The 7 Cycles of Destruction
we are not in the 'church age' anymore

by Dedric Hubbard
May 22, 2011

Coming into a level of discipline that only those who are called for this dispensation can understand, there is a checklist of responsibilities that has been written in this season and only those that move with the Holy Spirit will understand. Many will begin to stand while sitting in a realm of authority that can only be resembled through the eyes of those called to operate in that power which has been promised from the beginning of the world. Did you move when God told you to move? Did you separate when God told you to separate? Did you stop sinning when God told you to stop sinning? Did you become what he told you that you are? If not then are you depending on pastor for all your spiritual needs? Are you depending on the church for all your spiritual greed? Are you depending on the government to meet all your natural needs? If you agree to one you agree to them all and you are the spiritual whores in this season which will fall. In 10 days God will release 7 cycles of destruction in that the first shall be last and the last shall be first because God has reached the heart of the prophets who operate in their Elijah anointing. Before he begins to show his wrath on a major scale the church, world, and the end-time harvest must be warned of what's to come.
Thereby there are 7 covenants that all must obey just to enter into the presence of the Bride and as such if you break one you break them all:

1. Jeremiah 11:5 (Agreement) In order to bring the Abraham blessings to the Bride God has given the prophets of Elijah the power to create wealth. In this system of wealth-transfer the anointing of the whole is positioned in one man's soul and the Elijah anointing will create wealth which will surpass that of the two fish and five loaves for they will release the greater-works anointing. They will begin to release a cycle of wealth that will begin to have a direct effect on America’s economy, crippling and setting up the judgment that will befall America. In this agreement the Elijah prophets in a season will enter into a spiritual covenant with the Indians that will allow the spirit of Elijah to operate on a scale that the Indians will be responsible for controlling the weather and the earth. A move that will show the world that God is not a divided God for they will avenge the horrors, wisdom, and cunning that was done to their forefathers in which they will speak the judgment of American soil and will represent all those who have been oppressed by America’s dealings to become the great whore that it is today.

2. Jeremiah 11-15 (Acknowledgement) - God has acknowledged to the Elijah prophets that the church is not representing the Body of Christ and as such God has assigned hitmen who watch certain religious traditions, bondages, and rituals which have become associated with worshipping the Lord. The "church" has allowed known leaders as well as members who were caught in the act to repent on their own terms and not the terms set forth in the Bible. As a result, these leaders walk in a mark of death for they are considered fornicators preaching the word of God. To acknowledge that the Old Testament has passed you are saying that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit never existed. To acknowledge the New Testament only you say the people were never warned. To make New Testament decisions under Old Testament laws you create by-laws that frustrate the Gospel of God. Because of the human wisdom, theology, and religious training that many in religion have received, God has released a sonship anointing to operate in a realm of the Spirit that will defy all human reasoning. Twice the wisdom of Solomon in earthly matters and speaking from the express mind of the Lady Wisdom on spiritual matters. To show the kingdom is indeed on the earth watch for God's hidden weapon surnamed from God called “The Teacher.” This individual(s) will devour any reasoning that is not of God, thereby causing the confusion that will bring judgment into the house of God. This individual(s) will always operate in the Bride's tithe free church in which they will explain the tithe in a manner with which they will release instant wealth upon those who understand the foundation of bringing the people out of monetary bondage to the "church," crippling and destroying their mammon system of wealth.

3. Jeremiah 11:17-20 (Judgment) - The judgment upon the church is so painful that only those who are assigned to speak will know what these leaders are doing. They will blow the trumpet upon many of your choice name-brand prophets, major pastors, ministries, and televangelists because they operate in a covering mentality in which they all look up to a particular person. If the head of that Goliath is revealed if you are connected you need to leave before the prophets chop the head and the Goliath ministry falls. If not and you are still connected when the judgment is announced and the seal is released, you are convicted of being a lover of a man more than a lover of God.

4. Jeremiah 15:1-9 (Death) - God states that anyone who has been operating in full-time ministry for more than 5 years has no right to speak for him in this hour; they are all silenced. Consider cycle 4 the cycle of death in that anyone who prays for God to withhold his hands of judgment, wrath, and punishment from the world and the church will be considered an enemy of God and as such an Elijah prophet that may have been your friend will turn and become your enemy. You cannot be connected to or participating in any religious denomination and be considered operating for God in this dispensation for God's hands are against the church. There are four kinds of Elijah prophets that will be released representing the four pillars of the Gospel that Jesus instituted on earth:

1. Scriptural Prophets - These are the prophets that speak Holy Spirit revelation that will confront, confuse, rebuke, and destroy the man-made revelation that has been released to keep people in bondage and monetarily responsible for leaders. The Bible will become a sword they will swing in the Spirit. They will preach in the manner of Jesus; no pulpit, crib notes, or theology just pure Holy Ghost wisdom.

2. Judgment Prophets - These are the prophets that will speak and release the secret sins of leadership, the horror of the church, and the judgment for leaders who operate in a manner that is not the heart of God.

3. Sonship prophets - These are the prophets that will control the revelation, authority, and anointing of the heaven as God releases it to the earth. Any prophet who prophecies and it takes more than 3 days to be fulfilled is not a prophet of Elijah. Because of the work that has to be done the ones who speak for God must show the power of God. Don’t be deceived, in this season all prophecies are free.

4. Spiritual Assassins - Because of the nature of the authority that these prophets will operate in they stay in the spirit and will never come down to prove they are right, you have to prove them wrong. To protect these prophets God has assigned a group of prophets to speak the wrath of God to anyone who tries to destroy their integrity, character, and anointing because of religious values. These prophet’s words will manifest instantly, judging you in a sphere of heavenly authority which will take your life instantly.

5. Jer 15:15-21 (Repent) - When these prophets speak what God wants and you are in leadership admit, repent, and ask for understanding from the prophet who released the revelation. If they rebuke you, take it. Listen to the prophet and prosper or listen to man and suffer; they operate in kingdom authority, not church seniority.

6. Jer. 16:1-12 (Kingdom division) - Every leader that dies who does not have the 5 foundational gifts in place goes to hell. Every person who attends these funerals goes to hell for acknowledging them as good and they operated God's church unfairly. Every person who celebrates with people that open ministries that have not established the five gifts goes to hell. The Elijah Gospel is a no-foolishness gospel; choose all-God or all-man. Any disaster that happens to destroy any ministry, city, town, or state is the hand of God at work. Any person who prays for covering, participates in relief, and/or discusses what God’s will is but does not understand his wrath is cursed. A prayer of protection in this season is a prayer of rejection for God’s kingdom not to come. God will protect what is his and those who are not he will destroy.

7. Jer. 16:16-21 - (Assassin) And as promised the first shall be last and the last first in that the cycle will start with the assassin being released first because the church has assassinated the Throne in their religious atmosphere of luciferian worship and praise, and they have stagnated the people with meaningless teachings on talents while refusing to allow them to operate in their talents, for their talents are counted by the tithes. In that they allowed talentless individuals to operate in ministry because their talents of their purse outweigh their service and as such the church has become a den of thieves. Therefore, there will be slim if any chance for repentance because God is releasing the angriest prophets first and as such you don’t have to like what they say, how they say it, nor what they speak. The love God has for this generation is worse than the love he had for Sodom and Gomorrah in which they had a piece of rest in their warning, this generation will have none.

For how can they say their Father is love son, when they don't love me? How can they preach the Gospel if they are not speaking to me? How can the Lord love when they enjoy so much sin? How can the Lord protect when they choose to dwell in the land of Canaan? How can I perform miracles when they charge the anointing to themselves? How can the lame walk when these pastors are preaching the gospel unto their death? For I have a remnant rising whom I will promote from the East, sending them to the North. I will begin to call for my sheep, bringing them into submission unto their way of life. Have I the Lord been a bad Father? Or have my children been blind and now they wish to see? How much does eye salve cost in the church of the heathens’ son? For their price is too great. There is no limit on their whoredoms; that is why I must separate myself and bring the fear back to my Throne. I have allowed generation upon generation to see their errors. Now this generation will see my power. For if I destroy two states at one time and leave one standing whose business is it but mine? I own it all and I will destroy what I please. If they continue to pray against me I will drop everyone to their knees and stop time to allow my remnant to take a look at those who have disobeyed me and listened to the men of this land, and then I will destroy the heathens with one breath of wind for I control their throats. And who are those who say I hear their prayers but they don't recognize my son's body? I the Lord have laid a snare in it. I will catch all those who have used my name in vain. Even the leaders of Nimrod's palace where they have people stand in line to serve a person who does not even answer my call because they are so busy studying in their minds. The Holy Ghost has been neglected for man's own mind in which they deceive the people into thinking what God said is next. In their own greed I will bury their chest.


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