The Pentecostal Papers
The Gospel of Enclosure

by Dedric Hubbard
Thursday, November 25, 2010

We have come to a season which dictates choosing between being comfortable with just being "saved" or choosing to enter into a season of deliverance. Although Elijah's Voice has been silent of warnings and judgements it will now increase in prophecy and knowledge of spiritual atmospheres unknown to those who worship a demon called religion with its platform known as "non-denominational" in which they have introduced a gospel of enclosure. In this gospel of enclosure, everything is centered around the position of "pastor" and many will carry dual foundations they call "titles" to increase their worth and/or prominence to the people (or so they think). These individuals are being used by spirits of pride, rebellion, coveting, unforgiveness, and manipulation in which they feed off the weakness of the people which makes them feel wanted. To keep this feeling they manipulate scripture and spiritual authority to make themselves seem worth more to God then they are. It is that frame of mind they teach a gospel through the law of the spirit in which they introduce laws that have sheep in bondage for they think this man/woman speaks for God and thus they entrapped themselves to a man because of this wayward thinking.

It is here that the plumbline of God is dropped and the pulpit conductors will now come to a knowledge that their understanding of God is limited and all their works have been in vain for they built upon a foundation of sand and not upon the foundation of that solid rock that is stated in The Bible in Eph. 2:20. They have built their barns and display their worth before the world and yet they are now worthless in the sight of God for many think they know God because of the Bible; that's a fraction of what he is and will become. There is a wrath that is here against the pastoral foundation in which you would be better off to sit down and be taught until Jesus comes then to consider yourself the authority in a gospel of enclosure. So as many feast on food of flesh, the dedicated Elijah prophets feast on the abundance of revelation in which God will now slay his enemies who operate in religion. Inside this enclosed building they teach on knowledge of what came but have no spiritual experience to release what's here. They teach a doctrine of enclosed faith, enclosed tithes, enclosed deliverance, enclosed authority, enclosed mindsets, enclosed prophets, enclosed apostles. All this because when they close the Bible they never experience spiritually what they speak naturally for many are speaking lying wonders and words of prophetic dominance but without prophetic power.

It is here in this season that the gatekeeper comes forth, watching seven gates and three tribes. If the gatekeeper doesn't see the blood, you cannot enter into Bridal status. As the Elijah prophets sit in a place of spiritual dominance until the coming of the Lord, anything less than what God has instructed them to protect is considered fuel to the fire. For many are stiff-necked leaders in which they carry a soul of darkness for their treatment of God's chosen and they can only be redeemed in the midst of a prophet's dream. The gospel of enclosure is a modern day tower of babel in which those idols have risen to a height where they must now be scattered and as Elijah calls the fire. They will hear the crackling of flesh burning but will not heed to the warnings of what God will do. As we release a series of utterances of the gospel the pastors preach it is up to the vessels to see the plumbline and to ask God to raise you up so you can see.

The wolves are in the pulpit son pretending to be protectors of my sheep. Shall I not warn them in advance? They are now hirelings unto me. Release my people from the doctrine of deceit. Or shall I loose Elijah like a fire upon the earth and scatter their towers upon the naked Earth? For who at anytime does not fear the Lord's name. Shall I remove their hearts in the midst of their congregations and call them in for sleep? In which they will awaken in the abyss of hell's fiery heat. And who are they who prophecy in spite? Are they jealous my son? Because I don't speak to them at night for the prophecy of spite is music in my ears for the words they release bring tears to my eyes as I laugh at these foolish prophets, for they think they own my mind. Watch as I uncover the root of their rebellion and make it plain before their eyes as I destroy the works of their flesh according to law of Moses. For that is what they preach, hate in my spirit of freedom and yet peace in a bondage of law; is not that what I see being proclaimed? Now is the time, my son. I will release Elijah with a spirit of love and yet he will operate in an anointing of hate for everything they love in their religion will be hated before my throne. When they come to inquire of truth I will send them to inquire to their fathers of flesh in which I then will take their breath one by one until someone gets the revelation my kingdom has come.

Speak to the heathens in their words and in their flesh, spare not their choice leaders. Call them out one-by-one for they speak in doctrine of man's wisdom and their prayers have never left the ground for my eyes are now on the foundation of building my bride. Those who come against my chosen Elijah's of this, make sure your house is in order from the front of your womb. I will require your first-born as in the days of Moses when I hardened pharoah's heart and the same I will do unto these idols who hold choice spots as they defile my land with their worthless sound. They have been dismissed and yet they scream loud like their mother jezebel as the dogs ate her to shreds. Now who wants to be the example to the world that Elijah spirit and his prophets are here to stay? Watch as their heavens fold one-by-one and when you hear the sound of the kingdom, run toward the sun for that bright light is shining in the manger on this day. My son sees a Bride and we shall enter into his place.

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