Where Is God's Body? The Church

by Dedric Hubbard
Feb 25, 2010

Astounded and mesmerized as God began to show me the ladders I have climbed to get to where I am, the places that I have visited whether I was well received or not, all of it was a training ground for what God is about to do now. The fact of the matter is after this brief trip down memory lane the question he asked was where is my church? As I pondered because I knew where God was headed with the question, I waited on his response so he could confirm what was in my spirit. God stated that his church shouldn't mirror the world in word, deed, or looks in any way whatsoever. The world has basically taken over the Christians who should be making a difference. Walk into any church there is a 99% chance you are going to see the latest worldly dances, music, and gyration moves that could be labeled as raunchy and world-infused. And their excuse is “we are doing for the Lord.” The next part of this message may be offensive and I say offensive things because whatever offends God offends me, and besides I enjoy saying what thus says the Lord. Back to my point, God says he would like to ask what God are you doing these things for? To those on the slow bus it’s the god of this world not the God of the whole world. God states for you to pattern something in the world and bring it back to his sanctuary is offensive, disrespectful, and idolatrous.

The spirit of perversion and deception has a deep root in you the so called church God states that carnality has killed the power in the church, but yet they walk in authority because the only resemble him through looks. I wonder how many Christians will go in a club and stand in the middle of the room start to speak in tongues, preaching and shouting to the glory of God? None because you wouldn't be there that long, the devil will have you throwed out and banned. The church has accepted the world as a partner in sin; in other words you are co-owners with the devil. How you may ask? The church is the only place I know where every get-rich scheme known to man exists. The Bible states he has given you the power to get wealth but yet instead of waiting before the throne for instructions we launch at what the world has, everything from make-up to time-share clothes to... well, God says the list is too long. We sell and wear there counterfeit clothes, bootleg their DVD’s and yet pay tithes and shout Glory on Sunday all in attempt to be someone who we are not. Sit down heathens. God states he must be worshipped in spirit and truth; there is no truth and benefits in counterfeit and carnality.

We have people in positions of influence with carnal natures and it has spread to the body of Christ like a slow infection that has come to a head and now must be bust asunder so the healing can begin. It reminds me of three visions I had in an order: a picture of an eagles claw in attack mode made out of shining steel (I guess silver), a pair of eyes peering over as looking into the future and the end rolling up as if in movie credits. And I asked the Lord what does that mean? God stated for me to interpret from right to left; because of the spiritual significance in the Hebrew language it is read from right to left because there is greater spiritual authority and revelation from the right then left. Which when the vision was interpreted it means the credits are rolling, the end is near. I have given perfect sight (revelation and authority) to the prophetic which are about to release a sharp word of rebuke to cut through the deep-seated traditions of the church. In other words, the church should be changing from an offensive position to a defensive position if you are God's body. Offensively yours, Prophet Hubbard

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