Judgment Sunday
Are you ready to see the Judge?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 16, 2011

Awakened to the useless chatter of a televangelist promising to heal in a manner that pleased his flesh, the Holy Spirit began to speak that he is ready to be tested. The Holy Spirit says that many of today’s name-brand leaders, prophets, apostles and churches has been found guilty of false advertising as they use demonic covenants and tactics to reproduce what many have considered the Holy Spirit operating and speaking for a price. The Holy Spirit of Judgment will, shall, and will be evident on May 22 which is Pentecost Sunday as well as Lag B’ Omer, which means those who have counted the cost of working for God this season will be released in this new outpouring of the Holy Ghost. The judgmental prophets of Elijah will be released in a fury and wrath that has never been seen before in the history of the church. To question their revelations, anointing, authority, or manner in which they speak is to judge the Holy Spirit's qualification to release the truth unto his people. Because you have served many masters and teachers and have allowed them to operate without interference, they have brought shame to the name of Jesus as well as insulted true prophets of God; they will be what the church has sown in the spirit. These prophets of Elijah will emerge heartless but anointed, aggravated but agitated, erratic but educated, terrible but triumphant, seasonal but silent, irrelevant but revelatory, in which many will not see them as the God called prophets of this season because they are not contaminated by man, but are homegrown by God. They come out the caves of religion, churches, ministries, and their own flesh, being sanctioned by God to attack, subdue, and destroy the holds religion has on the sheep operating out of a Luciferian mindset. They will destroy the wisdom, works, opinions and false revelations that man has dispensed into the lives of the sheep.

These prophets of Elijah will spark the jubilee of the land as recompense will be made and paid in full by the Lord himself. Look for the Elijah prophets to become acquainted and assisted by a huge Indian following as well as anybody who has been oppressed by people, in which for lack of revelation that has been Laban-ized. God will equip these Indians with the anointing of this new dispensation and they will begin to speak the judgment of America for their place in the history of the Indians as the Elijah prophets will judge the church for their place in deceiving the people. This will create a domino effect in which as the churches begin to fall under the anointing of the prophets, America will fall under the judgment of the Indians. Before America really begins to be judged and fall, the Elijah prophets and the Indians will do a once over as they tour and preach the gospel in harmony as they make ready the last call. When the Elijah prophets and the Indians become silent they will have disappeared and will be hidden in plain sight as they watch and celebrate the prophecies they released come true. The name-brand and commercial prophets who have repeatedly released revelations and prophecies based on Indian curses, presidential curses etc., will be judged by the Elijah prophets before the coming of God in that many will have accidents that lead to their death in the manner of the way in which they operated. The focus of the judgment of the churches will be determined by the anointing of the prophet called to that said judgment. In the midst of these Elijah prophets will be an actual son of man that will dictate, release, confirm, and change the earth into a living kingdom of heaven. Constantly surrounded by people of the same spiritual authority, they will begin to lay the foundation on which the Bride will be built. Look for tithe-free churches and ministries that will put equipping the people above tithes. They will start as home ministries and as the Elijah prophets build places for them to house these ministries, many home ministries will connect with the Bride’s ministry. Look for these ministries to be operated by the five foundational gifts of the body with the governmental body of the church separate from the operating body. No person’s name will be placed as individual authority, only the name of the ministry. Operating individual and/or self-named ministries without five gifts in charge will be the sign of false gifts operating individually of the Body. The deacons will be replaced by a prophetic group of elders that will operate in a prophetic sense of wholeness in these Bridal churches. Upon completion of the Bride, many will see Apostolic/Prophetic teams that will be assigned to regions, cities, towns, and neighborhoods that will bring the true Bride into the light of the heathens. This will establish the one accord as everyone connected to this team will speak the same words as they are released from the Throne. Many of your name-brand prophets, leaders, and mega churches will crumble, fail, and be destroyed under this dispensation, for none of them will be eligible to operate as leaders but only as servants. Upon them humbling themselves to serve in order to ensure their salvation as we prepare for the return, their mega-churches, homes, and business dealings must be turned over to the Apostolic/Prophetic foundations of these Elijah prophets. All homes/buildings will be destroyed and/or demolished and the land will sit vacant as a reminder of not having built on the correct foundation. The first prophetic judgment released by the Elijah prophets will be the death of those who have failed to keep the Lord’s Supper in proper perspective, as well as those who celebrate Palm, Easter, and Resurrection Sunday in ignorance as they celebrate the start but not the finish of this display of power... and yet those who understand and still have been fasting, praying, and watching our time will be completed as the release of your assignment, positions, authority, burdens for this dispensation will be given to you in full. Judgment Sunday has come.

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