The Prophetic Promise
the pentecostal papers

by Dedric Hubbard
May 18, 2010

As I sat in the house on last evening I encountered the hooded spirit of death. It pointed it finger at me and left. I then mouthed within myself “you cannot kill, intimidate, or threaten a dead man.” Gal. 2:20 should suffice for this encounter. In these early hours God summoned me for a conversation, but instead of my spirit going up he decided to come down. As I was about to take my prostrate position before the Lord I felt my spirit lift up and sit in a nearby chair and as the cloud got thicker my spirit got weightier. It was in this setting that he instructed me and released to me this prophetic promise and as he finished speaking I felt my spirit lighten. When God speaks you don’t try to understand or remember what is said, the deposits are spiritual. At this point I heard God call two familiar beings, and although I never saw them my spirit connected to who was who. Each one came and spoke to me and as they left I was handed a scroll and the two keys that were upon their necks were also given to me.

It is with that experience that I pen the following revelation, although I will not reveal all that was said nor whom the humans I encounter for the Lord speak to all of us in divers ways. What is important is the prophetic promise that God has spoken over all his creations, including us that are here on earth. One thing my visitors requested is that we stop judging the works of God and the people of God according to our fleshly mindsets. They both expressed that the reason most of you can’t walk in the fullness of God and the power of God is because you have judged spiritual beings in the flesh. We understand the our parents Adam and Eve were beguiled by satan but in your human mind frame when referring to their encounter what you would have done and how you would have done it? What you are going to say or do to them when you get to heaven? Far be it for me to say as they watch your actions, how has satan beguiled you? Have they judged you? In heaven they are praying we all make the right choices and make it to where they are at. You must realize they are still living humans which reside where you are trying to get so when you judge a character in the Bible you are judging human spirits from flesh driven revelations. In order to walk in the fullness of God you must operate in his spirit in order to gain the fullness of the Bible you have to gain the fullness of their spirit.

It is with that mentality many of you have not achieved, accepted, or have access to your prophetic promise. Your focus has been on who is doing what, where they get it from, and how are they able to access the revelations they get. Quite simple they keep their minds focused on Jesus and they are themselves. Many Christians have been taught by leadership they have to look and sound like their leaders before they are allowed to speak, preach, or even be recognized by the congregation. As a result you have many copies but no originals and many are operating in incorrect ministries and anointing because of idolization and covetousness. We have to look at the model that was set before us which is Jesus. The disciples had to look and talk like him because he was God in the flesh and he dwelt among them. It is with that correct example that we created the incorrect practice of modelling a man, woman, or your ministry after another human. This is the effect and the cause for human and ministerial idols. You are to look and follow the example Jesus has set forth and even with that he never told the disciples they had to look and talk like him. He took them as they were. They were all different in gifts, calling, and anointing. There are many people who are out of alignment with God’s purpose because of the lookalike contest and in that contest they become a part of the crime by partaking of and doing traditions and religious things they know are not of God. But to solidify their allegiance to their leader they become a lamb instead of a lion in which they partake of it so they can be licensed. They partake of it so they can have invitations’ to preach. They are selling their soul for gifts that are freely given if you are in the spirit.

The people that God is calling to the forefront have to be different. If you stand alone in your belief in what God is saying then you are covered by the grace. If you waiver between two opinions to be accepted by both then you are covered by the law. Does that make you an outlaw? By no means. It means right is right and wrong is wrong. Your prophetic promise is only activated by your obedience in this season. For who when they are called to battle accepts the invitation but never arrives for duty? It is he who talks about a war that they never been exposed to. God states that many talk about his glory falling but have never experienced it. They have been covered by clouds of illusion for when the glory shows up everything else that is not of God leaves out. For my harsh words and enticing speech I make up for with ease in revelation and humility of release for what man that is elevated by God must again be brought low for human consumption? For it is not with human wisdom I speak, it is with the power that is available to everyone who has set their soul afire to burn everything that is not like God into remnant pieces. So you don’t have a clue what your prophetic promise has for you in this very hour because you haven’t retired from yourself to let God speak into your soul.

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