Top 10 ways to see if your leader is a m/w of God

by Dedric Hubbard
April 13, 2011

1. Tell them you are going to start your own ministry.

2. Ask them to help you set the foundation of your ministry.

3. Tell them the purpose God gave you for starting your ministry.

4. Tell them the foundation in which your ministry will be built.

5. Ask them for insights that maybe necessary to start your ministry.

6. Tell them you are going to start your ministry at home.

7. Tell them the vision God gave you for your ministry.

8. Ask them to tell you your gifts, and anointings as to stay within your confines in your ministry. 

9. Tell them they are welcome to sit in on your ministry.

10. Tell them the people that you are going to use to help start your ministry.

If they say they have to cover, watch and/or you need to sow into their life, you need to get their permission, and/or they get upset that's because they want your ministry to be a part of their ministry. Because they already understood that your ministry will go farther than their ministry so they want to control and hold you back into their rules of bondage. Which means check please, the service here is horrible. I'll just pay for the water I drank. Only a person with a spirit of pride and control will try to hold a person down or back. Even in the natural parents let their children make their own mistakes. These leaders are men and women of the flesh not of God.

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