End Time Marriages and Divorce
and so in the days of Noah....

by Dedric Hubbard
May 28, 2010

Well, getting familiar with this place called Heaven that's accessed through faith. So I sit under the tree called Life and this is the first time I saw a woman; had to make sure it wasn't the devil knowing he has access to places in the heaven so I asked God because she beckoned me and he says “no devil on this level for I watch your back.” We go into a room red in color and on the door it says “priceless.” As I enter in I can't explain it nor will I try for to explain will degrade the experience but I will say “picture perfect.” So she goes inside the room and in the middle of the floor is a chest with the word “treasure” across the top. As she opened it she reached to me and said “here” and placed the paper to my heart. She then smiled and went away. I noticed something; as she walked away without a care in the world she left the box closed and I looked and thought “let me see can I open it” but to no avail. So I remember the keys that God has given me and when they appeared I stuck the key in and it opened the box and an alarm went off and heard God say “son get out of there,” but before he could finish I thought the whole army of heaven was about to kick me out, for the angels protected this treasure chest. For some reason I wasn't scared but wisdom says “you didn't ask for permission to enter the storehouse in heaven. You are a kid and if you don't know you ask God.”

So I leave the room to head for mine and God appears in of all things a pastor collar with jeans and a white t-shirt. I laugh and he laughs too. He points to a door at the right side of a hall, “go in there, I'll be back.” He returns with jeans and a t-shirt and says “son it's time for the talk.” My spirit understood and he taught. It is with that experience I write the following revelation as revealed by my Father:

God explained that the right woman for a man understands the man before he makes the match. It is within the confines of marriage that his seal of approval is stamped, meaning he has given them permission before there was a meet between the two. There are only two keys he says that establishes marriages and they are called (His Way) meaning Here I stand (between) With A Yes, so I listened intently; a child of God getting relationship advice from the father. God says he is the individual force that pulls people together for better or for worse. He says the reason I made women so emotional is because they are walking vessels of knowledge. I pull man's emotions out of him to show him his weakness which means he is nothing without me and he realizes he is nothing without her. So I wished I had a pen but I realized wisdom had already placed it in my heart. God says because of man's inability to wait and hear my voice I allowed divorce and just because I allowed it to happen does not mean I approve of it. It was because of their ignorance to seek me that I let them have what they thought they wanted. You see son, I watched you from afar and when your son made a mistake after 17 years of being faithful and obedient to you I watched you. Did he lie to you? Yes, because I told you but you didn't react, you said “God show me.” Weeks later I showed you and you did not raise your voice; you laughed at him, comforted him, and then explained to him and let it go. That's how I deal with marriages, I laugh and say “it ain't me talking so go ahead” and now they are stuck in the mud. Son a woman's wisdom sets a man free and a man’s authority sets a woman free. The reason she is the weaker vessel is because I made her that way so she can express herself in an orderly way, not out of control. The man has rule over her not in authority but in what he provides for her spiritually. He watches her grow and compliments everything she does for he notices her like I notice my church.

He finds a scripture to fit the change he notices in her spirit and personality and she rushes into my presence to find one to show her appreciation and they begin back and forth with words and scriptures until the passion explodes. He laughed and said “they be stroking!!” So I laughed as God really is just like us in words and deeds, he just uses wisdom to relate to us. Then he got a serious look and pointed toward a wall and a screen appeared and we watched a couple marriages dissolve in the spirit. Pretty soon they will be divorced and she will find a release and he will never be seen for pride has overtaken him, but yet he will live on until he comes to himself. Many have sought man, pastors, prophets for counseling but I am Dr. God Love, for I provide the mates. Many have been tricked and deceived because of people telling a man how to win a woman’s heart and thus deception enters because they didn't seek me first. What Eve showed you, for she is the mother of all living, is that I have women protected by legions of angels for they represent the wisdom of me, but if a man does not consult wisdom how can he think? They are equal in that authority and wisdom must operate in order for marriage to work. So many of my women are shortchanging themselves when all they have to do is ask, for I provide for them like I provide for my church; unlimited when they are in line. I allow them to suffer so they can understand that without me they are nothing as with my church. They have to understand that Mary and Joseph were an example of how a couple can stay together and not have sex physically, but spiritually as she makes changes and she adjusts he notices and opens the bible and finds the verse and she does it, then passion explodes and I reveal to the man a verse and she says “yes.”

“That's marriage son, but at last I was dressed like that in the hallway because the church is in the middle as well as marriages. I am evaluating marriages that have been put together without my consent, authority, or approval and I will divide them for they are being held hostage by pride, emotions, and traditions of men; remember divorce was Moses law, not mine. For this season when I put them together they will last” and he left me with my mouth open. I realized when he left he cut me so fast I couldn't feel the knife. So what have we done to women, men? Because we stroked their ego to access the flesh to get the goods. And what have women done to stroke flesh to access ego to get the goods? All of us have shortchanged ourselves by listening to men who claim “thus said” and “God thus knows.” With that said I know who to talk to concerning any woman, for he holds the key to a woman's heart in his.

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