Beware the Pseudo Spirit

by Dedric Hubbard
Nov 4, 2010

As I was reading a post and filled with excitement of the revelations that are being released from the Throne (the devil now knows God is on the move) it was then God said “beware of the pseudo spirit.” The pseudo spirit is a false spirit which combines with the cockatrice spirit. It emerges when fully-grown into falsehoods from which you get your false five foundational gifts. This is the spirit in which the eggs are fertilized with the sperm. The sexual activity that takes place to fertilize the eggs comes in the form of pride, jealousy, envy, strife, rebellion, tradition, and religion. Any of these will cause the eggs to hatch and the devil sees nothing he can use as waste. People and especially those who have an Elijah anointing have to be careful as to where they go and who they are connected to. As I was reading the other post about the impartation of mockery God spoke this to me; he said that when a seasoned prophet understands your call if you are not careful they will rape you spiritually and what happens is there is a submission of the anointing in the spirit realm in which they may call out the obvious sin and give you a false sense of deliverance and what happens you are imparted with an Ahab spirit in which you look to this person as one you need in your walk. You then become one who sits in the background working as a spiritual hit man because of your failure to understand the move of God. You criticize everything that is released and yet you want to be a part so you become the weak link in a strong cord until a person with the Elijah mantle sees your deception.

The pseudo spirit is what the end-time false prophets/apostles will emerge from. The prophets that God has released and they don’t understand yet will make up the anti-Christ for many will fail to connect with Elijah prophets because of the sins mentioned above. The pseudo spirit is a dangerous spirit for it will appear on any individual that knows God but fears the changes that he is making; that in itself will and should let you know who the modern day false prophets are. For when Elijah says his prophets have the ability to do 12 and 24 hour prophecies the only ones scared are those who don’t have a true relationship with God. When around Elijah some of spiritual authority need to humble themselves and learn from Elijah prophets. These leaders are the ones that have a problem with humility and submission. So for all your friends who have come with you in unbelief, chances are they are carrying the eggs and looking for you to fertilize them in which the impartation of your speech gives them a portion of your anointing and that’s how they will be able to do false works. Guard your anointing, watch those eggs, watch them impartation, and watch them spirits!!! Kingdom march!!

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