Nothing is Released
until everything is complete
Part 2

by Dedric Hubbard
May 19, 2010

This morning son I have word for you to say. Tell the people that they have reached a stage in their life that they must mature. I have been holding their hands for too long and wiping their noses clean. Now is their time to manifest who I am to them, for I did signs and wonders because I wanted to show them the power they possess in me and what they are able to do. With that being said, I have turned my head to the wickedness I have seen. I will release nothing from heaven until everything is completed, for who holds the power to say it and it be done? It is those who walk in authority, for the victory is won. Yes, they praise me with double-minded mentality. I see their future and where they go to sleep. I see they do the evils in a temple not made with their hands. They have spoiled my flock with leaders of lies, deception, and trickery all for the sake of pride and gaining riches of this world. They have gotten their rewards now, I will put them to sleep. Where is Elijah? He has fresh meat to put on the table for everyone and he will water it down, because the words that he speaks with may be too harsh for some, but the seal of my approval is about to turn the water to steam. When the Holy Ghost speaks it will set fire to the bone and I will consume anything that's left as judgement before my throne. So who are the prophets that wish to battle? Meet us at the mountaintop and bring your best, for I have a team that will shock the world for at their word people will rise from the dead, and at their word demons will flee the scene. Even in their presence they will begin to shake for their time has come to an end, for nothing is released until everything is completed to the very end.

For I ask those who have placed themselves in charge, by what authority do you do and say what you do? I haven't seen your face before my throne, nor do I see my seal of approval over your life. For you ran where you weren't sent and you have spoken hastily over my people to their demise; all so you can have a plane outside. For now I am about to expose you for who you really are. You are of satan's seed and that plane will not get you far. There is a parable satan’s kids, that you need to learn. I hope your father reveals it to you before it's too late. I am giving you the chance to repent from your past mistakes. I am building a new kingdom of which there will be no end, and it is a number of understanding that this foundation must take place. Did I not make four corners on each ends of the earth and within these four corners I have four outposts? Within these four outposts I have four beasts, four protectors to guard a treasure that has been placed within. The question you have to answer is what are these beasts protecting? Only those with my seal of approval know the answer to this.

Shall we continue? Assigned to these outposts are people I have placed in authority. They are sent ones, not human elected to this place. They are about to be sent forth in groups of two speaking of a new beginning that I have promised my people from the beginning of time. Although they see separately their eyes are as one, but here is the clue. Each one possess the keys to heaven and earth and they understand the dimension in which they were created and the power they hold. My babies are full-grown, now I will turn them loose but only after I warned the world they are here to stay. As I release the angels that hold the wind that has kept them at ease, be mindful they will come like a whirlwind in the form of man, destroying everything man has made. Nothing will stand but my word after the strike. Now I ask the question again, by what authority you do what you do? Now before I introduce the people I have set in place, there will be order my way when this new foundation will be built. I have set 8 people in positions to build according to my standards. If you don't listen to them while they build, drown in the water.

Did I hear somebody say “that ain't God!” Remember Noah and his family, how many were saved? And that's all I need again. I am a God of order and before I will be disobeyed I will destroy everything I created. Now let us finish. Who are these people that I have sent forth this time? Is it someone you neglected? Turned your back on in a time of need? Gossiped about? Hmmm let me see. Vengeance is mine saith me, I will give you a clue I will send my prophets first, but be careful; they operate in a restricted position, my eyes only please. If I the Lord catch you interfering in my affairs, you have to deal with me. Everything starts with these four until I allow them to meet face-to-face. They have the keys to heaven's gates in the words they speak. If you should ever meet them be cautious about them when you meet them for they are empty inside. Pay close attention to their eyes for it may be me the Lord dwelling inside. Be cautious about what you say to the one who is dear to my heart. According to everyone’s surprise that one has been bestowed a special gift of grace, the spirit to judge in my stead. For as the lord speaks so shall it be done.

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