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New Standards for Prophets

by Dedric Hubbard
Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Isaiah 59:19"So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.";

As per my God, I sat among the elders among the throne in a nice spiritual prophetic round-table discussion. It is of importance that we release the standards for prophets in this coming year. God states the seeds of Jezebel, Ahab, religion, Balaam, false prophets, fired prophets, and presuming prophets has caused a stench in the nostrils of God. It is therefore, that God has seen fit that one of integrity, holiness, and who was taught among the stars releases the new standards for prophets. It is one in which that will separate life from death and ease the minds of those who seek a true and confirming word of the Lord. It is important to note that if many of you have never been behind the throne of God you best seek revelation, for that is where the sealing of the last days take place. In it you will find that you war in heaven and you rest in a place called eternity. October the 1st is a day in which the elders of the throne stand-up and watch as Elijah the Prophet prepares to walk down from heaven and start the process of the end-times harvest. As I stated before, many prophets will sense this as warfare but it will be your last time to check your connections, position, and authority. After that, wherever you are earth has seen no fury like Elijah's wrath. He will stand for a total of 3 days in which he seeks his spiritual sons and daughters to release the angels of assignment unto them.

Elijah states that any prophet of his understands the nature of their work and in doing so the cost of releasing a word in the end-time is bloodline or lifeline; this means Elijah prophets are generational prophets as I released in the revelation (Understanding Elijah Part 2). This means if you are a prophet of Elijah and you are authorized as a mouthpiece of God and you call an assembly in which you release end-time revelations, personal prophecies etc., you are required to put up your bloodline which is your entire generation or your life for that which you speak. In doing so if you speak unworthily your life shall be an example of that which you claim and it will show that you have not been through the process.

Elijah prophets are not allowed to stand before the people and call monetary values among the sheep for this is prostitution in its highest form. If there be an offering it will be up to the spiritual authority in that house which should represent the apostle, prophet, pastor, evangelist, and teacher. If this is not in place, the Elijah prophet will use his mantle for support and it will be a supported sermon which is already given to the prophet before they enter a place. An Elijah prophet cannot request any special arrangements or cause burdens upon the ministry which sends for them. This could include requesting a comfortable room, meals, and if needed transportation to the ministry. An Elijah prophet cannot request a monetary offering to speak. An Elijah prophet always is proven before he accepts anything in the future. Once a relationship is established you can offer them in advance.

Elijah prophets which carry the mantle are considered sons of Elijah and some will carry a spirit of Judgment; this is a gift from God. You can tell by their conversation and if you can see in the spirit there is a purple band upon their left wrist symbolizing a royal judge. Some will carry the wisdom of Solomon as a gift from the Holy Spirit. Some will carry the ability to raise the dead; a gift from Jesus. Those who carry all three operate in a priestly anointing and are sons of God and it is unlawful and blasphemy against the throne to preach, teach, and/or reveal any revelations that are released from an Elijah prophet's mouth for their anointing is self-contained. They will be warned from the throne of God when their words are compromised for it flows from their spirit; in other words you need permission. Gone are the days where people steal sermons off ministers on tv, Elijah prophets will always teach from a realm behind the throne for as I stated they are generational prophets.

An Elijah prophets job is to judge, rebuke, equip, and build the church, ministries, and the Bride of Christ. The prophets are to spare no ridicule, insult, and/or taunts to make known the foolishness of men, religion, theology, etc. For the church has disrespected God for centuries and now they will fear the awesome power and glory of the Lord before they leave this world. A person is not allowed to have dual functions in a church or ministry. A pastor is not the authority, prophet, or spokesman for God or his church. God's spokesman has always been and will continue to be the foundation of an apostle/prophet. A pastor, member, or prophetic whore who reads an Elijah revelation and fails to acknowledge, inquire, change, or seek the prophets for their revelation is counted with blood on your hands. Your ignorance, arrogance, and pride has kept you from informing the people of what God is doing now, for you continue with your preprogramed speeches. In this matter an assignment will be given to the prophet to reclaim God's prized sheep.

There are no end-time Elijah-apostle mantles which some have started and are now saying that they are apostles. This in itself is nothing more than a group of demons assigned to start a mantle with no knowledge for they charge and ask for monetary support. And I state again: Elijah prophets don't ask for any type of contributions. It's common sense that Elijah was a prophet and never received an apostleship so you can't possibly take part in this foolishness. The Elijah anointing comes under an apostolic anointing to prophecy the word of God for the apostle in the Elijah generation was Paul and when a person who has this mantle writes it will reveal this anointing because they will be specific and it always will give life and freshness in a dark environment for they were sent to shed light. The apostolic mantle is only released through Moses and that will only happen when the prophets declare their job is done and the Elijah prophets are the vessels who will release the apostolic mantle upon the end-time apostles. Everything that God is doing flows through Elijah anointing, that is why it's one region, state, and city for it's a controlled anointing. Therefore, be leery of people to want you to pray for global movements. They are familiar spirits trying to find out who is operating in an Elijah mantle at full capacity and where the anointing is located.

Elijah prophets are sin, religion, and man's worst nightmare if these don't conform to the standards of God. The first foundation for destruction is the non-denominational foundation, pastoral foundation, and covering foundation. They will voice the displeasure of God, the remedy of God, and the failure of these foundations. They can't be bought like prophets of old but the catch is when you send for them, don't come empty-handed for you may send for God's ultimate prized possession that sits besides him in eternity, one he calls THE PROPHET which is a vessel that is so-empty his flesh is an open window in which the God-Heads come dwell in him in the flesh and one wrong thought is punishable... Elijah prophets are considered terrorists because anything not of God is open to destruction. Therefore, no co-pastors, no names on God's building and/or any ministry related materials, no house full of 10 year plus ministers. God will judge the church for one year by using one church that resembles the world's views.

Example: Eddie Long was exposed not for his sins to the world but his sins unto God. He represented everything that God wants to destroy. Religion at its finest, a person who has not the foundation of God in place, calling men spiritual father, and using them to cover their ministry when God covers everything, failure to provide for the sheep, and becoming an idol unto the world and people, marketing himself in the sanctuary and not God. Those who understand God's plans for his life have been told by God to pray that he doesn't go to trial, for his destiny is one that has already been revealed in the revelation: and I will reward him with the mantle of Moses.

Now when a well-known comedian dies this will symbolize the destruction of religion's 'Selah' over the church, for you will see the Joktheel or the blessedness of God, however Joketheel in the spirit is translated as "jokers turn heel," meaning the fear of the Lord has fallen on that place and they are scrambling to find the prophets. Understand that it has to be a comedian because of what they represent and the world and church are fools thinking they can run God's people with some joker they call pastor. This prophet position is drawn not anti-pastor, church, etc but I am all souls and anything short of what God requires in this season is an enemy and will be treated with hostile intent and the only love you will get is the warning that you are getting now.

God's says "let his people go," which means if you are a prophet rise to the occasion or float with the fish because that stream you have is dirty. 

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