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Is there a prophet in the house?

by Dedric Hubbard
May 19, 2010

Hosea 12:13 “And by a prophet God brought Israel out of Egypt, and by a prophet he was preserved.”
In this particular scripture we understand that a prophet was used to bring Israel out of bondage. It is with this scripture that I will make the following statement: The church is modern day Israel and the church is modern Egypt. So what am I saying? The church is in bondage to the church. It is this thought and mindframe that has kept people and ministries bound. They have adopted ideas, theology, and people to support their wayward thinking. It is with this revelation in mind that God must send a prophet to rescue the church from herself because in its current state it has bought a one–way ticket to destruction.

Malachi 4:5 “See I will send you the prophet Elijah before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes.”
Within these two biblical verses we understand the trust and the power God has bestowed upon the prophetic office. All through the Bible whenever God needed to show himself he sent a prophet, even when it came time to put other prophets in line he sent a prophet. With that said as I stated before we are in a Noahiac timeframe, with a Enoch mentality, operating in an Elijah anointing. If that’s too deep in other words, the days are evil. Some people have such a relationship with God that they walk with him, in and out of his presence at will. Nothing can intimidate them because they have the anointing of God to back them up. The temperament, actions, and relationship of the prophet’s that operate under this anointing is similar to that of Elijah himself. This means they are taunters, they are bold and fearless, and they will stand alone. The presence of one of these prophets is intimidating at first glance, this is none other than the Glory of God on their lives. It is with this order of prophets God intends to restore order, integrity, and honesty back to the prophetic office. It is with that introduction that God wishes to voice his concern to the prophets.

Concerning Prophetic Duties

God states that because of prophets of the past, most people think of a prophet as for confirmation. Although this is one of their duties prophets are used to restore, rebuke, confirm, affirm, activate, impart and release the mind, will, and gifts of God to the people. People must understand there are different levels, functions, and ministries of the prophetic office. What has happened is you have people claiming to be in the office of a prophet because of one unction, you have people who think they are the greatest prophets on this earth and they are not, you have people who have a gift of prophecy and think they are operating in the spirit of prophecy and vice versa.

As the coming prophets inform you of the changes to come, their spiritual authority will be very noticeable. The ease of understanding scriptures with end-time meaning, their attitude of humility and their willingness to help the people. Hence the prophetic battle has arrived as they try to change the mindsets of people about the prophetic ministry. The revelations and knowledge being released may not be revealed by your favorite television pastor, prophet, or your go-to person who you say hears the Lord. Because of the nature and sensitivity of God’s end-time place he is revealing them to people whom he has entrusted with the little, now they will be given the much. It doesn’t mean your favorite person may be wrong it is probably just not their time.

Concerning prophetic offering

1st Samuel 9:7 ….what shall we bring the man? (Paraphrase)
It has been common practice in ministry settings that a prophet be given an offering of sorts and God has no problem with that. What God is concerned about is the misuse and manipulation of his sheep and it is with that concern that God addresses this issue. We must understand if a person is to inquire of a prophet it is up to the person to decide what they give the prophet. What has happened is that some has been elevated and idolized to a point in which they decide how much they get? What they expect? Where they will stay? And then they have the nerves to ask for an offering from the people on top of what they requested for so-called "speaking fees." It is with this frame of mind some have to nerve to call money-lines according to specific dollar amounts. Although I speak from a prophetic point of view, this should apply to all who consider themselves to be a man of God. God's words are not for sale so neither is his servants, if they are God’s servants. When the widow woman recognized Elijah traveled through her area frequently, she built the room. This practice must stop. In every case where a prophet is involved the people made the decision what to do when honoring the prophet; in some cases gifts were turned down. God states he doesn’t want his people being manipulated spiritually anymore.

A prophet has the ability to read the room, in other words they can see and know how much a person has or will give before, after, and while they are preaching the word. How do I know? Because I can do it. When ministering from a monetary standpoint it gauges a prophet’s integrity. Prophets who send their requirements before they accept an engagement are out of order and what they are doing has no scriptural basis. You have been warned. To keep contributing to this practice after the fact you subject yourself to making a person an idol. The stopping of this practice by God will be one way of identifying the false prophets and apostles. It will reveal the spirit of why they do what they do. Many have gone the way of Balaam and money has become their God.

Concerning Prophetic Words

Jeremiah 23:21 “I did not send these prophets, yet they have run with their messages; I did not speak to them yet they have prophesied”
We have entered into a season of the prophetic in which many will begin to tell the real apart from the fake, but because some of the people souls have been permeated and soaked in prophetic witchcraft and spirits, they will not be able to tell the difference. Many will come with messages trying to prolong what God is doing now saying "it’s coming," but if I be who God says I am I assure you that it is already here. Many will claim they are prophets and may be true, but there are certain areas in the prophetic ministry that man may have to instruct you in. It is to these up and coming that I pen this warning: Be aware of the old prophet who claims you have to sit under their ministry for mentorship. Make sure if God sends you to a prophet and/or prophetic school for training that you have been God led. If not you will be spiritual pimped, manipulated and spiritually assassinated. They or the spirit that operates in them is looking for a spiritual connection to the new things of God; in other words they want to scan your anointing and will have you in a certain season longer than necessary. It is best that you make sure that you are trained with one that is standing in the Office of a Prophet and make sure you try the spirit.

What you are looking for is authority. It speaks in words, revelation, knowledge, and power. The depth of these specific items speaks to the value that God holds them to in the kingdom. In addition to being in the office of a prophet, they should hold the apostolic codes or keys to success in the kingdom and this will be very important to finding out the false apostles that are to come. It is during one of my heavenly experiences early in my ministry that I conversed in the spirit with certain apostles who released the understanding of the kingdom. A true person holding the office of an apostle or prophet must understand the manner in which heaven and earth were created, they should understand the 12 dimensions of creation; this is the manner in which the Trinity created the world. The keys to the kingdom operate in sequence and in agreement, for example the spirit of a person must align with the spirit of the Trinity. This alignment causes an agreement in heaven which causes motion. Since heaven does not operate in time what I say, pray, or ask for has to come forth. This same formula operates in reverse on the earth, but it has to be according to time for the earth exists in time and your mind, body, and soul must be aligned according to God’s plan. In other words there are 12 elements of your body that must be aligned to operate in the anointing as the early disciples did.

So what are you saying prophet? I am telling you according to God standards it is part of the believer’s heritage to understand the dimensions in which the heavens and earth were created, for how can you rule and reign over something you know nothing about. Therefore, you must posses the 12 keys to heaven for heavenly authority and the 12 keys of the earth for earthly authority which is 24 for priestly authority. Then and only then will you reign in heaven and in earth.

Finally, a man who will take a stand and have answered the call to go, for who can reveal the Master’s plan with ease and simplicity unless I have told him so? For I hear the whisper and we understand the talk because they doubt your words are true. But, who is a God that can only reveal my heart to those who no longer are alive? For where are the chief prophets and apostles that cry "we are the best" and they are nothing less than the devils spies. For they claim they are binding and loosen things in heaven and earth to the land but I being the creator laugh out loud and sigh. Those fools what are they saying and what are they doing? Do they not know they pray lies and they do it with ease even on their knees begging "Lord God please." I listen to their prayers and their sighs and I try to explain that when they have the keys everything will be fine. So now what will they do when they read what I had you to reveal? Will my people understand the lies the false ones have told? They enjoy sowing into dry ground knowing there is no water for their seeds to grow, all because they don’t want to admit that they have been done wrong. All I can do as a father, son is reveal the secrets and the lies these prophets have told. Now what will my people do? For the Holy Spirit is a revealer of secrets and to discern the intents of the heart and the word that he speaks was meant to cut to the bone. Is there a prophet in the house for this season that will surely speak for the Lord? Or have you been intimidated by mans fringe benefits and you say "Lord I can’t go, not this time." Are you scared of man, he wont let you speak? Has he put fear in your heart? Or do you want to be part of the crowd. To be numbered among the transgressors will not be good this time. For I have called you out of the heathens to make a difference but you say "Lord I am fine, it’s not time yet I haven’t been wronged." It is with this mindset that you remembered I called for you and knocked on your door and you wouldn’t answer. I the Lord beg no one, this is your season and you shouldn’t have been blessed, now you are stuck again.

For have you read my word, I don’t need humans a rock will do just fine, for remember this season I called for you and you were afraid? There is a whirlwind coming to this earth and guess who is inside? The same way he left he returns, Elijah the Prophet is arriving to set the church in order and here is some fatherly advice because I love my children so much: If you don’t have the authority to operate or use my name in this season, stay out of my spirit world for this time I will fight.

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