Elijah calls his prophets underground!
Elijah last words

by Dedric Hubbard
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Being awakened by the sound of my name being called I looked as my warring angel I hadn't seen in a few days passed me a note. Although the note was disturbing, in context it spoke volumes into my spirit. It is here in this letter that I release my final revelations of warning and expectancy in the judgment of God against the church for not following the Holy Scriptures when it comes to the church of God. It is this season that God has decided to go underground and build his Bride in which many who have not received their portion of this end-time outpouring anointing must rely on that voice they hear called “God&rldquo; to establish, equip, and keep them informed of the moves of God. Meanwhile those who know the voice of Elijah will follow the leading of the Holy Spirit as they help Elijah build God's Bride. This is a carefully planned move of God resembling when the church had to go underground when Christianity was being threatened by the Romans. God has already revealed to some that there are only four key people who are equipped to handle this first level of Elijah outpouring which will begin to spread like wildfire. Elijah will be totally responsible for the last two transformations on the earth. As people wrestle with the foundations of God like titles, Elijah will take them from priest to king status in which a person under the Elijah anointing will see behind the veil and get a glimpse of the kingdom of God and begin to walk in that authority. It is within the context of this revelation God confounds the wise and lines up his bride. In a season when everyone is prepared to stuff their flesh beyond the normal capacity it is brilliant of the Lord to call upon the obedient to fast for the souls of the harvest God will be bringing in through the voice of Elijah. 

In this careful demonstration of his power, God has used the wisdom of this world for foolishness in which if you are really carrying the mantle of Elijah and wish to see a mighty move of the spirit God has instituted an “until I say stop” fast. This will confound the human mind in ways that only God and those whom he is calling to the front will understand, for when the Glory begins to pour on December 14th many must be empty to see the one accord the Holy Spirit does with a human body that is dead to the world for real. As we who know our place in this season go underground, not for safety but for teaching the hungry the ways God wants his Bride to operate, it is here that I understand the honor in which God has allowed me to release end-time revelation from “The Pentecostal Papers” to “The Attributes of Elijah.” As he has allowed his revelations through me to travel places I never heard of with voices of joy and excitement as many experienced the fresh wind revelations. In his true form it is not without God to leave people without an in-depth revelation before we close shop. God is battling the demon of religion in which the world must know that God is moving and speaking. In this God does not fight the tail of the battle, he fights the heads of the battle. In the wisdom of God he uses earth's past tragedies to speak future events and because the quality of living is less than what God has for earth, God will judge those who are operating ministry less than what he planned for them because they looked up to another man/women for guidance.

God states the battle of religion will be fought on the mountain of religion in a series of states that have called themselves the “Bible belt.” The peak of the mountain will be in Birmingham, Alabama for its rich history in its so-called Bible history and also the tragedy that is accompanied with Birmingham for the killing of four innocent girls and its racial history. In the wisdom of God the church is in a valley called “mistaken identity” and yet it's spiritual leaders have risen themselves to idol status in which they have all but nullified the voice of the true prophet. Men have taken over as the voice of God and have left the holy prophets and apostles out of the foundation of building God's church. In this state God will use two of his Elijah power prophets to turn the city of Birmingham upside down, destroying the best religion has to offer as they will move in a power and revelatory knowledge that can only be traced back to God. Although they are considered unknown to many, they are well-known to God. In this act of destruction they will also be building to keep the demons off balance. There are five churches and two ministries in Birmingham that will be instrumental to the ushering in of God's Glory. The five churches each operate in one of the five foundational gifts that is stated in Eph. 2:20. Their flaw is that they are unequipped because of their religious beliefs in the pastoral foundation which runs the church. Three of the churches pastors are in a season of promotion to an apostolic office to usher in the work of true apostles. The other two will operate in a kingdom anointing in which they will be endowed with the anointing of the sons of God. The two ministries are walking foundations in which they are equipped to move a church forward in balance. One operates in the power of God which will bring you into the knowledge of God; the other operates in the knowledge of God which will bring you into God's power. One anoints into your destiny, the other points you into your destiny.

As this spiritual battle plays out in Birmingham the state to watch for the outcome is Texas. There are four major decisions that were made in Texas which symbolize the spiritual outcome of this battle with religion in Birmingham:

1. The four girls killed - Symbolize the church killing four established gifts in the church, denying Jesus the ability to reproduce himself.

2. Bible belt - Symbolizes the knowledge of the Bible but failure to understand the Spirt of the Bible and the judgment which comes with it.

3. Racial - Symbolizes the pastoral pride that has risen in which they now have refused to humble themselves to a position that will allow the other gifts to manifest.

4. Poverty - Symbolizes the poor spirits and lack of equipping by the ministries the sheep have submitted to because of a lack of a prophetic voice among the foundational gifts.

The main one that will have an effect that is in the history of Texas is Roe vs. Wade in which a megachurch pastor in Texas will suffer a heavy loss in his congregation which will result in a split and/or tearing away in which he will introduce doctrine of a demonic nature. This will signify the falling away as recorded in the Bible. In Birmingham four churches with ties to this pastor under what they have called a “covering” will be exposed in such a way that I have been instructed not to name, but will be allowed to reveal the revelation when it happens. It is here we symbolize Noah that as many laughed, didn't understand, and were still doing their own thing until the rain came and they begged to enter the ark. Once God tells Elijah to close the doors of the Bride, no-one will be allowed inside as the prophets of Elijah will stand at the door and boldly proclaim “we were instructed by God not to allow any new sons/daughters inside.” That is a sound that many will not want to hear for those outside the ark were still sons/daughters who died in their hardened hearts. If the church, especially a pastor, doesn't allow an Elijah prophet to give and/or send the word of God for their ministry in this season, the blood of those people will be accounted to the hands of the pastor who has taken upon himself to act as the prophet of the house. And all I can say you all don't know God like you think you do. 

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