Four States to Watch
sky watch outpouring 2010

by Dedric Hubbard
July 31, 2010

Well I have been promoted in the spirit again. Would call myself overseer but then I would be a taskmaster so God decided to call me “Joseph Jr.” My assignment is to follow the flow of the spirit, probably because I can speak gifts in five different offices and can see the counterfeit from the throne room to the bathroom. God is laying a foundation to pour out his anointing and empower the remnant and the bride so I will be a spiritologist, meaning I will check the spirit and see if the movement is the heartbeat of God. To be fair I was shown the AO screen in the secret place of God, which means I will see the strengths and weakness of each movement and the connections that need to be made to further expand the move of God. So since I just got the assignment I am a little late but have all the information. If I lose you, inbox me for clarification.

God always speaks to order to bring disorder in line when it has got out of the will of God. The church is in disorder and must be brought to order before the bride assembles at full tilt. God states that the world, church, and earth need to be cleansed from the bottom up because many have moved too far to the left when it comes to the things of God. Standing in a spiritual position in heaven as God points down to the earth, there are four southern states that will be significant in releasing, empowering, and igniting the people for a move of God. These four are New Orleans, Birmingham, Florida, and Georgia. The Holy Spirit has expressed questions however, about Texas and South Carolina and it is because of the work he is trying to do in those states; they are doors in the spirit for specific people and ministries. Now in the spirit there are four open portals that cover these states, but because God is a God of order the God-ordained movements will always be close to water, because it represents the anointing. Don't worry about counterfeits because I will sound the prophetic alert and not to make another look weak I would just say proceed with caution and watch the spirit, because no matter what I say that comes from God you have the choice. Now anytime God releases a new mountain to conquer it will start here now you can listen to the others if you want to I know what I see. The new prophets that are operating according to God's heartbeat will always start their movement from these four states and they will move according to the Holy Spirit. A word of warning to the new prophets, I don't care how fast your ministry grows: do not leave the United States until all of what God is saying has covered the US. Take care of home first. If you leave go on vacation and not to preach. In the spirit from where I stand there are strong demonic forces that have retreated outside of the US to watch what happens with this move.

Now I am going to make this statement and if your feelings are hurt go get some ice, there is no conference, no move, no anointing, no nothing that is of God that does not start in these four states. I don't care who is calling what conference. A lot of people have been fired and they don't want to accept the pink slips so they out there and if you still following them you out there too (now go find out what I am saying in the spirit). If it's not starting by the water it's strange fire and then when they try to run (pin stroke: be careful of established leaders calling and want to be a part of your conference because they just want to be a part of the move of God. They don't want no money, they are after the anointing God is releasing so they can make money. Tell them they come worship like the rest but they are not to speak). Masses of people are going to see many of your mega ministries, pastors, prophets, and apostles are being controlled by demonic spirits. I don't care who they are and what state they are in and how many books they have, they should not be allowed to release even one word, not even a sound check. Now in these meetings you are to find your connection, either in ministry or as an individual. God is paring up power and knowledge or two-by-two to send you out to the wolves. If a person because I am late getting this assignment holds a meeting it must be balanced, meaning if you invite a person ask that person who they would like to minister with. This is very important. Because of the nature of the anointing God is releasing there will be a push then a pull (and pull means increase). Never have any more than four speakers because it speaks of God's foundation that he is laying in four states as well as it is symbolic of the release of the anointing. Don't pray for “double that” automatically, pray for what you can handle.

Now in these four states New Orleans and Alabama are going to have apostolic Elijah prophets who will carry the spirit and the mantle of Elijah. Florida and Georgia will have an Elijah prophet operating under an apostolic anointing. New Orleans and Alabama will have the deliverance, Florida and Georgia will have the worshippers. Some of you that are hungry for God will have to travel to receive your impartations and anointing not from man but God because the atmosphere will be saturated with his presence. The previous outpourings have been contaminated because everyone ran to one place. This time God will light fires in different cities and have the devil running everywhere to try and stop it, but we know he can’t be everywhere like God. If you have to call your friend and say “I got gas and we can scrape up hotel fare and/or sleep in the car” you need to get to these places.

Now as I see things develop in the spirit for the future according to the AO screen the outpouring that is happening in Daphne, Al. is genuine. If you attend it will speak your direction, clarity, and renew your relationship with God for more intimacy. I see the healing anointing being present on Mondays and Sundays.

There are going to be two outpourings in Florida in October; one my friend Jeffery is speaking at and the other is Prophet Brain Carn. What I see in the spirit is that the powerful evangelism anointing of Brian Carn that is mixed with signs, wonders, miracles, healing and deliverance will meet the worship at the power and praise conference and that will ignite the oil in the bride. I see then the conference attendees will leave in a fury of the Lord that has never been seen before. The catch is when you need to refuel from the battle you must come back to the water, meaning one of these four states. There is more but I am tired of typing. From what I have seen, the person who had this anointing was still struggling in what's God and what’s not, so I am your host on the Anointing Watch 2010. Now remember it's not about one person, it's the anointing that God graced Brian with so when you get a nations anointing mixed with a 'now' move of God, that anointing is in the spirit of that city and thus everyone becomes partakers; those who are hungry.

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