No Wonder God Is Calling A Remnant

by Dedric Hubbard
June 18, 2010

As I look through many so-called Christian sites, nothing speaks of pure hatred, division, idolatry, and carnal Christianity than the people who call themselves Christians on Facebook. Everyone on Facebook might not like it but I am talking to those who know they are a part of what God is doing, as I am a natural born observer of people and their habits. God's anointing on my life only clarifies and identifies the spirit in which people operate, so as I just look at post, friends, comments, and sayings of Christians before I even ask the question God says that is why it's a remnant. You talk and worship God at will then you're cursing, clubbing, and worshipping the world the next. The sad part of it is, many of you aren't even new Christians but at least 8 years up and still there is no visible changes in some of your lives. Trying to call people out with Bible quotes, and suggested sayings to downgrade, defame, and hurt one another. Then there are the other half of you who are so secretive and manipulative you use friendship and trickery to get them to see and say what others are saying because you won’t humble yourselves to apologize to or talk with the ones who you think may have wronged you. They are going on with their lives and excelling in the things of God while you are still captive to things of the past. And that isn't all, many of you are supposed to be prophets, apostles, pastors, ministers etc., if that is the way you preach I would be ashamed to be a part of any of your congregations. Then you have the nerve to join the most disgusting groups and partake in the conversation therein, and I sit and watch as people verbally assault one member to come to the aid of another. What's wrong with you going to aid of the other and saying "brother what's wrong, how can we help you what you feeling." Instead we want to flex our verbal knowledge of scripture and words, calling each other demons and such and trust to say we bind people's mouths, actions, etc.

And yet we call ourselves Christians and treat one another in this fashion and you better not tell us we are not saved and ain't going to heaven. We want to curse the demon inside you, speaking tongues, call the friend, fast and pray, throw on the worship music but fail to check our own selves. You know the words “quick to listen slow to speak.” Where are the peculiar people, priesthood, kings, prophets? You know, the ones in the Bible you read and know from cover to cover? and yet fail but are quick to call out another's fault. I tell my son all the time, it's not how people treat you, it's how you treat people that God is looking at. Do we honestly think we are going to make it and go to heaven with these deceitful, hateful, manipulative, triple-minded ways? Have any of you actually had a heavenly visit? Do you know how they operate? Well I have. Can you understand what God's love is? It's not seen on this site among most Christians at all. And to prove my point, when you bind and lose something that you have no knowledge of, you are not speaking to God but to satan, and thus you are operating in witchcraft because you speak out of ignorance. To prove my point, if you don't know the fallen angels assigned to the season in which you speak these words, it does no good for you must call them by name in order for the guardian angels assigned to watch them to move and bind the spirit that is causing the trouble. And the angel assigned must know you walk in this authority and that is only done by.... love. So while you get ready to go out for the weekend and wait till Sunday to shout, ask yourself is it worth it? All this war among Christians must stop. Jealousy, hatred, backbiting, idolizing, gossiping. You know who you are, and you think you are getting in heaven with these hidden sins? Can we say it's time to put your gift at the altar and go make it right, because if you haven't, according to the Word you have been giving and operating in vain because you have hidden iniquities in your heart against other Christians. So what's the prophetic insight on all this? I believe God had this man to create Facebook so all Christians and the world can see how the church really is worthless. If you are a remnant of any kind do some self-examination, get it right and find you some other remnant to get with, because from where I sit this is ridiculous. No wonder God is calling a remnant, because it takes a real man of God to see through all this mess.

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