Wrath of God in Non-Denominational Religious Structures
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by Dedric Hubbard
July 15, 2010

“A strong earthquake rattled coastal Chile early Wednesday, the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The magnitude 6.5 quake struck at 4:32 a.m. and was centered about 345 miles south-southwest of the capital, Santiago, near Lebu, according to the USGS. The epicenter was more than 17 miles underground.”

God says this is a three-fold warning from the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost who have come into agreement that we are now ready to destroy the religion of non-denominational structure and the people who are a part of it. For you are neither hot nor cold and to prove I am speaking I choose a country that I made that can represent both for this religion and it's structure; they are neither hot nor cold and the I AM will spew you out of my mouth. And when we strike you will understand that the I AM is not a man but an all-seeing God and whatever I see wrong I will destroy so this one is three-fold in nature but only one message of comfort and hope and that is to my Bride we will hit the road soon, but before we leave I will destroy these characters of so-called Christians who are not in my heart that is why they are afraid when Elijah speaks fire.

So what am I removing this time? I the Lord am removing my grace from the non-denominational race. 6 represents the sin and they have built their foundation on themselves and I gave them five measures of grace in which to build and they have only built on one, the pastor, and give this man and position more honor than they do me says the Lord. And I AM shares my glory with no flesh of the sea, therefore this foundation's position is cursed as well as any and all things they have built with their own demonic assignments. I will send a prophet of rage into this house and destroy everything that does not die, and that which will not die I will slowly decay and that which will not decay I will allow Elijah to burn with fire in the house. I AM THE I AM who stars in center stage. How many times have you said “preach pastor” and he wasn't in my lane? Today I destroy the pastors of your houses who have strayed from the foundation of my home. Like the son I cried unto the prophets to tell you to go home. But the cares of the world you enjoy more than me, now I the lord will enjoy when I put your pastor idols to sleep.

For the time is ripe to bring my bride home, for I the Lord have built her a happy home. The 4 stands for the builder in me, for I have finished work in the house of flesh so that you can dwell. The 32 stands for the covenant that I am reaching out to share to all who take the hand of the man of my bride. The one who has conquered sin in the flesh has arrived and to those who fail to acknowledge the new house, torment in hell is where you will call home for failing to see that the I AM is going to walk in flesh in the midst of my house. The 300 speaks to the children of promise who have left the house of religion and are sitting at home waiting on the fresh wine of promise, so here it comes. 40 is the bondages that the prophets have released, telling you to come out of Sodom before I destroy, but you would rather listen to man than the voice of the Lord. The next one is tricky because it's a combination. Only those who possess the true anointing of Issachar can read my thoughts from the Spirit and be on point. The 5 is the gifts that are left in the house of religion but will not move, you have 5 days to leave or I will burn you too. I am speaking this last time to warn you of the demise, it puzzles me why you want to stay inside. Go, leave, and sit in the place where Elijah's ravens feed. The bird's that speak dirty and look unkept are really me in this disguise. They have been excellent in every area of me, for they are eagles exposing themselves as ravens for they are picking apart the plans of the enemy all with the power of my right hand. They feed water to the thirsty prophet who will have them running for miles. They feed knowledge to the apostles who make them stand erect. They clothe sinners in robes of concealment to understand your soul. One even has something that never has been released for I gave it to him on his birthday while he was sound asleep. The pathway home in his human form so he may return when his work is done. The priestly raven is the one who everyone needs to find. The tongue of the learned is how he speaks his words, as sharp as the razor that he has always kept in his mouth.

So tell me earth, what does Issachar mean? For you call yourselves masters, chiefs, and the anointed so much I am curious to know what your spirit says about my earthly name Issachar, what is it to you. Just a thought, you don't have a clue. Issachar is pronounced: “I Am Is A Character” when spoken from heaven to earth. Do you think I am a liar? Do you think I am a cheat? Do you think I do not see? Do I not say what I do not do? Do I call who I want? Do I ordain who I please? Do you know the levels of heaven to earth and the steps I climb? Then you don't know my character or my voice or the home in which I reside because it has always been that no flesh can come inside. We just allowed you to see what you really are when we removed the veil. Inviting you to come up if you can conquer the sins of the earth and as to this day only the priests of flesh are allowed to come inside, anyone else who dares to come from any other side must pass the brazen altar of Elijah. But be careful, the seat is surrounded by fire and four beasts to each side, for there is a young grown infant sitting on the eagle in the middle of the altar. That watching, listening, and hearing every move you make, even when you whisper. Be quiet in the midst of your spirit when you are talking to me. Be careful what you say because my character does not lie. Touch any of my children in any way and thou shalt surely die. Selah is what I will use in your ear, it means say your peace under your tongue because when I pour out my Spirit to walk in my place, your breath will be the first I the Lord will take. Anyone who doesn't sound like me will die in the form of the leader you chose to follow in the days of the end. I have never seen such evil in all my eyes so therefore, I sit on my throne and allow my sons to manifest and destroy the places they once knew as a child for now they are grown men and we will laugh when the destruction will begin. You won't listen to the prophets who have just left my house with new wine to pour because you are scared of the fire that causes your sin to burn. Even when it sips cold it puzzles your head. To all: Elijah prophets control the rain. If they are not with you, don't release a word: go underground and get some rest. The next time I release you the only words that you will speak is death. Since they don't like judgment, death will be more fun. They will have time to sit in the abyss with fire in their soul and then they will understand the words of judgment I had you to speak. After today in the house of religion the legion of non-denominational there will be no more peace, for I blow a fresh wind of fire to expose and crumble your ground. Watch for the next earthquake, it means the thunders have touched the ground.

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