The Dispensation of Glory
Part 1

by Dedric Hubbard (November 4, 2010)

There is nothing more glorious then to come to a place in God when you don't ask for things he just gives them to you. It takes me back to when I first realized the call of God on my life and told him, "God I'll do it but I don't want no one's revelations, ministry, anointing and I don't want to get bored as others have." Since he has lived up to his end, I'll continue to do mine. Interrupted from sleep for a spiritual experience where as I saw a multitude of things to come (and in the coming months we will release them in order) for nothing was more important to me as when I saw a cherubim for the first time; I understood we had left earth and stepped over into eternity. For when he placed a transparent golden scroll in my hand it seemed or I guess everything stopped as soon as I touched it for I saw the angels speak yet heard nothing. I knew then that whatever was spoken went not into my spirit but my soul. When he finished speaking I heard the Lord say, "good job son." As angels came and stood behind me they began to sing unknown songs while pointing at the scroll. I heard a thunderous laugh that I understood was no more than God himself. I heard a voice say, "close your eyes" and with my eyes closed I saw a bright flash that was so bright it seemed like my eyes were actually open. I then heard my warring angel's voice say "open your eyes." We were standing near a dinner table. As I moved to sit down, I heard the Holy Spirit say "wait" and there appeared the same cherubim which escorted me to a seat (and yet there is more but we moved to share what is important to me).

I sat at the table and opened the scroll and it read The Dispensation of Glory. This scroll contains the nature, times, and places in which God will start releasing his Glory upon the Earth. Now let it be known that as we all know favor is not fair. Don’t take it up with me, find whatever god you serve and ask them. For us who serve the true God we map out our kingdom advancement. This first level of Glory will start to release in mid-November to December. It will first be witnessed in the state of Alabama for three reasons, two are prophetic in nature and the third is that because of favor we have the scroll. There are only two churches that will house the Glory, two churches that will dispense the Glory, one ministry that will usher in and teach the Glory and one ministry that will move the Glory which will be considered as The Ark of the Covenant. Now do I know the names? Yes, but favor isn’t fair. For these churches and ministries to receive this Glory comes with a price of separation and death. Many will have to let go of religious connections, thoughts, mindsets, and traditions all the way in order to get the full dose due you. Some of you may have to leave established places of  worship in order to fulfill the destiny on your lives, which means the church age is about to be over for Brides have to be made. This Glory being released is 1 of 4 that has to happen in order for the Sons of God to manifest fully. The reason some of you have had the urge to disconnect from some and connect with others is because of the prompting of the Holy Spirit. The first dispensing will be done by the Holy Spirit in which he is telling you to get in place, not on your face. Many of you know your time has been up in religion and yet have failed to move because of familiar spirits, religious spirits, prophetic manipulation and of course "pride."

The Holy Spirit will be releasing end-time revelations, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and Elijah teachers who will instruct you (not father you) on how to handle, receive, and communicate in the end-time through God’s Glory. Elijah 101: An anointing, church, degrees, and/or a ministry does not qualify you to receive the Glory of God upon your life. The anointing is nothing more than God’s grace upon your life to show men you have standards of Christ. The Glory is God’s hand, power, and seal in your life, because all are not the same. Even though this will be the first dispensing, many will receive it at different levels according to the work you must fulfill. This anointing will not be released in a religious atmosphere and/or in settings where one person has complete control over ministries and churches. It will only be released by a team of Elijah prophets because they operate under an apostolic anointing to prophecy the word of God. Meaning Elijah has come to set the house in order, one prophet will operate in power, the other in knowledge. Unless you come across an Elijah power prophet and these are the ones that carry the mantle and even they will always get another as a sign of submission and humility because they will understand each other spiritually. There are only 12 in the state that carry the mantle and 8 are unaware for they are in a religious atmosphere. What does that mean? To sheep, when Elijah blows the trumpet you will have to choose between the religions your fathers serve or the freedom God is revealing. Elijah Revelation 101: This anointing will flow from the head down (and pay attention so you can run and tell your pastors who run this show!!). The Glory will start with the ones who understand, know, have the anointing and Glory of what God is doing; those that are connected when they see Elijah mantle moving will pray and ask for their part in this kingdom advancement. They will then either send for or connect with that vessel if needed to ask specific instructions and release anointing and revelations in their lives if God directs them. This means the ones that see the vision of God, work the vision of God and that’s how the anointing flows from the head down. So tell your pastor to flush that revelation, for if they had Elijah vision they would also be releasing Elijah revelations.

This means some of you will have to come outside your walls to receive this dispensation of Glory and that will bring you out of bondage which will bring you out the box and into the real marvelous light. The danger of coming into an atmosphere in which Elijah releases this Glory is that you can’t go back into your religious mindsets, connections, traditions, and churches. Luke 9:62 will apply to every Elijah word from this point on. Elijah Warning 101: To receive teaching, revelation, impartation, interpretation, rebuke etc from an established and known Elijah prophet and go back is punishable by your anointing and Glory being lifted and yet still continue to preach the word of God. And your fate will not be known until the rapture when you find yourself left behind in which many will literally have to die to receive the kingdom.

The 10 Commandment of Elijah:

1. Never argue with sinners; let God’s Glory fill their space.

2. Don’t prove yourself to men when you are already proven by God.

3. Don’t intimidate unbelievers even when they are wrong; let God’s Glory fill their space.

4. Never submit yourself to a foundation that is not Eph. 2:20

5. Never release words in anger; your Glory will carry it out.

6. Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance.

7. Don’t filter your words for feelings. Speak it then tweak it if necessary.

8. No prophetic pan-handling, God knows your needs.

9. Don’t grieve them, leave them. Shake the dust!!

10. Always expect the unexpected.


Many Elijah prophets ministry are about to blast off starting with this new outpouring of Glory. I have been happy to be your tour guide up to this point and now with my new assignment before the Lord, I get to really cut loose. With that being said Jakes, Bynum, Pierce, Price, Olsteen, Myers, Stone can’t teach this and your favorite prophetic websites can’t post this and when you finally understand and/or get the revelation of "why," we just might already be on the 3rd outpouring of Glory. And so as I inspect my new found scroll with excitement and fear, I have become sure that my God is near.

As we laugh at the expectation of these wise men who thought they were ahead, isn’t it like God to release foolishness upon your head. Although your cherub was silent in his speech, he was speaking to the earth through your flesh as I call all those who have been asleep. O watchmen where are you? Have you not warned the people of old and yet Elijah has come upon my people like a thief in the snow. Where were you, did you not hear me in your ear? You have brought my voice to shame failing to protect my people from failure and hurt. Did not the prophet scream they are eating dirt, where are those who say they speak my voice? I require their tongues upon the choicest spot so I can cut it out of their mouths for speaking falsely of me while all the time they were fleecing my sheep. Were they not scared? I will expose the lies they have told. I require all of their possessions from the sheep which they have stolen. I release Ezekiel to combat this den of thieves. Prophecy to those Shepards who have misused my sheep. I require their souls in my hand as I burn their minds into a fiery pit. Yes son they will begin to run as the Glory releases. I will destroy the foundation of man for they have built their houses before they built mine’s.

Tell me son have you every see a house burn in daylight from the wave of my hand? Or have you ever seen a church get bulldozed to the ground under my feet? Have you ever seen a man swallow his tongue while he was preaching the gospel out of his thoughts not mine? O Elijah, where is the fear of my Holy Word? Why are the people comfortable holding their sins. Do they not know hell is earth’s den? Bring my people back to me, cut all cords and release the sheep. Do they not know they are tied with hollow threads, eating from a place where the devils roots go in the ground? O Elijah my prophet, why does the world laugh at me? I have no voice for those I have sent have made a mockery of my name and yet I will give them a space of time to repent. They must turn to you O Elijah and hear their rebuke for they have not spoken of me and yet they have used my name for fortune and fame causing pain to my son’s heart indeed. I will avenge his blood at the price of 3 sparrows upon and take their doves they have painted with wine all because they see in the dark. Come Elijah, have your swords in hand. Awaken Moses for the battle has begun for me to cleanse the house of men as they continue with their false prophets and foundations. Let Moses lead them to the sea and this time I will part the skies and let the whole word see as I bring Enoch to grab their hands and then my chosen remnant will walk with me.

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