Time to Examine Ourselves and Our Surroundings

by Dedric Hubbard
May 14, 2010

In a restaurant and a little child about age 10 keeps staring and making weird faces at me so I play along for fun. The mother notices and tells the child to turn around, but the child is very defiant. So the child gets up and moves toward me in a threating fashion so I am thinking “what is happening?” By then the eyes open and I see the biggest spirit standing behind the child I have ever seen. The other guys got up to grab the little boy as he ran toward our table; everyone’s looking at the disturbance. By then I recognized the Nephilim spirit which was controlling the child. I thought I whispered to them but the spirit must've yelled it, my friends then grabbed him when he got close. Long story short I love seeing the power of God in action. So now I am getting teased that a 10-year old was about to beat me down.

Insight - As we thought about the incident after getting put out for causing a disturbance we realized something about our lives. What have we been playing, dabbling and doing with things we have considered fun? Only to realize it has come back to haunt some of us. Better yet, what has been controlling us for generations and we have counted it as life, not knowing the reason behind why we do what some of us do? We have reached a point where spiritual sensitivity and enlightenment is a must. Do we understand the authority and power we have in Jesus?

So what was my mistake in all of this?

1. Entertaining without first obtaining. We sometimes tend to embrace something as harmless without checking the spirit behind everything we do ie, the latest fashions, movies we watch, friends, conversation etc. There is a spirit behind everything that occurs in this earthly world. So what decision have we made without first obtaining permission from our heavenly father? People we date, pics all over our bodies, holes everywhere etc.

2. Though fear never entered into my spirit curiosity and excitement did. How many times that we know and recognize in our spirit something is no good for us do we continue to hold on? The girlfriend/boyfriend was lowdown as dirt and we knew they wern't supposed to be in our lives, but the sex was good and the babies here and now they are no good. The alcohol was no good but it makes me forget; now the wreck has happened, one person is dead and I am in jail. The crack, pills, meth was no good but the feeling I got was so good. Now I got a habit and the Lord has to really save me. For some curiosity and excitement have held us down for long enough; you are in a situation to break free.

3. Not taking authority. It amazes me in all this I realized we as Christians love to take control in spiritual matters in and outside of the church, but in our own personal lives we have no authority. Many of us before and after we have known God still lack control in certain parts of our lives, the old mate that still makes you weak, the lifestyle you just have to live, the lie you just have to tell, the gossip that you just have to spread. We are in a season that nothing is to be taken for granted no matter who, what, or how it's presented it must be judged from the inside out. This means spirit first, flesh second.

4. Associates come and go but true friends are forever so as I asked one of my friends why he didn't say anything, because he had a vision of it when we walked in. He stated “God said be quiet and watch you” so as I was thinking before God gave me this revelation as I shared it with them I realized that in order to operate in the fullness of this season's anointing you must know your strengths and weakness because that is where the devil will exploit you. Therefore, you must have a balanced life. Too much strength and he gets you with pride, too much weakness and he gets you with fear. From what I saw we are going to deal with high-level warfare as in the apostle Paul's time. It pays to have people around you who have your best interest in spirit (not “in heart,” because it can be deceitful at times). So I asked God “was this is all a test” and after evaluating it was. Before you operate in your fullness of your anointing you will be tested in the weakness of it. In times past many think that because a person is anointed they have no weakness and when they are preaching, teaching, and prophesying etc., it is God because of the accuracy and power involved. Not always, so that is why the people who are about to be released you will be tested in the balance of your spirit and not your life.

So as it is with me I realized after talking with my friends and God my timing is off balance because I tend to see the good in the flesh before I see the weakness in the spirit. So today's spirit lesson is to judge accurately but quickly. In this season timing is everything.

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