted for the awakening army of the Lord. God will begin to awaken and release people in unfamiliar and out of the way places because the main-stream gospel has the major cities and markets locked solid with religious money. Therefore, just as the early disciples when you see a grass-roots movement of like-minded believers begin to be seen the Word of the Lord will be in the midst as the movements begin, Holy Spirit says to pay close attention to the State of Kentucky. For one group will awaken the people with the word and revelation and a group will come out of Kentucky with the power and demonstration of God. When these groups meet it will cause many to take note, for the home-based ministries have been the most powerful in this state, releasing an apostolic anointing upon individuals who will begin to form the bridal foundation. No one will be looking to control this move but all will immediately understand their roles. Many will take note and see that they have been following and listening to familiar spirits and instead of building their ministries they will have to reassemble and start afresh. Because of this, instead of becoming key leaders they will have to connect in order to be of any importance spiritually. Time to re-evaluate your informational sources, connections, and vision and make sure you won't be disappointed in this dispensation.

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