Four States to Watch
Skywatch Outpouring Part 2

by Dedric Hubbard
Aug 1, 2010

I enjoy this kind of job. It speaks to the attitude, soul, and discipline one has in Christ as well as a person's attention to detail. When God gets ready to take anyone to another level he inspects their mind, motives, and their heart. When Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah at the top of the Mount he took those who thought they were ready and even when they saw a Holy God the first thing they wanted to do was build altar of stones. Meaning they understood what they saw was Holy even if they didn't hear the conversation, but it was their time to evolve from what they know. In an outpouring of the Holy Ghost in previous years it always happened in one particular place which means those who were just anointing junkies ran there just to get a fill up and return to their life of sin. Now to comment on something that clearly stated I am not finished means one thing, I didn't pay attention to detail. Of course that's our human nature to speak when we don't agree with something, but yet the Bible says be slow to speak and quick to listen. The humbler you become the more you rise and to arrive. First off you don't analyze God, you know God. When God is sending you in a different direction it means that your time hasn't come yet, there is still more work to do in you, or he is trying to teach you something. Anyone who has really developed themselves in prophetic ministry notices when God releases a word he has something for everyone. It speaks his plans, encouragement, his power, his direction, his order, and his name; it should always reflect his name. There will be an apostolic tone which speaks to the order of everything, there should be a prophetic tone which speaks to the nature of it, it should have an evangelistic tone which means it should bear witness to those who it is for, and it should have a teacher tone which means everyone should learn something whether they agree or disagree.

Now I for one know God is bringing the pastoral gift back to him only, for the bride will be lead by the Holy Ghost and therefore I didn't mention it. Which means to read anything I may say or write, you ask God “what is for me” and “what is my plan in this” and if you have your relationship right he will say “do this” or “get ready for that.” Which means to everyone whom he calls his prophets it means “get ready” for it is our time and it speaks to come in and do a self-check on ourselves to make sure that we know every gift under our mantle and how it operates, which person of the God-head called us and what is the platform on which we are to speak, what is the plan God has for personal ministry as well as when he calls me to speak? If we are just sitting around speaking the word and have no plans as to when and where God is placing us we are just stones that sit and put our input in every word, but yet have no solid foundation of where we are in God past our own cities and states. This means we are God-motivated but self-influenced meaning there is another level of dying to do.

There are 3 God-Heads, if God calls you then your sins are just gone instantly, if the Holy Spirit calls you then you are lead through certain trials until you become aware there is a call on your life, when Jesus calls you every time you do something contrary to the word of God and out of place there is a heaviness on your heart that leads you to want to know more about Jesus. When all three call you your life is turned upside down. All three are governmental authority which means there are 36 natures in each Godhead representing the soul, spirit, body, and person of each one. Which means if you don't know which has called you into ministry you will never know which leading and/or word is for you but yet anything a prophet says and/or anyone who preaches the gospel should always lead you toward God in a different perspective or way you have never heard before. It should always point toward him and not self so to refer to ourselves of what position we stand, we heard and or what we believe means only one thing: Some of us have more dying to do until our conversations end not in ourselves but God.

Now what God is doing is strategically creating a circle around the world spiritually like when Elijah went to the top of Mount Carmel. Now most of us know there are 7 mountains and or sins that have built themselves up in religion and when God releases the word for the prophets to attack these mountains he will always start from the strongest and best vantage point and work his way around. Meaning we will start with the mountain of religion because the religious spirit and/or Nephilim spirit that controls religion has his throne positioned over the south. Meaning wherever the spirit that controls the mountain God wants to destroy that is where the fight will start, but because the prophet that has defeated the religious spirit stays in the south that is where the power will be greater. Meaning every time God wants to destroy a giant he will fuel the troops up where there is no hindrance and send them out to destroy the spirits, so it will start in the south and end in the south. Because he is alpha and omega, the outpouring will start by the waters but once they move in toward the heart of the southern states God will begin to build and plant bridal churches that will house or have access to the end-time prophet to equip the remnant and the harvest. In these outpourings some will have to make decisions to minister this anointing full-time and will take those who are spiritually connected and send them out on revivals, tents, conferences etc. So yes it will be nationwide but God wants the fire to start at a certain location, meaning each outpouring will be directed by either one of the God heads. If one starts with God look for the glory of God where anything goes, when called by the Holy Spirit look for words of wisdom, teaching, etc. When called by Jesus look for healing, deliverance, etc. When all three call one just look so camp out because anything goes.

Now the one in Orlando that will be happening God states he called it to be like when the Olympic comes to a state and you have the celebration that what you have prayed for has arrived. So that one was called by all three, but God is wise in that selection because it will line up the bride for Christ return. It's in a season of color, symbolizing the new anointing he is releasing. It's in a season of nakedness, meaning those who want to be covered with his Glory will be covered, those who he is about to send on their destiny will start here. It will have a two-part meaning which means God is dividing. It will be cold in the natural but hot in the spirit, meaning it will be nearing Christ return. You will also have a scripture fulfillment where Jesus states to the disciples about the seasons. Meaning some have not fully been in tune with the spiritual season, but in Orlando God will start the clock in the spirit as to his return. Now people have to understand counterfeits and those that jump on the bandwagon. I state my faith on this statement: if you come to the Orlando outpouring and seek his face like never before and you are part of the remnant bride of Christ God held up two fingers and said that the bride will know where to be when the rapture will happen two years before anyone else and the world will set there clock by that event, all because people paid attention to the movement of the spirit.

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