The Eulogy of a Funeral
Death to the Non-denominational Foundation

by Dedric Hubbard
July 5, 2010

Well, standing in the valley of religion talking with the generals while waiting on the Commander in Chief to arrive to talk over battle plans. One could wonder how a nobody like me can look over in the corner of heaven and see God for who he is (although quite hysterical now for he is laughing at how everyone who thought they knew him more than others never had a clue when, where, and how he was talking to them). Most Christians don't believe that for the past 4 years God has been visiting the world in human form judging the conditions and traditions that the church and the world are in. I am sad to say that it ended yesterday as a symbol that most of you are dependent on each other and church and not him. Many have not seen the fire and the anger in God like I have in the past years and never witnessed him in his actual power or glory; even Jesus is now starting to laugh. Any person or ministry that is built on a religious foundation now must fall, but before that happens God always releases wisdom and understanding before he releases the anointing for healing, in the Book of Life that is kept behind the throne of God it is handed to and read only by those who are found worthy to break the seals. It states the origin and nature of the gifts of the spirit given by Jesus. You have to understand why you must find who you are in Christ. If not, you are just a lost soul seeking answers and never finding them. The five gifts of the spirit were given to Adam and Eve from conception but they were only introduced to four. What the devil did was introduce himself in a position to Eve that was only reserved for God which was the pastor position or counsel, and she accepted information (wisdom) from a source other than God.

Fast forward the and Apostle/Prophet position was introduced by God to inform them of the change in order and the methods in which it will happen. Meaning he laid a foundation and build their past, present and future. He reintroduced the pastor position by using his wisdom to explain the nature of their fall and why they are about to go through hell. Adam and Eve failed to fully tell (evangelize) their story to their children meaning they only got bits and pieces from both parents while the parents were working. As a result Cain committed murder. God reintroduced the evangelism gift to Cain by asking what happened (meaning tell the story). Because Cain refused God marked him and he was forced to evangelize because they would notice the mark and he would tell the story; if not true the mark would bleed until he told the truth. Because the mark was the sign of a cross, representing he had crossed the line to think himself more highly of another in any way, especially in the taking of a life.

The teaching gift was introduced to Abel when he was killed because he didn't realize or understand the cycle of life and the Godhead had to teach him the fault he had in his death, meaning he crossed the line also by failing to physically care for his brother. Meaning both persons have different meanings of the sacrifice, but yet mother and father told different stories finding fault in other actions that led to the fall. Meaning then all gifts were received, taught, and released in the spirit and it had to be done to make sure the truth was told. Fast-forward and Jesus had to come and release the gifts in order for us to build a foundation back to God. Each person living came from Adam and Eve. The gifts God released back to the world are according to the nature of your ancestors relationship with God meaning God took the strongest sin and the strongest knowledge and foundation your people had in him and placed that upon your life. Now the pastor position is the wildcard position in heaven and earth because this is the position the devil used to beguile Eve. This is the only position that the devil uses to transform himself into an angel of light.

Before I go further be advised that I am in the spirit reading from the actual Book of Life transforming spiritual language to love language. The church has to understand the pastor is the only position that likes to control the flow and knowledge that enters and exists the church. This the only position that is intimidated and afraid of real prophets. Therefore, they transform or make themselves into any gift that they think will have the most power. I now am quoting from the book of good and evil and the angel has written this. The pastor position is the most despised not because of the nature of the work but because of the nature in which it was created through false wisdom. People who have a strong pastoral call on their life is usually due to the relationship of their generation. Most of them have perished not knowing the true love of God. Therefore, in order for their generation's souls to be saved from the wrath of God they must try extra hard for they have not really established a connection with God. They tend to be loners and yet want all attention on them. Most of their previous generation from what we have seen are evil and crude people involved in witchcraft, idolatry, and fearfulness. They are among the ones who escaped to the hills of Zoar. They are easily swayed to the hunger and thirst for deliverance but are too afraid to ask. When the time of isolation of desolation comes Daniel will release the revelation to warn the people of the destruction of these vessels, for when a true pastor has saved his generation from the evil of his forefathers (meaning the saving of their souls). God will release the prophetic anointing to identify and encourage specific peoples, gifts and callings. A pastor in my findings that doesn't have knowledge of 90% of their congregation gifts, callings, and anointings are people who are being demonically oppressed.

That's it for now, Elijah has just arrived with the battle plans and his words are “take no prisoners.” Translated in spiritual language anyone who is in bondage to religious traditions is fair game and we will destroy your carnal thoughts, worldly gain, egotistical ideals, and earthy wisdom. Not with your book that you have come to make your god, but with Holy Spirit revelations with pinpoint accuracy and big guns. Neither we nor God care about you pastors, prophets, apostles, ministers, teachers, ministries, lifestyles, and of course your human emotions. Our mandate is soul-saving and freeing the oppressed of religion's rules. Run and tell your bishop, pope, prelate, overseer, coverings, spiritual mothers/fathers they are guilty of sin against the kingdom of God and are slated for destruction. Don't come running up the mountain with your theology degrees, your bible study notes, your “pastor said,” your “I heard,” nor you religious antics, your presumptuous prophets, or hateful apostles. Now we are in the heavens standing in the valley of the church. Joshua has already scouted the land and no church in the entire world can touch an Elijah prophet moving with the spirit of God (did you hear what I said) meaning the world has nothing in a person of this company who is sold-out. Now we are going to blow and clear the foundation out. Moses is preparing to release his anointing on the next company to keep you safe. Now there are only 12 four-star generals in the Elijah Army. Find yourself one and learn to keep your tails from going to hell. How can you tell a four-star general? They carry no tissue, no wetnaps, and no shoulders to cry on. Although they feel your pain they ain't wiping no tears, snot or whatever comes out your nose. They are on the eagles that are designed as stealth bombers. They will be right in your face spiritually and physically because they have the eyes of God, the nature of God, and the power of God. They will never say a word but will hear and see everything you do.

Their objective is not only to talk kingdom like most people. They will talk, explain, show, and activate the kingdom in you because to have one that has not man of God status, but son of God status meaning they are anointed just like their brother which means they are manifesting for the sake of warning. There are only two who are actually moving in that authority and yes they are among the Elijah prophets. How will they operate? They will use the 5-10-15 formula which is standard spiritual talk for 30-60-100 fold blessing. This is how they will preach the kingdom down by speaking to them, meaning in heaven 10 steps to the throne of the Holy Spirit, 5 seats to rest. 10 steps to the throne of Melchizedek, 5 thrones to rest. 10 steps to David, 5 seats to rest. 10 steps to Jesus, 5 seats to rest. 10 steps to the throne room, 24 seats to rest (the place where you find your spiritual father). Ten steps to the feet of God, 5 thrones to rest unlimited. Now this is the pattern that you build to see God; five steps are five foundational gifts. If your church don't have this you all are sinners that just happen to be saved by grace today and most of you have just been going through the motion. God used religion because you as men accepted, thus he built people inside of your crumbling foundation meaning the same snake that he used to bite and heal you will be the same one that he will use to bite and kill you for your worship of a building that you built that doesn’t resemble the heart of God and therefore, must be destroyed.

So what is my assignment today? To warn anyone who attends, teaches, or worships at any edifice that calls itself non-denominational, these are first up for rebuke, correction, instruction, revelation and if all these fail, destruction. Notice there are only five things the Lord has against you because you have failed to align yourself with the gifts of God therefore, you have sinned against heaven and earth.

For everything that you have taught and preached has not been from me. You glory in your tithing and only 10 percent of your teaching is from me. The other 90% is from the fallen angel Lucifer whom you worship. You glory in your pastors and they are leading you astray for you are warned on the day after your womb was closed for you operate independently on your own. You possess a legion of demons, that is why you are called religion for you are a real legion and you don't care how many names you have, only if their attitudes match that of an urn. Burying them in falsehoods and deceitful lies you have been judged and are found wandering in the sky; no connection to my throne, just head knowledge and grace. Today I remove myself and take my spirit away. In your congregation will be chaos and a multitude of deaths unless your pastors surrender and take the oath of death.

Peter's job was not to feed the sheep for he was a wounded soul. I tried to be understanding and was trying to get him to examine his own wounded soul and yet he couldn't get over his emotions for failing to recognize me. So I spoke to his spirit in hope that he would catch on and yet he always had to be a leader in everything he did so he died with his head down because he was still living with the shame of what he did. To the remnant who occupy this religion of non-denominational hype for your failure in not heeding a word of righteous, this will be your fate too. Letting a human stand and teach you everything even those things he has no clue of, that is the sin of arrogance before my throne. Why would I administer different gifts if they were not to be spread? The one who is guilty of this I require his head in my lap for thinking he is God, controlling and manipulating everything in my church. I will set fires in his eyes every time a prophet speaks to end-time truths.


Well my time is up I have to go find some matches. In spirit the term is I had to identify the strongholds in non-denominationalism and destroy them. Tell your friends there is a new sheriff in town and we are administering justice.

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