Titles, Talents, Functions, Foolishness, and Foundations

by Dedric Hubbard
June 20, 2010

My God never ceases to amaze at the lengths, widths, depths, and breadths he would go through to keep his chosen people in the loop. As I was making plans to check on a few friends in the ministry as well as get me a little praise and leave, the Holy Spirit says “not yet.” Feeling kind of down as I sat on the bed I heard the Lord say “watch this” and I was looking at an open vision right in heaven; my thoughts were “this about to be good.” In the vision I saw Elijah about to speak as he was looking and laughing at me and shouted “pay attention” and began teaching about the foundation of the bride. As I listened intently my spirit understood that it is about to get ugly on the Gospel scene:

Titles – People will now have to understand titles are what the world has to rank individuals according to their seniority, knowledge, and power in the corporate world and what has happened in the church is some person has brought that mindset into the church. God does not give titles, he gives gifts unto men. A gift from God cannot be more priceless or valuable than another nor can it be compared to the next because they all were given for specific purposes and reason. With that frame of mind the gifts of the church are apostles, prophets, pastors, evangelist, teachers. They are not listed in order of importance as some would think but they are listed in the manner of emergence to the church. A people can’t learn without these parts of the body. Somehow or another people have been placing themselves in certain gifts and offices gaining fame and fortune while deceiving people with false doctrine, revelations, and teaching because they have been serving unchallenged, unaccountable, etc., and have thousands believing their ministries.

This has been done because of the absence of other gifts in the church that they should be accountable to. In place of God-ordained gifts they have given gifts to themselves in the form of advisory boards, deacons, trustees and such who for the sake of truths have sold themselves out for positions on these platforms. They were picked out of friendship, tithing habits, family associations and my personal favorite “God showed me and told me.” All these principals are not biblical nor spiritual but human wisdomatic practices and why is that? Because if the foundation is not in place to back it up, you are using judgmental practices to fill spiritual offices which will result in judgmental decisions which will hurt more than it would help.

Talents – This title game has caused certain individuals and ministries to gain fame and fortune because the enemy confused the revelation and many have been won over by talents and not Holy Spirit revelation. They have been using their pre-saved talent to learn the gospel and teach you according to their revelations, insight, etc., and if you say one word to bring exposure to this behavior you are labeled as a demon, outcast, or whatever they can think of to call you except a child of God before you questioned their behavior. With this talent they have developed complex schools, theology, and religion, and any other fleshly attributes to get your flesh to approve of their revelation and theatrics including but not limited to your hooping the controlling of your voice through a series of up and downs, wind control effects until you release the spirit of this manipulative behavior and now the congregation says the Spirit fell or “you preaching now” outburst. The raising and lowering of your voice at certain points in a sermon to put emphasis on certain items and points in your 45 minutes of fame. Theology schools and all that it entails are just a man’s way he may have been taught to read the Bible and interpret the scriptures so just because you have a degree etc., doesn’t mean that you have been taught by God.

Shall we forget at 12 Jesus was teaching at the temples which represents how man’s way or theology is not the way to God but inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Therefore you are just being taught by man’s wisdom and the traditions of men. This practice has taught some leaders to perfect (or so they say) the Bible with titles that they have given themselves such as master prophet, teacher, apostles, chief prophet, apostles, bishop, etc. Does this sound familiar chief scribes? People who attend and/or follow the teaching of such people are saying a mere man has mastered the mysteries and promises of God and they are agreeing with them for listening and partaking in their teachings. You cannot and will not master anything God has said and released. To think it and try to do so you are elevating yourself above him. They manipulate you and hook you according to their talent. A highly educated man with degrees and such will use the big words that only the educated will know, but because a spirit of pride is in operation the ones who don’t understand will never or barely admit it because they are keeping up with the Nelsons. Therefore, people are joining ministries based on talent and think it’s based on fruit.

Functions – Now with all that title and talent mess it has caused the church to lose its vision or function from equipping the people to defeating the people by degrading, defaming anyone who does not agree with the status quo. This has led to the church raising one gift to idol status and giving that gift complete control and recognition over everything in the church and that is the pastoral gift. This practice has sent some to superstar status bypassing the rules and definitions set by God and set their own according to members, money, influence, and how many churches they are so-called “covering” and has led them to be called bishops, apostles and such. Which they have developed into this thing called mega-ministries and have bought huge plots of land and have built unto themselves their own spiritual cities; sounds like Nimrod to me! They have allowed the church to function as a one-person dictatorship with a group of like-minded individuals calling the shots with supposedly the church's best interest in mind. This has left the church vulnerable to any individual with a few bucks and a gimmick; you know them in the background. They pay to play on the gospel scene to appear on TV next to the seasoned ministers.

The ones who worked hard for their fame now it’s for sale to the highest bidder, all for the sake of a dollar. Many run and buy their books and CD’s, and sow seeds into their lives for the sake of sowing into their anointing. This has caused the church to function as robots with everyone after someone else’s anointing and no one is asking God for their own. And if that don’t get it 98% percent of the church doesn’t even know what the anointing is, what it consist of, nor the meaning. It's just another word they heard from an individual and now they figure it’s anybody with a revelation, miracle, or a word. The anointing is not common nor does it dwell in unclean vessels so it shouldn’t be a common word. But hey, maybe your theology leaders can instruct you on it when a person is in sin they are not operating in the anointing as you suppose but operating in the counterfeit which is an antichrist spirit.

Foolishness – This has allowed the church to operate in complete foolishness and worthlessness. It foolish thinking that because you are covered by a particular ministry or person you are going in the direction God wants you to go. It’s coveting to want something someone else has when God gave you your own. It’s foolishness to let a person deceive you that just because you are saved and going to heaven that’s the end. It’s foolishness if they don’t teach or preach about the judgment seat, the place you have to pass before you enter into your mansion. It’s foolishness to allow a person to come up with ways to show them you are ready for ministry and God is the one calling you to train and ordain you. It’s foolishness for a man to try and teach you in an area they have knowledge of. It’s foolishness for you to attempt to think that your ministry is going to heaven just because you think you have the best leader on earth. It’s foolishness to think or tell (watch this) your congregation that your church is going to heaven when it is not even operating with the correct foundation with apostle/prophet as the foundation. It’s foolishness to let your spiritual guard down and let everyone put their hands on you.

It’s foolishness to let a prophet speak down to you and you are scared to respond because they are so-called “anointed.” It’s foolishness to think some of you are going to leave this earth and have wronged certain people that have the words of life in this season. It’s foolishness if you think you are going to avoid them. It’s foolishness to think you are more anointed than anyone else. It’s foolishness for you to think that just because you are not where another person is that you are less than them. It’s foolishness for a person to lord over you with spiritual authority to scare and manipulate you. It’s foolishness to sit under a leader for years and know that God has awakened your gift and they have not once spoken to your potential, taught, or mentored you in your gifting or anointing. It’s foolishness for you to be in a ministry that does not cater, equip, or develop what God has given you. It’s foolishness for a pastor/leader in this end-time that does not submit to spiritual authority to think they are heading to heaven. It’s foolishness that a person thinks that just because they have been in ministry for years that means they are called to operate in this end-time movement. It’s foolishness for the church, individuals, and end-time ministries to think they will operate as a bride without the proper bridal attire which is spiritual authority and foundational support.

Foundations – Now finally we get to the good part. In this last section we should understand why God is bringing the church full circle back to his established Eph. 2:20 foundations. This is where earthly wisdom leaves and spiritual wisdom begins and carries you into spiritual authority which leads to a manifestation of the sons of God. Now I warn you if your spiritual father/mother can’t fill in the gaps or explain this to you then they are merely instructors in the faith until they have sense enough to realize they need to be taught. God says the standards of the faith have been raised from mere knowledge of the Bible to the spirit of the Bible for this is how it was written through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. With this being said if you are called to be an end-time remnant, ministry, apostle, and prophet you have to be taught in the Spirit how to work the Word. Not according to biblical theology, religion, and traditions but pure Holy Ghost inspiration and guess what? It won't work unless the end-time vessel assigned to you releases the anointing to activate, equip, and anoint you and/or your ministry. Don’t blame me, God calls it intelligent spiritual design. Many have been teaching the Bible in one-dimension instead of four, the way it was written; you know, the height, width, depth and breadth. Example, to lay a foundation you teach from God’s perspective, to bring a revelation you teach from the Holy Spirit perspective, to heal a hurt you teach from Jesus perspective, to do miracles or bring a bodily healing you teach from all three and it manifests the anointing needed to bring healing to a congregation, person or church.

But in order to make sure you are being healed by God-ordained prophets and/or apostles they must know and understand how and why the world was created, meaning how can you call for a supernatural healing on earth and you don’t possess the 12 keys required for prophetic authority (or the “12 dimensions of creation” for college-educated individuals). God has been allowing grace in order to show himself mighty for the sake of the believers, but for the end-time harvest he must show himself mighty in power and therefore, you must be able to do a right-now miracle or healing. To be a truly sent apostle from God you must possess all 22 keys which is the key of David. It allows you unlimited access to the throne and heart of God. It is in this place where you are given authority, access, and advice from the real spiritual fathers that are mentioned in the Bible, so many of you have instructors and no fathers because your spiritual fathers are actually in heaven (now maybe you can understand why the Bible states to “call no man father”). Now to operate as a son of God you must have all 24 keys, meaning you are walking in the fullness of Jesus himself. Now you can continue faking, resisting, and try to deny the fact that many have been slicked by the enemy, but in order to operate in true end-time anointing you must have knowledge of creation of the heaven and earth, for how can you operate in kingdom authority and you don’t understand the inner workings of heaven and earth? The church won't get access to this information from just anyone until his foundation is in place to handle the nature of the revelations God is releasing. Unless the church realizes the gifts God gave are foundational and only as powerful as they are used in relation to each other, the church is headed for a rude awakening if they continue to operate in the manner that they have.

A prophet can't operate in their anointing until they are instructed and taught in the nature of the spirit world and don't be fooled or intimidated by people who may say that these items don't exist, it's because all they know is how to move flesh and not spirit. A apostle can't operate in heaven and earth and they don't know the nature, name, assignments, and the plans of the enemy. When an apostle is a true apostle sent from God they should have specific information about demonic assignments and their plans, unless they are just a teaching apostle. The church has to understand that you can be prophetic in any gift God has given until you reach the office of said gift which then, if trained properly by God, you move up unless he has ordained you to stay in one area. There are many people operating in offices they say they hold but can't give you infallible proofs of heavenly operations or assignments, just words. It is these people that may be deceived and are operating in falsehoods and witchcraft anointing meaning they will perform a miracle, but it may not be from God. If a person in this endtime season has only words and no knowledge of heaven or heavenly beings, how can they communicate a healing or miracle and they don't know which angel to release? How can you bind up a strongman and you don't know his name is not cancer, diabetes, etc., these are the manifestation of it, not the spirit assigned to it. In this season if you can't operate according to God standards I would recommend you don't operate at all.

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