The Maker is Shaping the Earth to Resemble Heaven
you have to live it to preach it

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 2, 2010

Had my best out of body experience to date, who am I kidding they all top the previous one, and with that fact God is living up to his promise. I had told him, “Lord if I have to preach this gospel I don't want to ever be bored.” This is not a revelation but a mini-series. It will have warnings, cliff-hangers, villians, heroes, and deaths. All you have to do is tune into the spirit to find your show and failure to flow will stop your flow. There is a place in God where you can go in his kingdom that without a shadow of a doubt you can see them as they see you. Many have not attained this privilege for if they had I wouldn't be revealing what it is here. When you get here if you follow the spirit you obtain the key to what Jesus promised and prepared for you before the beginning of time, and with this key you open the door for your tribe to come in. You can't enter yet however, because you have not finished your course, but you become the prophet, priest, and king of your house in the spirit as well as in the natural. This means you can't possibly walk in kingdom authority and/or operate in heaven and earth until your tribe has entered into their place. You become responsible for your nation of people that are still on earth and need to get to heaven, meaning you become the door because God has given you the key through acts of obedience, faith, humility, and sacrifice. So therefore, God will build you a watchtower above your tribe door meaning you know where you are going when you leave here, but you must also find the others that belong to your tribe.

So after opening the door we sat down for a talk about the plans God has for humans in this end-time, God states that there have been 10 major prophecies that have been fulfilled and revealed through his end-time servants and many of you have treated them just as good readings, writings, and revelations. Many of you have the key and the release to other revelations, but you have been comparing new revelations with vessels of old, and thus it contaminates your spiritual space. Many of you (in fact a lot of you) can't just read any prophetic site that has been around for years by people who have been prophetic for years, because God will reveal the intents of their heart by the surroundings of their words. If it's surrounded by mammon then the heart of their word is connected to it. Now if you continue on when I have spoken not to do this, God will allow you to partially finish your destiny to a point where it will be short-lived because if you want all God has for you then you have to do what all God reveals for you to do.

Now what's my position on this revelation? Because I know have to protect my heavenly nation and find the rest of my earthly nation. I have to draw the line for me and my house where ever you send me that mess that's where I confront that mess with the boldness, fury, and the wrath of a scorned woman. Speak your word the way God gave you and watch it manifest so they can come looking at your website for what's new instead of you running to theirs. What you are doing is feeding a spirit of inferiority and pride making a person an idol whenever your favorite prophet of old confirms a word. The secret is when you run to a person's website continually every day, without praying first for a word for you and/or confirmation you read with your spirit unprotected and you enter into a spirit of agreement with those vessels so when you are in prayer instead of hearing God their spirit searches for what others want to hear and you think it's the word of the Lord, but it's a word of agreement with your flesh. That goes for people that visit my website but the difference is I sound like my spiritual father (Elijah), daddy (God) and brother (Jesus), and my mother (Holy Spirit) which means a word I may release is going to convict, counsel, condemn, edify, empower, equip, identify, teach, confirm, rebuke, restore and renew any word released from a prophet's mouth. It especially must have these 12 points representing governmental authority, but many are use to 4 point and a poem and thus you get either a feel-good message with no conviction or a conviction message that doesn't make you feel good. Prophetic Wisdom 101

So I release this message not for the world but for those who seek understanding, knowledge, and information on what God is doing and how he is moving. The outpouring in Daphne as I look from my high place is a spark for God's arrival. It has set the tone for what God is doing so what I speak has to be accessed with a spiritual mind and then you have to see it from an earthly standpoint. If you can't see in the spirit or have access to certain things in the spirit I will make it plain for those who are in tune. For those who consider it deep that means you are out of place and God is releasing this to call you higher in him. What happens in Alabama in the next few days will send the church into two stages: tribulation and judgment at the same time. In the spirit God is going to nail the plumbline right in the heart of Alabama because of its history. The struggle for gambling is not political nor is it racial and as I look in that direction that is where in the spirit the foot of the cross will be placed. Now we go to the bible: the soldiers gambled for Jesus robe at the foot of the cross. What is happening is the devil doesn't know what God is doing so God is creating diversion in two places. He starts the spark in Daphne to keep the eye off the gambling because some of the main people who gamble are Christians as well as those who oppose it so in the spirit God is telling you to make a choice. Now just the gambling aspect is tied to the anointing God is releasing. Many Christians know who God is and understand God is moving, but they are waiting on the familiar national prophets and pastors to release it. Read my words: it's not going to happen. They will speak a change but they will not know what it consists of. God will try to save them as a remnant to introduce them to a remnant, but most of them have become so prideful and money-hungry that they may not adhere to the move of God. Out of all your old prophets, pastors, and apostles there are only going to be three whom God will attempt to move through, two in Atlanta and only one in Texas. The rest of them will be trapped in a spirit of seduction and manipulation.

Once the gambling is removed out of Alabama God will quickly cover it with a measure of Glory and the atmosphere will change. As I look through the spirit I see most atmospheres in the churches are becoming dim. Now in Birmingham the city must find what God calls the “diamond in the rough.” There are only four in the state that walk in the fullness of God and know his plans. In that state there are only four churches that God has deemed Holy Ground. As I look two are under attack by a spirit of pride. One is in the transition stage and the other is waiting to be birthed for it is stuck in a fear of the power of God. Now which ever one sets up shop first the glory will rest in that place. When it attempts to structure itself as a bridal church this church will then institute 24 hour worship. There are also some other things it has to put in place before this happens. Now from what I see what has happened is people are falling back to what they know and are missing their move of God. When you pray for help from God he will always send his best, looking at the past into the future. The church has been trying to make a spirit submit to flesh, meaning what God sends to help you, they want to control and fit into what they know. In this season a prophet operating in the spirit of Elijah will be the only one you see when you pray to God for help, sign, confirmation etc., some will operate in knowledge, some in power, some in both, and then you have the elite model those who hold the mantle and are called power prophets. Meaning you get the right one he can turn and/or establish a church from the basement of a house to a building in 6 months to a year. These are apostolic prophets, meaning they are the ones that have been hidden in the caves and God is sending them out from his own special garden.

Now we move to Florida. This will be the home base or the refueling station for a season for this move of God. He will establish his 3-4-12 order here, this will be the state where God will release the apostolic anointing to fuel the Elijah prophet oil. God states that he will dwell in this state in the vessel of a person and release the anointing in the atmosphere. When the conference comes Oct 7-10 the glory of worship that will sit on Alabama will shift to Florida and meet the anointing, creating an explosive atmosphere conducive to whatever happens will happen. The dates and month puzzle me in the spirit so I had to make sense. October is a season of revealing, 7 is for perfection, 8 new creation, 9 is fruit of the spirit, 10 is testimony. In the spirit realm speaking from an Issachar anointing God is saying, “I am revealing myself fully in perfection. To start my new creation I will release my spirit completely to those who fear me, for they will walk in my testimony which is the spirit of my son.” The Elijah prophets must attend this conference because it will release the power evangelism Jesus used at the well. So the 3 - 4 - 12 order is the person that walks in this anointing will be in Florida; that's the 3(30-fold) person - the glory of God as a spirit all three Godheads 3 plus 1 4(60-fold) 12(100-fold). God releasing his power in full measure which will represent his authority on earth. Now from where I sit the demonic angels are lined up in Miss. and Louisiana, they are only going to use a few tactics to attack the organizers: doubt, religion, pride and knowledge. Meaning they are going to try these small things to try and introduce the spirit of fear. The intercessors that cover this conference I see are praying a multitude of prayers and this will be how the demons may enter. In the spirit this conference is water and the only thing I suggest they would pray is just the peace of God. When the intercessors all come to agreement and continue to pray peace over the conference God will hear that on the same day. What this religious spirit is doing is trying to get them to pray loophole prayers and the only prayer is peace. Because he ordained it that finishes it and no devil can hurt it. Once he hears the prayer of peace the demons have to run home and get ready to die.

Now how do I stand on this conference? It will be Holy Ground and it is an actual move that will fuel the prophets as well as individual to go get the harvest. I never speak on anything that not in the spirit of God because to bring kingdom down to heaven it must line up in dates, time, sign, and season and this conference speaks all of this and then some. Now as I watch this conference when the intercessors declare peace I can't say this with clarity, because hasn't released it but my common sense tell me that to attend this you will see God move in eternity which means when you see people just stop moving and become stiff. Just holler “take me Lord, I want to see your glory too!”

Now from what I see many of you are praying for the power of God, but when you hear it or see it operate you run like Adam did. A person that you may see that intimidates you and/or you keep at a distance from is in the power of God the church doesn't preach or talk about, and thus your anointing caters to either grace or mercy meaning you are off balance and are not totally healed. These people understand the all-around God, the loving as well as the angry. These people were trained outside of the religious system because God wanted them groomed in caves. You are off-balance because the church has been off-balance by not having the correct foundation and thus they always talked about the love of Christ and not the judgment of Christ at it's fullest. Now you can go to your favorite place of worship if you want to but if there is not an end-time word going on about what God is doing, then you are in sin and it's biblical. Forsake not yourselves together with other believers... If you are an end-time prophet and/or believer I come from the throne room of heaven looking at the fire in the eyes of God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus with a message (let me put it this way) it was so terrifying that God turned his back and wrote it and when each read it they turned their back and I saw them add to it. And Gabriel came, placed it in my hand and told me they said put it on my heart and when it touched my heart I could feel intense heat for 3 seconds. Then they spoke because they had to transfer their fury to flesh because they see the future. Now they said if you are an end-time prophet, remnant, bride, harvest, and you know and speak what God is doing and you have looked at blogs, emails, websites, etc., and yet you continue to go hear words that are out of season to what he is doing, continue to go to places because of friends, fellowships, and obligations to man's religion and he is trying to use and establish you to help build his bride. They will strip you of your gifts, callings, anointings, your family, friends, jobs, houses, cars etc., according to the importance that you weight them in your heart. Then they state after reading this post you would rather not know what they are doing than to speak it and go back into what he is destroying; it means you have no integrity, loyalty, and faith in them or the things of God. Just in case you didn't know, that is the spiritual signal that you send to God. They state that if you know that you have a foundation in God and you remain at a place where you are not recognized as such by your spiritual authority, then you are not fit for the kingdom for letting a man of flesh take what is yours by inheritance. If you have a gift and yet don't understand it or have knowledge then you are in fault because in your spirit God always shows you who has your next assignment, answers, or acknowledgement. God states if you are married and you let your spouse hold you back from becoming all he wants you to be, he will take that from you. God states that before he allows you to turn your back on him, the people that he has put in place to help you, the people that you have rejected that was sent to help you, and those that you avoid that you know that can help you. God states he will let them see you destroyed in your sin while all the time he is taking them upwards for your ignorance. Then God states that the devil chose Job because of what he stood for, meaning you can never keep going to God getting answers and revelations for others, while you sit around and know what they do is wrong. So his trial was if you cherish the feelings of things that he has created more than the creator, he will destroy you and/or take you down to how he feels when you don't cherish him the same way.

Don't give another end-time word, prophecy, confirmation, and you still are a part of what God is trying to destroy or he will take offense to it for you value the heart of man more than you value the favour of God in your life. Me myself personally I'd rather sit at home and preach an end-time revelation to a couch, youtube, or myself then to belong to a religious denomination, meaning you can't preach an end-time gospel and you are not living it. Your deadline is October. You either serve God Hot or Cold but there is no more in-between.

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