It's more than American Idol
it's a battle for an open portal!

Elijah vs. The Passive Prophets

by Dedric Hubbard
May 23, 2011

As many of these so-called followers of Christ along with the world get ready for their American Idol, the prophets that are assigned to watch are getting ready for the most intense spiritual battle of the heavens. In this revelation the effects of leadership not seeing in the spiritual is what has crippled the church in operating in the power of God. In learning the bible only with no spiritual revelation, how can you fight these principalities in the heavens if you don’t know where they are attacking and/or setup their demonic nest? In this week's idol, although there is a natural battle the spiritual battle will determine the dominance of the spirit of Elijah anointing. There is an open portal over North Carolina that is now controlled by demonic forces because of the ignorance, arrogance, and prideful practices of the prophets that were assigned to guard this portal. Instead of building the kingdom of God they have built a nimrod palace of pleasure in which they deceive people with their mystical illusions of lies and grandeur, brainwashing and manipulating the minds of people that watch their broadcasts. The worship that keeps the portal open is fed through a 24/7 now satanic prayer and worship museum for everything that is dead to the spirit of God. They have defaced the worship of God and these two satanically-infused leaders of these facilities must repent and/or face the wrath of an almighty God. These are merely the offspring of the so-called “Kansas City prophets” that has dominated the majority of the prophetic and apostolic movement with varying digress of faith and ministries; thus they are merely denominations of divinations.

What is about to happen is that as many watch American Idol in the natural you will see a portal close and reopen in Atlanta, Georgia, for the natural is just a glimpse of what's happening in the spiritual realm. Don't think it strange that the finalists are from North Carolina and Georgia in the finals. The portal has to be closed for two reasons: one because of the demonic principalities that have taken over and allowing the prophets that are in that area to use divination because they have become common with the anointing of God. 2. Because it has a negative effect of the end-time worship that must be birthed out of the idol winner that resides in that state in which she is three years behind in her destiny. Prophecy 101: when a person prophesies to a person and that person's destiny is released through that prophecy, the prophet that prophecied it must leave that prophecy and praise God for using them as the vessel that releases that person into their destiny. When the prophet keeps repeating and/or using that prophecy to showcase a person's life before and after the prophecy that person is making themselves a God and it sends unnecessary demonic warfare. That hampers the next part of that person's destiny because that prophet is using witchcraft as they keep reminding people they are the ones that released the prophecy; it becomes idolatry over an idol. Holy Spirit says the person that is holding Fantasia's destiny hostage will be dealt with by the wrath of God in that her mishaps are not sins of the world as many would think they are coming from demonic forces that comes from that portal that are being used by the prophet that is repeating her rise, to keep repeating any prophecy after it is released and performed is a form of idolatry in which you use one key prophecy to build your ministry.

When this portal opens over Atlanta look for spiritual changes in Hollywood as well as the rap music industry as notables like Taraji, Tyrese, TI and others are laced with a grace of a strong powerful prophetic anointing that will change the scene of television and media ministry. The Major prophets of this dispensation will invade the mountain of media and release a powerful yet gentle stream of Elijah anointing that will begin a flow of kingdom transformation on earth in this move it will be lead and introduced by untapped oil through unknown individuals that will be powerful women that will resemble a woman after giving birth. This will introduce a whole new breed of conviction Gospel that will challenge the salvation of many as they seek real repentance. As many who do not know and may have not seen the prophecy of the judgment starting in the south and in alphabetical order this portal will be used to start judgment in the state of Alabama. Look for concentrated judgment on certain parts of this state as those that have been assigned to watch this portal will be hidden in a veil of protection because they will be released in this season of the no-names. They will be hidden because of the power and sonship anointing they operate in as to not become like the prophets of this past dispensation in which they build mega-ministries unto themselves and gaining a following. This will stop the people from depending upon them for prophetic guidance. These hidden prophets will cause the transfer of the hidden wealth that will be needed to build the Bride away from the world system and they will be independent from everything in the world's economy. In introducing the judgmental disorder to cause order this open portal will signify those who are called to speak for God in which a prophet can’t speak a prophecy past 3 days, an apostle that can’t speak a 24 hour prophecy and/or miracle is not an apostle. This will promote the dominance of the Elijah prophets controlling the prophetic revelation in this season. In introducing the Chaos Theory for human wisdom, these prophets will make a small noise in media but it will signify a big move in the spirit and as such in this season of American Idol it will be the fat lady singing because "the church age" is over.

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