The Heat Is On

by Dedric Hubbard
May 26, 2010

As I sit in God's high place looking above at his glory while he chats with his Son, I found myself thinking about my journey; how not knowing who I am let alone who God is I recall it was not that bad. A couple bad run-ins with people of no understanding (limited), one wrong turn and the rest was destiny. Who could imagine that God has actual seats and offices in heaven. I would not trade this for anything in the world. As I soaked in the experience of my encounters I saw Jesus had left and God said something I could not understand. All of a sudden two angels grabbed me and immediately I felt weightlessness but I was in control I guess but the closer they brought me to God it looked like the farther he moved, but the redder his eyes got and some there was a hot fire in his eyes and the throne he sat in turned around; the angels put me behind the throne and told me turn right and close my eyes. It was then I felt wind just moving fast and then I was taken and sat down in the chair I believe because I heard God say “don't look back” and then I heard God say “open your eyes.” As I opened them I looked and saw a long silver table trimmed in gold; I don't know where it ended. I then heard footsteps and heavy breathing and Jesus appeared on a white horse on the table with an army of angels behind him. He looked down, smiled and handed me a piece of paper, then turned toward the left and they followed and then God said “tell them don't frustrate the gospel” and I saw fire as if meteors thrown toward the earth. So with that encounter I read:

The end-time prophet

1st Samuel 9:7 “Saul said to his servant, If we go, what can we give the man? The food in our sacks is gone. We have no gift to take to the man of God. What do we have?”

1. Elijah prophets are restoring the old order ordained by God which means they put first things first.

End-time prophets are not allowed to ask for any money of any kind for themselves: if you need a prophet to make known to you the end-time mysteries of God and you send for them, if you desire to give them an offering do so if it's led by the spirit. A ministry, church, or whatever if you send for one in this season you are only responsible for travel, food, and lodging. A true end-time prophet is hungry for souls, not money. Do not!! Do not!! be spiritually manipulated by a prophet with a God-said I need in this season for money. Some prophets have gone astray!! If they tell you they require this amount and that and you are unsure, beware for they have manipulated your spirit. God says that you judge them by their fruit, not people's fruit, spiritual fruit which means you require their blood. In an end-time prophet's anointing there is an anointing to heal on the spot. God's demonstration of blood that a laborer in this season must be worthy of his hire. If they require a fee you require gifts, healings, and miracles of twice that amount.

The Holy Spirit is not tired but God says he is tired of his people being robbed by prophets, pastors etc. Therefore, they sign a covenant of what you expect God to do and if God said for them to ask for $3,000 then if they are moving under God's order they can do that exceedlying, above..... Oh, God if they fail to sanctify God's name in front of the people, then mark them as false and their blood will required at the set time. God says don't frustrate the Gospel.

2. Many churches are falling under judgmental grace and mercy if you inquire of a prophet for end-time revelations that do not speak what you want them to speak. God says judgmental grace and mercy is the leadership admitting they were wrong (humble) and the prophet sees your heart for you represent the people and have failed for false teaching. The prophet will ask of you honor or dishonor, order or disorder; he will then speak the word of the Lord in combination meaning you accept your wrong doing according to what the prophet speaks as he reveals where your ministry went wrong and how to make it bride ready. This cannot be done by your favorite for many have been working in teams fleecing the sheep says the Lord. When they finish and the word has been revealed in love then you present a love offering or a 100-fold return according to your ministry years, 30 x 100. If a personal prophecy is released while the word is given then the authority if led by the Holy Spirit is released for the sheep to sow into the prophet’s life.

3. If a prophet speaks at a gathering, ministry, etc., and the word of the Lord is released and you are a visitor of the gathering and the word of the Lord connects, do not repeat the Word by the method of release and take it to your authority be it an e-mail, webcast, or whatever and if your spirit agrees with the Word of the Lord and your authority does not, pray before the Lord and inquire of what you should do. The end-time prophets anointing are reactive not proactive which means their anointing adjusts to the environment. If you invite an end-time prophet to speak, do not talk to them for more than five minutes or less. Any longer and they access the spirit of the leader and then they inquire and may do the first. Which means if your spirit sends an alert you require a 100-fold on the amount and consistent access to them. An end-time prophet will understand the meaning of wearing them out.

4. If an end-time prophet says he sees and proceeds to speak without your authority in your ministry, tell the Lord you require his eyes without the blood. When that prophet ceases to speak God will have unctioned another to speak, no more than three in that house. If there is no spirit of Agreement within that house the authority requires the blood on that prophet's eyes, meaning if that prophet did see his eyes are blinded and he is required to sit in that house for restoration until an end-time prophet comes to release the judgement of the Lord. Falsehoods will not be overlooked. If the prophet takes him to be restored then he is to be returned to the house of his sin for a 100-fold return according to his deeds.

5. If an authority attempts to operate according to biblical guidelines because of any sin against God strife, intimidation, unforgiveness, that man has is marked according to the spirit of agreement of authority in the house, at that point the Master Shepard will begin dismantling that house because of foundational damage (refusing to submit to the Holy Spirit) by request of the cornerstone.

6. If an end-time prophet judges the word of the Lord according to the iniquities in their heart then the spirit will speak according to the judgement you rendered unto yourself.

7. If an end-time prophet claims he has been sent to you and you did not send for a prophet and requires payment, God says you have his permission to ask for the Glory of the Blood, the highest realm of his Glory. God says this is where Jesus torments you from the belly of the whale for 3 days in which you see your future home. After 3 days you are placed under the altar of the forerunners for rising yourself before death.

Any questions God says ask him for anything you don't understand he is laying it all out in the open. And he will guide you for he states he wants, unity, order, and kingdom movement.

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