Can You Hear The Roar

by Dedric Hubbard
March 15, 2010

As I sat and listened in the spirit this morning I heard a roar within a roar and as I asked wisdom for guidance I was shown a vision of two lions. One was named Judah; the other was nameless but I knew it represented the devil. So as God took me back to the bastard spirits I realized this is why the revelation was revealed. God states there are a lot of people who are confused and misaligned in the spirit. This is because of the bastard spirit the devil has released and they are assigned to particular group of people in the body of Christ. If one has not built a solid relationship with Jesus and you are confused at this point you are being attacked by one of these spirits. The sound of the lion called Judah's roar is represented by the prophetic voices that God is releasing for this season. Their roar is unity, position, consecration, possession and confidence. Anything other than this is from the enemy but herein is the wisdom of God, wisdom knows the devil is not omnipresent so therefore he has to show all his hand in order to confuse the saints. Like Herod sending soldiers to kill all young boys, as the devil uses the spirits to assault the church the backlash is that because he doesn’t know where God is placing the first strike these spirits will attack the unchurched also. This means God is using the devil's devices against the same spirits and what will drive some out will also drive some in. This will result in the end-time harvest God is looking for.

The prophet's job is to expose the spirits in the body of Christ (if they are allowed) which will result in the acceptance of God's favorite ascension gift. The question remains, can you hear the roar if you have been in church for over 10 years or more and are no closer than your destiny then you were when you started? Chances are you are in a roar that is not of God because the Judah roar should be pushing you closer to your destiny, not farther away from it.

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