The Isolation of Desolation

by Dedric Hubbard
June 28, 2010

As I sat looking out the window into the backyard, the window turned into my television screen as I downloaded and watched the future events which are to come. I watched the two finished products of the bride of Christ. One walked back toward the earth while the other lifted his hands up to the Lord and a hand reached down and received them up, for they were no more. As I relay the message to the church that God wishes to set up his model bride for the world to see, they understood and as of now counting the cost and pouring over the abundance of revelations and traditions that must be changed in order to fit God's criteria. The pastor must be willing to humble himself and learn and be taught what God is speaking in this hour, for God will not make you submit to his authority but suggest and if not he shakes the dust and the ministry and what you have if not representing God you will have no more. The church has to be careful in this particular hour for we are in a season of wick-trimming inside of the oil lamp for God is removing the things that most people thought made up a church and become wiser, smarter, and brighter and as a prophetic act you must get yourself an oil lamp and burn it and when the times comes ask God what area in your life needs cleaning so he can burn brighter revelations of what he is doing in this area. Although I could go through the steps to clean I'd rather you find them yourself because this is what God wants the church and individuals to do this season: find yourself, for you are quite far from the basics of the Lord. Therefore, you will not receive the deep things of the Lord, the end-time revelations because you are stuck between trying to come out of the old while knowing nothing about the new. This end-time mission is a faith mission and you will only receive and get what has been imparted in you.

Listening in the spirit many are asking what are you doing Lord? Where is my end-time revelations? Etc. God states to those many of you will realize that what you have been taught as faith was not your faith but another man's faith and thus if that vessel will not be used in this end-time season you cannot enter into the end-time with another man's teaching. No matter how it blesses you and helps you this is still another man's revelation and knowledge and not your own. Paul states that the purpose of a person with a leadership platform is to expose the sheep to the knowledge of Jesus and with that they find themselves and thus find their life in God. Jesus states to be able to carry the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in the end-time a person must have a God-ordained disciple life. Many teach discipleship but what is it? Jesus states that the reason he picked 12 disciples is because each one represented the fullness of him as individuals, meaning they represented the 12 dimensions of creation that heaven was created in; the image of God. The ‘Judas’ is never a person as some teach but one of the dimensions of creation the devil corrupted when he beguiled Eve. Meaning until you find the Judas in you, operating in spiritual authority according to God's standard is out of the question (unless God's mercy allows his grace to perform miracles for you). The church must understand that they are in the first stage of God getting ready to remove the Holy Spirit from the church and place it on the remnant for grace and mercy is about to be no more. The five wise virgins understand the nature of God, the person of God, and the spirit of God and they humble themselves and God accepts them for trying to become what God wants them to be. The foolish are those who believe man has all the answers and fail to listen to the leading and the movement of the Holy Spirit.

Many of God's people are being led astray by familiar spirits. The reason God is allowing the people to be deceived is that when the information came forth many have read it and passed it on as just another revelation when God is revealing insights of how to fight high-level demonic spirits that until now have not yet been revealed. Thus the familiar spirit and or fallen angel that is watching you has already figured your path because religion has caused you to become predictable instead of peculiar. The operation of the familiar spirit allows a person to think another person has grown spiritually and if you are not a true disciple in your life the demonic spirit that is still inside you pricks you to go back where you have been or keep going around the mountain and you fail to step out in faith because you have not been taught to access your faith and thus you pray and believe for either too little or too much because you have not evaluated the faith God has assigned to you. The devil has many of you fighting, returning, and reviving many battles, relationships, and ministries that you have already won, gotten deposits, or disposed of people in your life. And because you have a knowledge of God and not the relationship he is looking for you repeat challenges over and over like your favorite song. The enemy has you right where he wants you, following behind a Moses who needs an attitude adjustment because he is still unstable and thus many of you are following a leader who is about to have his assignment and destiny cut-off and yours as well for you will die following the old because you are scared to embrace the new.

You can say what you want and feel but you must realize God does cancel prophecies that have been spoken of your life if you fail to follow his directions and any prophet that tells you otherwise has not spoken with the Lord but has encountered a familiar spirit. God gave Moses a prophecy to deliver the children to the promise land. Moses disobeyed God. Moses was summoned to see what he will never possess because of not following orders. And many of the remnant are about to see where they could have been but may not possess because they have given all their spiritual authority to a pastor or prophet who has issues and wounds that need to be healed and yet they teach you to look over another person faults so they can cancel their own. This is nothing more than a spirit that is using a person so they can build up demonic strongholds in your life and from the looks in the spirit many are dumbfounded and controlled by these spirits. Moses states that he did not understand the purpose of everyone's life he was in charge of so he spent more time protecting them from the wrath and trials of God then finding out who they were as individuals. God states the reason he placed Moses spirit upon 70 leaders was to symbolize that his anointing upon a person's life is universal and tailored to each individual and not just to Moses. With that said we have to kill a demonic spirit on this point. Many leaders will teach this verse to show that a person has to look, sound, and be like them in order to minister before the people. God states this is incorrect. If a person would go in before the throne and ask God what he intended, he states he would have said where did Joshua come from? Meaning Joshua had his own identity in God and he did not look, sound or act like Moses.

Joshua gave you a choice, if you wanted God follow him. Moses protected and thought he had all the answers and with that mentality failed to allow God to operate in his way to prove who was fit for the kingdom. Many of you people's prayers are hindering you because they really don't understand the call upon your life, and the tests you have to go through to receive the anointing from the tests. And some of you are holding a ministry or individual up because God is calling you to do something else or go somewhere else, but you have become comfortable sitting on your pew and operating in your position. So some instead of being the answer to someone's prayers have become a curse every time you return to a place that has become desolate in God's sight. So what am I saying? The church is about to enter into Daniel 8:13-14, prepare to be cleansed.

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