God States:
that many don't know him past....

by Dedric Hubbard
Oct 14, 2010

Enjoying a friendly discussion about The Secret Place, levels of heavens, kingdoms of God, the depths and levels of hell, angels etc., and one friend asked the question “why don't all believers have encounters such as some? And yet we as Christians all confess the same God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus?” As I meditated upon these things in the early a.m. God spoke and said “many don't know Me past...” It was then God revealed that many don't understand the separation togetherness that they operate in, meaning they are all one body with different authorities working toward one goal: us. Meaning the church should represent the authority that is in heaven. One body, many members; and to those that don't, God says these are the ones that don't know him past that one voice that brought them to the knowledge of God, they don't know him past what that person has taught them, they don't know him past that one building. And that means they don't understand God at his fullness. God states that many don't understand the 12 dimensions of creation in which we were created and as such they have no full power over themselves which many are lacking in their mind, body, and soul and as such they are tossed to and fro by man's doctrine of seen truths and yet denied the truths of the unseen world. For they are those that have sided with the doubting Thomas's of the spirit world and as such 12 represent governmental authority and 12 disciples were chosen by Jesus. Each disciple represented in the natural what God wanted us to know in the spirit; that until you understand the 12 parts of your body which must be completely under control by the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, you operate in limited power.

God states there are those who don't know him past The Bible as we talk amongst each other and they had experiences I didn't know exist as well as I told of ones they didn't know we encouraged one another, that although you might not experience what I may have, as you seek more of God he may show you places I may not see. Thus we did not limit God to his Word but took him past his word for his world is endless and ours has an end on this present Earth, but there is no end in the presence of God. I remember reading of 2nd and 3rd heaven experiences in the Bible. And if those who came before me can have those experiences I told God why haven't I? And then I added faith. The supernatural can never be accessed without faith and thus I learned faith is the key to open the door to the supernatural, but power in God turns the key. And thus we and I realized that because a person doesn't experience and or see what you know to be truth and just because you can't show it to them in scripture (and thus they consider you discredited) it speaks of your faith that makes you whole. For your relationship, authority, and power in God is shown by the revelations he reveals to you, the doors he allow you to see in heaven, as well as the vastness of his kingdom in eternity. Your experiences and encounters in heaven are based on when you begin to operate in your governmental authority, represented by the number 12. If all you can control is your mouth then maybe all you will gain access to is wisdom of God.

If you don't know God past the Bible (which means you haven't experienced some of the things mentioned in the Bible) like one friend said many have put God in the box the shape of the Bible, for they have no experience in him past reading his Word and never really experiencing his Word. Thus they are Bible-box Christians; if they have never heard it or seen it then to them it doesn't exist. I remember telling of a friend who can see and hear tormented spirits. I had knowledge of that but yet I can't see that but as she told me I remembered telling God I don't think I want to see that, but yet my belief in it was there because for anyone who has one good out-of body experience your hunger increases for more of God. So many have hung on to their revelations, experience, and knowledge of supernatural experiences because they have allowed man to box them in the Bible being one of those who has seen the unseen. I encourage you, don't let the world box you in because their relationship is lacking. I enjoy hearing as well as experiencing all God has to offer and on occasions if someone has or talks about an experience I want to encounter, if it's for you God allows you to see it. If not, he gives  you one at or more than you want to see. And to God as he spoke to me to him all he sees is his children finally playing in their rooms with their toys. And with that many have to enter in and see God past his Word and enter into his power. 

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