What is a Babylon Empire?

by Dedric Hubbard
March 22, 2010

A Babylonian empire in the religious circle is any organization, ministry, church, or people that serves God as their head that has accepted levels, ranks, and titles, or anything that shows that one is more than another. This is the way the world is conducted, paying and giving people homage according to their ranking. This is why their monetary enterprise is imploding not exploding, they are being destroyed by the inside out. God teaches unity and equality, this is why when certain disciples fought over the high place they were rebuked. The only crowns and compensation that will be given which will mean something are in heaven. Therefore, apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers, and pastors who have been using these as ways to lord your spiritual status over someone, you have been mistaken. The Bible says if you are the most you should be servant to all (paraphrase). Anyone who holds these positions and you have been given full control of your church, ministry, organization, you are out of order. God says he gave some these gifts which are for the edification of the body. What that means is that you function in these gifts to build people up, not go on tour to enhance your bank account with the “everybody look at me” mentality. What God is saying is that certain churches will possess all or some of these gifts in a particular church body but they are assigned to the whole body if the church is unified and not divided. The bride that Christ is looking for has all five gifts operating and submissive to one another according to the way the Holy Spirit leads them. If a church doesn't have all these gifts in place these gifts should be able to come to their assistance and not charge them for it. There is nothing wrong if they decide to give a love offering but how can you charge people to come to their congregation to hear a word from the Lord that you have received for free. Can we say “Balaam?”

This is the season where prophets (and no other gift) must take the initiative to get the body in order. Any person with a self-named ministry is considered a renegade in God's eyes because they have taken upon themselves to fulfill their own destiny and they run to where ever someone calls them to. The apostles and prophets of the Bible were led by the spirit of God; some of the ones today are led by the spirit of Balaam. The end-time prophets that God is releasing will have the revelation to deal with the title structure and it won't be pleasant or easy what God is trying to do. Those who have been in so-called “charge” must humble themselves and say “I was wrong this is how the church should operate.” This end-times anointing is mostly being received by small, storefront, and house churches because they are small and committed to truth and as they build their foundations correctly they will grow and the increase will come. Babylon, God is coming after you and if you have not been called to war this season for the church, I wouldn't try to fight. God says he is perfecting those things that concern him so you won't be simply fighting and talking about the individuals, you will be going against God himself. This is one of the reasons that those who function as a prophet this season will be so confrontational. They understand it is God who motivates and drives them, not man.

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