The gates are open. Find your tribe, get your key,
enter into your promise land

by Dedric Hubbard
Sept 9, 2010

As of 12:18 last night a remarkable event happened and yet it is only known to those who have been given heavenly authority to watch for the Lord, and yet many still watch a man. As God summoned my spirit to stand between eternity and heaven many of our loved ones that has passed on to be with the Lord are just now receiving permission to enter into eternity and thus it will be perceived as having twins for now as our forefathers are being blessed in the spirit we will get our inheritance in the natural. Those that understand that today starts Rosh Hashanah or the day of judgment although there are many other things that are associated with this feast the Lord instructed to highlight this one point that I found during my study of the event that happen last night: 

The Mishnah, the core text of Judaism's oral Torah, contains the first known reference to Rosh Hashanah as the "day of judgment." In the Talmud tractate on Rosh Hashanah it states that three books of account are opened on Rosh Hashanah, wherein the fate of the wicked, the righteous, and those of an intermediate class are recorded. The names of the righteous are immediately inscribed in the book of life, and they are sealed "to live." The middle class are allowed a respite of ten days, until Yom Kippur to repent and become righteous. The wicked are "blotted out of the book of the living forever.” God states that what many will have to understand in the spirit as God has opened the gates, many of your loved ones are being judged accordingly and therefore you may not see them in eternity. Their only hope is their kinsman redeemer, meaning Jesus work is finished and anyone that has passed on it is your mission now to intercede on their behalf and/or right the wrong they have done while on earth. While I watched silently among the elders of the throne as to be familiar with the process to release this revelation today many are being turned away and entering back into what is heaven in what even I thought was eternity but actually is just a resting place before we enter into eternity. As not to communicate the fullness of this revelation for it was told by God not to utter conversations and certain events, but many Christians were lost because of their bible knowledge and yet those who were considered "lower class" are entering in unopposed. I remember reading from the book of wisdom in the spirit that many so-called "saved" Christians would not make it but those of addiction would. Dying and going into heaven with knowledge of the bible I see now is dangerous, and yet those who know of God and yet don't have full understanding were not condemned for I hear God say the church's foundation was not in place. Many who go to places of worship for help were not helped for one man/woman controlled the show out of order for authority was given to apostles and prophets not pastors and yes, many famous and well-known pastors I saw were turned away from eternity's gate. It was from my vantage that my spirit understood they each heard the phrase “I never knew you.”

With that being said today is also The Feast of Trumpets so it is with this revelation that I was graced to see and understand that the warning trump is now blowing through this revelation for many must understand the sincerity of preaching and teaching God's Spell or as we call it the gospel for to preach a life gospel and not a dead gospel assures our seat in the lower places. As I see it many are and will be turned away for consider flesh and blood as spiritual fathers and mothers and yet many practice this tradition by calling pastors fathers, daddy etc. Did not God warn you in his book "call no man father," and yet many have degraded themselves by practicing such acts. However low it may sound, I would rather spit in your face for honor that to call any man my spiritual father. Everything I learned, saw, and was taught was not done through the power of man but through the power and the spirit of my spiritual father Elijah. For what spirit comes to a man in his darkest hour and unfolds the mysteries of the kingdom? Quite simple, someone who has already been there and who has the heart of God. Finding your spiritual father among the elders among the throne is now crucial and critical, for they have to acknowledge you before God for you to be accepted among the 12 tribes of Israel. Many preach a spiritual gospel and yet have not entered into a place where they see their spiritual forefathers and with that they make the same mistake of ignorance when it comes to preaching the gospel. With that being said, this is why the scripture is being fulfilled that the dreaded one must come before the day of the Lord. For God knew their will be a people who will actually speak with the spirit of Elijah.

And what does "dreaded" mean?:

Profound fear; terror.

2. Fearful or distasteful anticipation. See Synonyms at fear.

3. An object of fear, awe, or reverence.

4. Archaic Awe; reverence.


1. Causing terror or fear: a dread disease.

2. Inspiring awe

Which means for years many have been preaching heaven as the resting place and yet I come to tell you that this is not the case. Heaven just stops you from going straight to hell but you still have to go past heaven to enter into the gates and for Judah, Issachar, and Zebulon you and yours are up for . You have seven access points or gates to enter and they are the Dung, East, Ephraim, Essene, Muster, Sheep, and the Golden gate and because the dreaded one stands as watchman over the tribes the gatekeeper knows who tries to enter through the backdoor. With that being said, I leave for starters what you must do to enter in to what God has for you, into eternity, and we start with the Dung gate.... 


(repost from Howard Morgan Ministries)

"The Dung Gate was highlighted as being of particular importance to the healthy functioning of the Body of Christ. I began to understand a spiritual principle. Jerusalem, as a healthy, thriving city was constantly producing dung and, of course, needed to get rid of it. Our physical bodies are also constantly producing waste products. These waste products are the result of a healthy body functioning normally. Every moment we are alive each of our cells is metabolizing nutrients and excreting poisonous waste products into our bodies. We are in fact constantly poisoning ourselves. If we don’t get rid of these poisons, we will die. It is as simple as that. This is why we need organs in our bodies that filter out these wastes and then expel them.

The Body of Christ is the same way. As it functions normally, waste products are produced. Just as our physical bodies, through the process of metabolism, cell renewal and growth, constantly produces poisonous waste products, so does the Body of Christ. As we sit in a church service we are actually physically poisoning one another. We are breathing in each other’s oxygen and breathing out poisonous carbon dioxide. If fresh air were not being replenished, we would kill each other. The same is true in our spiritual relationships. When the Body of Christ is functioning normally, when it is healthy, it will be producing poisonous waste products. When we are in normal, healthy Kingdom relationships with each other, we will constantly be producing poisonous waste products. The question is, how do we deal with this poison that is constantly being produced?

Just as the city of Jerusalem has a Dung Gate, so does the Body of Christ. It is called forgiving and forgetting.

"Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me and I forgive him? Up to seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you, up to seven times, but up to seventy times seven." (Matthew 18:21-22)

"I press on in order that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 3:12-14)

Just as the inhabitants of the city of Jerusalem knew what to do with their dung, so must the Body of Christ. In far too many situations the obvious is not done. How many people have been poisoned by refusing to take their "dung" out their "dung gate"? How many churches have been split, ministries destroyed and lives ruined, all because we did not understand this simple lesson that life so clearly teaches us. Everyone in Jerusalem knew where the Dung Gate was and what it was used for. Everyone who used it simply dumped their dung, and returned to the life of the city. No one stayed in the dung pile, no one brought dung back into the city, or built a pile of it within the city walls. No one talked about the dung, or kept memories of it. The dung was a natural normal part of a healthy existence, but they knew what to do with it. Why is it that so many members of the Body of Christ don’t know what to do with their "dung"?

Why do so many believers collect their "dung" instead of carrying it out of the "dung gate"? Why do they insist on keeping their bitterness, resentment, and offences as a part of their lives? Why do they allow the disappointments and hurts that are common to life to infect them with their deadly poison? Why do they spend time talking about their "dung," calling people on the phone and sharing it with as many as will listen to them? Why do others sit there and let them throw their "dung" on them? Why do people sit around and talk about all the problems in the church and how so many people have failed them? Some do it because it gives them a convenient excuse for their disobedience to the Word. Rather than getting rid of it, they use it to justify their lifestyle and attitudes. Some people don’t want to be healed or healthy; they like being sick or weak. It gives them a ready excuse for their sin.

It is amazing to me how often believers get together and let everyone pile their "dung" into one big pile so that everyone can stare at the huge mound and exclaim how much "dung" there is and how "nasty the pile looks and smells." They share their "dung" stories, retelling once again how much "dung" they have collected over the years, and how really offensive its stench is. Even more amazing is how many people really want to hear about it, asking if there is any more "dung" that they can see, as if what they have is not enough. It is sad how many people only want to hear negative things and are only interested in the sins or failings of others.

Still others want to meditate on their pile of "dung." They spend lots of time thinking about their hurts and the things that others did and said. They should use that time to pray for those who hurt them (Matthew 5:44) and receive from the Lord His grace and love, His healing and mercy. Instead they choose to meditate on the "dung," filling their hearts with bitterness and resentment. We know that they are thinking about the "dung" because that is what they talk about. People who spend time thinking about the Lord and positive things talk about the Lord and positive things.

There are the people who refuse to let the "dung" go out of the church. They do not accept others’ repentance; they do not forgive or forget. They go out to the "dung pile" and bring it back inside the church because they do not want anyone to forget about it. They want to memorialize the "dung," and talk about it at every opportunity, so that everyone will know what happened. Some people have ten, twenty, or thirty year old "dung" stored in their lives and are quick to give you a sample of it whenever they get the opportunity. You might meet them for the first time and they will tell you about something that happened to them many years ago. "Look here," they say, "let me show you some thirty year old ‘dung.’ What do you think of that, have you ever seen such old ‘dung.’ Isn’t it terrible what happened to me?" Some people have had serious poison in their hearts for a very long time, and their lives show it.

Then there are the people who can’t stand it if you are not covered in some "dung." They feel better, or feel justified for their attitudes or behavior, if they throw some on you and get you to agree with them. Did you ever get a phone call that starts, "Have you heard about what happened in such and such church? Did you hear about so and so?" What they are really saying is "Let me throw some ‘dung’ at you." That’s what I call a "dung" call, from a "dung" thrower. Some people have actually become so spiritually defiled that they think they have a "motorized manure-spreading ministry." They have dedicated their lives to infecting as many people as they possibly can. Have you ever been with someone and felt defiled by their conversation, or read a book, or heard a tape and felt similarly defiled? Perhaps now you know why. It is not a very pleasant picture, but one that needs to be seen for what it is.

Every day your healthy physical body produces waste products, and if you are healthy, your body will excrete it. If you start having problems getting rid of your own wastes, you feel it. You need to do something to keep yourself free from your own poisons. In the same manner everyday the Body of Christ produces some "dung" that has to be taken out the "dung gate." Everyday we must repent, we must forgive, we must determine to forget. Everyday the "dung" has to be taken out of the city and left there. This includes forgiving yourself. There are many people who are being poisoned by their own unforgiveness for their own selves. This is a very important and sometimes easily overlooked point. Some people find it easy to forgive others but hard to forgive themselves for their own failings. We must not fall prey to this trick. This same "dung" will poison you just like any other kind of unforgiveness.

One of the characterizations the Bible uses to describe satan is "Beelzebub" (Luke 11:18). This comes from a Hebrew word that means "lord of the flies." Demons are like flies, and flies love "dung." They feed on it, just like demons feed on our negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes. That is why they love to provoke these thoughts and feelings in our lives. It gives them access to our minds and hearts. Once they have that access, they then try to exacerbate these thoughts and feelings in an attempt to exaggerate them and create greater problems than actually exist. By constantly ridding ourselves of the "dung," we are making it that much harder for demons to access our lives. There is much less to attract them to us in the first place and much less for them to attach themselves to. Cleanliness and purity don’t smell good to demons!

We should refuse to fellowship with "dung-talkers" or "manure-spreaders." They are the ones always talking about the failings of others. They are always gossiping about someone else’s sin or how they got hurt. When they begin to talk about their own sin, and repent of it, they are beginning to get rid of their own "dung," and are on the way to spiritual restoration and health. Remember that it is healthy relationships that create "dung." It is natural for healthy relationships in the Body of Christ to create "dung" as the normal process of spiritual growth and maturity. Difficulties, problems, disappointments, offenses, and such are all normal parts of healthy relationships. They are part of life. How we deal with them, how we deal with the "dung" that our relationships create will determine how healthy and strong our spiritual lives will be.

When we make the mistake of thinking that the creation of "dung," the difficulties encountered and produced in all relationships, is somehow wrong or a problem, or even unhealthy, we can choose to avoid relationships in the Body of Christ altogether. This is a major mistake--and a major victory for your enemy. When we isolate ourselves, we rob ourselves of one of God’s primary strategies for working Christ-likeness into our souls. We think that it is okay just to "go to church." "After all," we tell ourselves, "people will just give me problems, and I don’t want any more problems, I don’t want to get hurt any more." This kind of thinking is spiritual poison. It comes from being "constipated." If you are thinking this way, you need a spiritual laxative! Your spiritual constipation is poisoning you. Your soul needs to have the "dung" of negative thoughts, feelings and memories flushed out. The "waste products" of your relationship with the Lord, and the members of His body, must go out the "dung gate." Then you can return to the "city of Jerusalem," healthy and ready for life. You return to active participation in the Body of Christ, ready for the next level of your calling. You return as a stronger disciple: ready, willing, and able to function as you were intended. You have learned a valuable lesson that will last a lifetime. You have learned how to deal with the "dung" that is constantly being created. You are able to enter into new and deeper levels of relationship with God and with His Body. You are able to function in a more mature way because you know how to take the "dung" out the gate and leave it there.

When we get rid of our "dung," we are able to return to the "city," to those healthy relationships in the Body of Christ where we find fresh grace and love from the Head as He ministers to us. We are then in a place where old sick relationships can be dealt with from a positive "dung-free" attitude. Where repentance and forgiveness flow, we can look for ways to bring healing to the relationship. Those who hurt us are not treated with distain but with a necessary caution that tests the fruits of repentance. It is true that some relationships never get restored to former levels of trust, but the hurts from those relationships can be healed, the "dung" removed, and fresh grace for new relationships received.

We can find old relationships renewed, or new relationships established, because we are in a place of cleansing that allows the Holy Spirit to change us and enable us to grow so that we can develop new and deeper relationships. This is the result of forgiving and forgetting. We are in a place where we trust the Lord to establish "nutritious" relationships with other members of the Body of Christ. We do not allow old hurts to control us. We get rid of the "dung" that was produced and are ready to move on to new relationships that can prove to be very rich sources of spiritual nourishment for our lives.

This process of healthy relationships creating "dung"--and then dumping the "dung" and returning for new levels of relationship--is a central part of our maturing as believers. We grow as disciples because of this process. Like the children of Israel in the wilderness there is a fresh provision of "manna" available to us every day. This manna represents the fresh grace and every other provision of the Lord that we need to keep our spiritual life flushed clean and able to function in a normal healthy way. We grow in Christ-likeness because we learn how to forgive and forget and press on in our pursuit of the Lord and His purposes. We meet new people, develop new relationships get new sources of nutrition, and create new "dung". We get rid of the "dung" and return for new encounters. Each time we repeat the process, we grow a little more. Just like our physical body takes in the natural nutrition necessary for health, so our "spirit man" takes in spiritual sustenance necessary for health and growth. Any future "dung" that is created is dismissed easily, and our relationships in the Body of Christ produce the kind of life that God always intended.

The Dung Gate is always open. Are you using it?" [SOURCE]


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